SSI - Financing Sustainable Shipping work stream


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The SSI has a vision of a shipping industry that is both profitable and sustainable by 2040.
Financing Sustainable Shipping is one of four action plans to kick-start the implementation of our Vision for 2040. This programme will run from April 2012 - September 2013.

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SSI - Financing Sustainable Shipping work stream

  1. 1. SSI Financing SustainableShippingPeter H Jantzen - WärtsiläJonathan Stoneley - Cargill
  2. 2. The challenge• Markets and behaviours hinder uptake of new technologies and techniques that could improve the sustainability of shipping• For example, investment in energy efficiency does not guarantee financial reward from the fuel savings• How to share the risk of retrofit to encourage the uptake of new technologies
  3. 3. The opportunity Aligning Incentives and Risk to significantly increase the uptake of new sustainable technologies and techniques
  4. 4. SSI vision We want to develop financial solutions that rewardsustainable performance and enable large-scale uptake ofinnovation, technology, design and operational efficiencies The shipping industry is making best use of financing to drive sustainability
  5. 5. Our solution –unique innovationgroupWe’re convening a group ofshipping and financeexperts to innovate newways of distributingfinancial risk and return thatenable increasedinvestment in sustainabletechnologies or techniques
  6. 6. Fewer negative impacts from shipping Benefits of this collaborative Increased work stream awareness of the role of financial solutions Engaged stakeholders Self- from both Industry sustaining shipping andsupport for groups to finance new implementapproaches pilots
  7. 7. Some examples of financial models… Sustainable Technology Fund Financial packages with incentives for Sustainable Technologies Financial Models that share the risk of adopting Sustainable Technologies by multiple parties in the supply chain (technology providers, owner/operator, financial institution)
  8. 8. • Launch Apr-Sep 2012 • Extensive Jan 2013 • Preparing for workstream research, piloting of• Set detailed development solution and • Engage and testing • Refining broad scope and solution challenge stakeholders of promotion • Initial research ‘prototypes’ and • September • Workshop to • Involve planning 2013 launch form the basis academics roadmap of solutions and sector for pilot (1 day Apr 2012 Oct – Dec 2012 workshop) Feb – Sept 2013
  9. 9. Joining us – who and why Ship owners and charterers Technology providers Shipping finance institutions Legal and accountancy professionals+ First mover advantage+ Increased profitability, market share, diversity+ Demonstrate leadership+ Strong and active collaborative innovation and product development groups
  10. 10. New ways of financing are crucial to making cost effectivesustainable technologies and practices widespread inthe industry and rewarding those making investments and taking risks
  11. 11. Outcomes Short term: • a suite of new ideas for financial models• we will have delivered at Long term:least one new financial pilot. The shipping industry is making best use of financing to drive sustainability
  12. 12. SSI Financing SustainableShippingPeter H Jantzen - WärtsiläJonathan Stoneley - Cargill