Network webinar - Future casting - preparing you for success in the future


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  • Forum for the Future is a sustainability non-profit that works globally with business, government and others to solve tricky challenges. We aim to transform the critical systems that we all depend on, such as food, energy and finance, to make them fit for the challenges of the 21 st century.   We have 16 years’ experience inspiring new thinking, building creative partnerships and developing practical innovations to change our world.  
  • Wrap up Key messages for Peter from this event.
  • Network webinar - Future casting - preparing you for success in the future

    1. 1. Future-casting & sustainabilityNetwork Webinar 1
    2. 2. Peter James JennyMadden Goodman Hammond 2
    3. 3. Please send your questions in throughout the webinar from the question box. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible throughout the hour **don’t raise your hand, type a questionAny problems email Jenny at 3
    4. 4. W are we? hoForum for the Future is asustainability non-profitthat works globally withbusiness, governmentand others to solve trickychallenges.
    5. 5. Our network
    6. 6. futures projects
    7. 7. using ‘futures’ long-term trends horizon scanning visions scenarios
    8. 8. long-term trends 9
    9. 9. horizon scanning 10
    10. 10. horizon scanning The future is already here – its just not evenly distributed William Gibson 11
    11. 11. visions 12
    12. 12. visions ‘No net negative impact on the environment from anything we do by 2020’ Ray Anderson, Interface, ‘Misson Zero’ 13
    13. 13. scenarios
    14. 14. scenarios 15
    15. 15. fashion futures scenario axes Slow is Techno- Beautiful Chic Political High tech collaboration and systems deliver global trade in a world for a speed- where slow and obsessed global sustainable is shopper fashionable Resource Fast crises constrain consumption in consumption in a global cultural local community blocs focused worldCommunity Patchwork Couture Planet
    16. 16. the value of futures for business andsustainability 1 Better strategies 2 Shared understanding 3 Creativity & innovation
    17. 17. better strategyRoyal Dutch Shell“Scenarios provide alternative views of thefuture. They identify some significant events,main actors and their motivations, and theyconvey how the world functions. We usescenarios to explore possible developments inthe future and to test our strategies againstthose potential developments. Shell has beenusing scenarios for 30 years.”
    18. 18. better strategy
    19. 19. shared understanding
    20. 20. creativity & innovation
    21. 21. creativity & innovation
    22. 22. recent and current futures work 23
    23. 23. using futures: closing thoughts 1 Ahead of the game 2 Changing minds, changing practice 3 Creating the future
    24. 24. questions?
    25. 25. Upcoming events • 18 April (webinar): Horizons (our new online sustainability tool) • 7 May: Webinar with Bob Willard from New York • 11 June (London): Making the business case for step-change • Mid- July (London): Energy shocks: critical trends in the energy system and strategies to prepare your business for them • 18 September (London): System Innovation: your map and compass to a new mainstream For more information or to register for our events please contact
    26. 26. thanks!Peter Madden | p.madden@forumforthefuture.orgJames Goodman | j.goodman@forumforthefuture.orgJenny Hammond | | registered charity no. 1040519 27