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Luke Nicholson - CarbonCulture

  1. 1. Combining technical efficiency with behavioural efficiency drives savings and engagement.
  2. 2. Converts sustainability leadership into brand equity and cost savings User value delight, pride, mastery, personal cost saving, sustainability impact User engagement User trust and Direct Cost Savings played out through game Cut estate energy, water, loyalty and app experiences that customers, staff, waste, CRC bills deliver user value supply chain## Performance ## Behavioural## data ## data-- smart metering -- engagement,infrastructure, etc. habits, choices
  3. 3. Make data legible to enable technicalsavings reporting ‘app’ enabled 20% daytime gas saving in 2 weeks
  4. 4. Workplace touchpoints attract andretain users without ongoing human resource costs Mobile touchpoints enable engagement anytime, anywhere
  5. 5. Apps make saving easy and funAnd can meet real user needs & desires
  6. 6. Rewards can be assimple as comfort Welcome to Scrunch Fee Saving energy in the office by sitting together when working late dashboard help Tonight’s Scrunch Rate your last Scrunch Contact tonight’s host Starts at 19:30 on floor 5, area A “Fresh coffee and delicious home made pasta salad provided tonight, first come first served!” Hosted by Gaby Alpine Reserve desks for you and your team Scrunch! Reserve desks Starts in 56mins Calendar Extras February Can’t Scrunch? Tell us if you you cannot Scrunch for any reason 18:28 Become a host Shape Scrunch by hosting your own, PLUS you earn extra points! FAQ’s 18:28 18:28 18:28 ‘Yes, you CAN unplug your Laptop’ and other Scrunch myths solved!
  7. 7. Leverage existing fun 376   42   points blocks Leaderboard Top games   By  total  number  of  points         Carpool   Kurt  Vonnegut 600  points 1150  points 1500  points 940  points 500  points Rated  2nd  overall   Welcome to the game! Hi  Herb Rated  3rd  overall   Where are you carpoooling from? You’ve  earned  26  points  today   by  magnamus  et,  ommo  …     play! People Prizes Stairing contest   Points  translate  into     Now playing… You’ve  not  played  for     2  days 400 The answer is… One a Day points     for  a  ride  in     1  min  ago   a  baloon! 16  points  for  you  today You’ve  not  played  for   4  days Monitor Minibus moments 3  mins  ago   5  points  for  you  today   Playing  monitor to  begin  playing? Aldus  Manutius Cycle to work Fruit machine 32  mins  ago   1  point  for  you  today   to  begin  playing? Try me…
  8. 8. Useful will get used labshare discover your shared chemistry
  9. 9. Apps repackage science as entertainmentto drive savings without cost or delay of deploying kit CarbonCulture at DECC: Workshop proposal summaries After Hours Club E-Meet Thermo-People Monitor Pa -Troll Employees working late are given the option of Sometimes it is unclear what to bring with you Sometimes it is unclear what to bring to meet- Many people leave their monitors on when they moving to a designated space on one floor to meetings and whether you need to dress ings and whether you need to dress formally, are away from their desk or at lunch. During the where they will find healthy food treats to boost formally, or if more comfortable clothing is or if more practical, comfortable clothing is ac- day, when monitors are left on or in standby productivity for the final part of their day. Other acceptable. E-Meet is an organisational tool to ceptable. E-Meet is an organisational tool to in- mode for a significant period of time, Monitor floors that are empty can then be switched off inform you about the type of meeting you are form you in advance about the type of meeting Pa-Troll would alert others nearby to switch off (zip taps etc) to save energy and cut carbon attending e.g. formal meeting, no need to print you will be attending e.g. formal meeting, no the screen in question through visual and noise emissions. This can also be implemented at out documents etc. The aim of E-Meet is to need to print out documents. The aim of E-Meet prompts. Monitor Pa-troll could also involve a weekends and during holidays. reduce paper usage in meetings and encourage is to reduce paper usage in meetings, find more playful disincentive for people who leave their staff to wear appropriate clothing in an office efficient ways to share documents, and encour- screens on, such as a troll being placed on their with variable temperatures, whilst maintaining age staff to wear comfortable clothing in an desk to make them aware that they left their the professional image of DECC. office with a variable temperatures, whilst still screen on. maintaining the professional image of DECC. Participant evaluations Less Resources Less Resources Less Resources Less Resources Fun Factor Impact (CO2) Fun Factor Impact (CO2 ) Fun Factor Impact (CO2) Fun Factor Impact (CO2) Scalability Leadership Scalability Leadership Scalability Leadership Scalability Leadership Retention Retention Retention Retention Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits - little resources required e.g. juice, fruit, tea, soup... - no new resources required - brilliant for empowering people to act - fun if it took off - potential large energy impact - likely to cause more productive meetings and - encourages people to take responsibility - small actions but big energy impact - might promote going home on time increase comfort levels - focus on both comfort and energy reduction - good fit with DECC values - can be implemented at weekends and holidays - opportunity for DECC to demonstrate leadership - snowball effect - flexible, will work on different scales Challenges Challenges - promotes sharing of hard copies Challenges - uptake might be challenging - documents digitally shared on intranet reduces - no direct and obvious energy impact link - too much fun - might encourage people to work later number of emails and saves server space - user interface would need to be easy to use - a simpler solution might achieve same goal - may discriminate if working different hours - may increase perception of long working culture - needs clear purpose, goal and impact aims - people could feel patronised - might be bad image for civil servants Challenges - need for clear reaction and feedback system - requires leadership - low energy impact - needs to be implemented by leadership - not totally inclusive Audience evaluation - initial effort required and getting used to Creators self-evaluation - better IT system required Overall evaluation
  10. 10. Make engagement fun to enable publicparticipation platform attracted 40% of population in 12 weeks home prizes help feedback logout Hello Alice Hi Alice. You work at DECC and are a Newbie. So far this season you have earned 2800 points and have reserved the prize "Bee Keeping Experience". You have saved 0 blocks. 2800 points Use these apps to win points and save carbon 0 points Edit your profile Thermopeople The Prizes Read the Blog DECC Community Leading the change Great prizes available New post: Season Two has Started Currently 16 people are online with you Herb Lubalin won a mystery prize! John Hurt reserved a 50 point prize - Confident Cycling Jemima Farquhart won 100 points for completing a Level Members Whitehall Place 1 Foodprints card Bret Favre Find out how much energy the joined carbonCulture! DECC offices use
  11. 11. Engage with staff andstakeholders and drivecore business.