Kingfisher net positive webinar


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Kingfisher net positive webinar

  1. 1. Kingfisher- Net PositiveNetwork Webinar 1
  2. 2. webinar today1. How this webinar will work2. Introductions3. Why should businesses strive to be restorative? (10 mins)4. Kingfisher- Net Positive (25 mins)5. Q+A (20 mins)6. What’s next? 2
  3. 3. Please send your questions in throughout the webinar from the question box. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible throughout the hour **don’t raise your hand, type a questionAny problems email Kester at 3
  4. 4. who are we?Zoe Le GrandSenior Sustainability AdvisorForum for the FutureStrategic sustainability advice provider andrestorative business enthusiast. Nick Folland Group Corporate Affairs Director with responsibility for leading Net Positive Kingfisher Net Positive devotee and committed cyclist 4
  5. 5. some questions for you….• How could your company have a net positive impact?• What would be the main challenges?• What impact would it have on your company, internally and externally? 5
  6. 6. why should businesses seek to berestorative?pay back our environmental overdraft…. 6
  7. 7. to make matters worse……. 7
  8. 8. business response…Nothing Neutral Positive 8
  9. 9. leading business response… 9
  10. 10. It’s good for the planet…but what’s in it for them?• Mandate for radical innovation• New relationships with customers• Leadership 10
  11. 11. in summary…• Need to pay off our existing environmental overdraft and build up natural capital• Natural resources will only become more constrained as the population grows• Most businesses won’t be doing anything• Learn from your social sustainability approach and seek to leave the environment better then when you found it• It’ll pay off through radical innovations, new relationships with customers and leadership 11
  12. 12. Net Positive Nick Folland Kingfisher Corporate Affairs Director: Net Positive
  13. 13. Learning from the experts
  15. 15. Responsibly sourced timber Percentage of timber by volume sold from proven well-managed forests or recycled sources 86% - Proportion of Group timber 50% - Proportion of Group FSC-certified timber
  16. 16. Reducing Energy• 21% - how much we’ve reduced our energy intensity in the past five years• • 60% - how much of our energy footprint comes from electricity (mainly lighting stores)• 1/3 - how much we’ve cut store energy consumption where LED lights introduced• 2,513 Million KwH – amount of energy our customers saved in 2011 using our products and services• £10 Million - Kingfisher’s investment in our Future Homes business in 2011
  17. 17. Re-thinking and Innovation Product / Design / Business models “Maybe in the future, retailers like B&Q won’t sell anything anymore?” Ian Cheshire, Group CEO Kingfisher• 20% - Proportion of Group sales from products with eco credentials in 2011
  18. 18. Working with our communities • £1.77 Million - Contributions to Community and charity projects made in 2011 • 29,000 - Hours spent by employees volunteering in their local communities in 2011
  19. 19. Our Net Positive journey
  20. 20. Dashboard
  21. 21. Foundations in detail TIMBER ENERGY INNOVATION COMMUNITIESPOSITIVE IMPACT Net Positive Impact Measure for Net Positive Impact Measure for NET Net Positive Impact Measure for Timber Net Positive Impact Measure for Energy Innovation Communities TARGET 100% responsibly sourced timber and 38 TWh of energy saved 1,000 products with closed-loop 4,000 local community NP THRESHOLD 2020 paper in all our operations for customers, equivalent to the energy credentials partnerships used in 2.3 million UK homes a year Advice for all customers on energy saving 10% sales from innovative (‘best in class’) 100% responsibly sourced timber and eco products eco products and services FSC for all tropical hardwood All energy-using products to meet best 50% sales from products and services with practice on energy eco credentials Strategic sourcing FOUNDATIONS 25% reduction in absolute carbon footprint All ranges improve sustainability rating Zero products linked to tropical deforestation Marketing to promote sustainable Sustainability designed into own-brand consumption product ranges 45% reduction in property energy intensity Develop & launch alternative business models 50% reduction in property carbon intensity Eco criteria and learning for store construction and refurbishment Sustainability accounting to calculate the full value of sustainability 26 KEY 0-25% 26-50% 51-75% 76-100%
  22. 22. Foundations SUPPLIERS EMPLOYEES ENVIRONMENT & PARTNERS Sustainability integrated into performance All own-brand vendors to meet our ethical and Zero waste to landfill management environmental standards 20% reduction in transport CO2 Sustainability development programme for Carbon and water reduction for top 100 vendors managers Indirect transport CO2 reductions GNFR sustainability standards Customer advisors trained on sustainability advice Green travel Preferred retail partner for governments and stakeholders on sustainable living Employee engagement Own water footprint on sustainability Leadership in SRI indexes and CR rankings All water-using products to meet best practice on Best practice on diversity and equality water saving Implementation of code of conduct and group governance 20% reduction in employee accident rate Chemical policy adhered to Customer and contractor health and safety Sustainability for own-brand packaging Employee engagement surveys for all Construction timber 100% responsibly sourced Construction waste reduced by 75% Construction projects to enhance biodiversityThis part of the scorecard measures progress across the threeother areas where Kingfisher has made sustainability Peat reductioncommitments. Measurement is based on aggregated scores, whichhelp us rate our progress towards these targets.27KEY 0-25% 26-50% 51-75% 76-100%
  23. 23. NET POSITIVE IS GOOD FOR OUR BUSINESS INCREASING RISK FINDING NEW BOOSTING THE THE MITIGATION MARKETS TOP LINE CUSTOMER BASE£45-60m to be saved €70bn new market Sales of £2.2bn p.a. Transfer skillssecuring sustainable in-home energy in sales from products to create nexttimber supply efficiency by 2020 with eco credentials generation DIY across key regions
  24. 24. It’s already helping our bottom-line- £2.2 billion sales of products with eco credentials (20% of total sales)- Estimate over £18.5 million of savings achieved from efficiencies in utilities consumption (E&Y study, 2011)- B&Q’s £2.9m investment in lighting efficiency predicted to save £0.9 million annually- In France our Operating companies cut waste costs by €740,000 in 2011/12- Our overall recycling rate has improved 40% since 2006 29
  25. 25. We don’t have all the answers
  26. 26. Some of the Challenges we’re facing Putting your money where your mouth is – plywood Not being able to find the wood for the trees – FSC and tracing responsibility Now developing new tools to measure progress – 1,000 products with Closed Loop credentials by 2020.
  27. 27. What next?
  28. 28. Any Questions? Insert NP logo
  29. 29. some questions for you….• How could your company have a net positive impact?• What would be the main challenges?• What impact would it have on your company, internally and externally? 34
  30. 30. what’s next for the Forum Network?Webinars• 12 February – Sustainability & Brands, with Sally Uren• 19 March – Future casting, with Peter MaddenNetwork events• 31st January, Delhi – Innovation Nation at Delhi Sustainable Development SummitLaunching our publication celebrating India’s success stories in sustainable innovation,and encouraging them to be scaled up across the country and worldwide.• 13th March, London – Is your business wired for change?Exploring the role of digital and communications technologies in enabling radical systemchange, and what it means for you and your organisation .• For more information or to register for our events please contact 35
  31. 31. thanks!Nick Folland | nick.folland@kingfisher.comZoe Le Grand | | | registered charity no. 1040519 36