SSI - Energy Technology work stream


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The SSI has a vision of a shipping industry that is both profitable and sustainable by 2040.
The Energy Technology work stream is one of four action plans to kick-start the implementation of our Vision for 2040. This programme will run from April 2012 - September 2013.

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SSI - Energy Technology work stream

  1. 1. A step change in energytechnology innovation anduptakeDavid Roberts - Gearbulk
  2. 2. SSI Vision for 2040 By 2040 the shipping industry will be: • Powered by a diverse mix of energy sources • Using resources more efficiently and responsibly • Operating with a dramatically reduced greenhouse gas intensity
  3. 3. The opportunity• Reduced fuel costs• Reduced exposure tofuel supply / price risk• Reduced exposure tolegislation changes andcarbon pricing• Enhanced reputation asa low-polluter• New collaborations andbenefits throughout thesupply chain
  4. 4. The challenges • Split incentives • Uncertainty over new technologies/techniques • Lack of independently- verified data • High cost of entry for some technologies • Conservatism in the industry • Long vessel life
  5. 5. Long term: • Speed up the take-up of Short term: new energy technologies • Encourage mass adoptionWe’ve identified 2 barriers to scale : of new techniques1. Collect data and develop robust business cases to allow people Outputs to make more informed decisions • Business Cases 2. Work with finance to build and • Systemic barriersdevelop new financing mechanisms identified • Showcase for final customers
  6. 6. Our solution• Cut through the information barrier: engage suppliers indeveloping rigorous business cases for a set of selected energy technologiesand techniques• Test the business cases against our own investment appraisal processes tooptimise both• Collaborate: Enhance business cases with new financial approaches (viaFinance work stream), and share benefits with the wider supply chain• Rigour: Solutions must make business sense in order to be suitable forimplementation by SSI members and the wider industry• Commitment: for the business cases that work, we will secure SSImember commitment to implementation at scale
  7. 7. Work stream Plan Sept - May 2012 July 2013• Gather • Pilot business • Secure detailed cases in commitment information • Build organisations • Finalise to act business outputs cases May - Sept 2012 May - July 2013 Sept 2013 = Step change technology implementation (if justified by business cases)
  8. 8. What makes it special• A portfolio approach combining: • Technologies which are ambitious and may require further development/proof, or significant retrofit or new build, but deliver the significant energy savings we seek • Operational techniques which can be applied to almost any vessel now, but whose implementation remains uneven• The collaboration of shipping industry leaders, service providers and financiers, who believe that this is critical to the future of global shipping.
  9. 9. Joining this work stream Ship owners & operators Technology providers Financial / business services Wider supply chain players including customers, who can share in the process and benefits
  10. 10. Summary• Combining ambitious technologies with more straightforward operational techniques• New collaborations with supply chain and financing• 18 months to really understand what works• Work with us!
  11. 11. A step change in energytechnology uptakeDavid Roberts - Gearbulk