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Matt Reeves - Good Energy


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Matt Reeves - Good Energy

  1. 1. The role of ICT in energyA viewpoint from an energysupplierMatt ReevesMarketing Manager
  2. 2. Good Energy was born as a UK response to climate change We believe that the UK can be powered by 100% renewable electricity by 2050, but it will require a significant change to our energy systems We believe energy To get there Energy today is should be we change…97% fossil 100% renewable … from brown to greenUndervalued Properly valued … from big to smallWasted Intelligently managed … from few to manyImported Locally sourced … from far to near
  3. 3. Our progress towards our goal…Today Good Energy remains the UK’sonly 100% renewable electricitysupplier•We support over 35,000 generators•We supply over 29,000 customers inthe UK
  4. 4. … but 60% of the fuel we use to produceelectricity in the UK is still imported
  5. 5. SupplyDemand ICT in energy- top down or bottom up? Bottom up Top down
  6. 6. Changing how energy is supplied changes how it is used… 55% of Good Energy microgenerators have changed their energy usage patterns to match their generator outputThe link between micro generation & energy usage - A Good Energy generator survey, Oct 2011
  7. 7. … how much is used … A third of Good Energy microgenerators have reduced their energy consumption by more than 20% since installing their generatorThe link between micro generation & energy usage - A Good Energy generator survey, Oct 2011
  8. 8. …who owns it … Local ownership helps ensure that benefits from energy projects remain within local economies and communities
  9. 9. … and how people engage with it Engaging communities in development projects helpsbring people closer to the development, and ensure they understand the benefits of the project
  10. 10. The role for ICT in the future of UK energySupply Ensuring energy market legislation and infrastructure is geared to support decentralised renewables Smaller generators which connect people to where their energy comes from This means people value energy more and use it lessDemand Bottom up Top down