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Achieving a Serverless Development Experience


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Presentation given at the 2016 Cloud Expo NYC.

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Achieving a Serverless Development Experience

  1. 1. ACHIEVING A “SERVERLESS” DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE CLOUD EXPO NYC, June 8th 2016 Ivan Dwyer - Head of Business Development, | @fortyfivan
  2. 2. is an enterprise-grade development platform for building highly scalable event-driven applications ➔ Operating in production since 2011 ➔ Team of 50+ headquartered in San Francisco ➔ 5,000+ active developer accounts ➔ 600+ customers from startups to enterprises ➔ Millions of containers processed per day ➔ Thousands of servers abstracted at any time
  3. 3. Businesses are on the hook to deliver continuous innovation to their customers Developers are on the hook to deliver continuous innovation to the business
  4. 4. ➔ Faster time to market ➔ Shorter release cycles ➔ Resilient systems at scale ➔ Optimized for performance ➔ Cost efficient scalability ➔ Minimal operational overhead ➔ No technology lock-in We demand so much from our teams today yesterday
  5. 5. How can we empower our developers to be more productive within reasonable bounds?
  6. 6. The ways software is built and shipped has evolved... Architecture Infrastructure Monolith N-Tier Microservices Servers Virtual Machines Containers
  7. 7. along with how the systems and applications operate and behave... Operations Behavior Manual Configured Automated Requested Software Defined Event-Driven {...}
  8. 8. giving rise to the DevOps culture of responsibility and collaboration. Automation Speed Waterfall Agile Lean Continuous Responsibility Collaboration
  9. 9. What happens when we bring all these modern concepts together where each of their true value lies?
  10. 10. Microservices enable independent workloads
  11. 11. Containers enable a portable runtime
  12. 12. DevOps best practices enable automated workflows
  13. 13. Event-driven computing enables reactive invocation
  14. 14. Independent + Portable + Automated + Reactive = ??
  15. 15. SERVERLESS!!
  16. 16. Let’s first dispel a few myths about Serverless “There’s still servers… they’re just managed by somebody else” “A Serverless architecture is no different than PaaS” “Serverless is leading us to the NoOps revolution!” X X X
  17. 17. An application architecture that enables single purpose jobs to be packaged independently as portable units of compute that execute through a fully automated pipeline when a predetermined event occurs. My attempted definition of “Serverless” Microservices Containers DevOps Event-driven
  18. 18. When does it make sense to apply these patterns?
  19. 19. Pushed Long Running Requested Load Balanced Elastic Uploaded Ephemeral Triggered Queued Concurrent 12-Factor App Serverless Job Making a behavioral distinction
  20. 20. Common use cases Backend Transactions ➔ Processing a credit card ➔ Sending an email ➔ Bots, bots, bots! Batch Processes ➔ Multiple file processing ➔ Crunching a big data set ➔ Multi-step workflows Data Pipelines ➔ Processing machine data ➔ Service to service integrations ➔ Custom CI/CD pipelines Scheduled Jobs ➔ Daily notifications ➔ Web crawling ➔ Database scrubs
  21. 21. Systems Applications Manual Pub/Sub Stream Schedule Potential event sources Be careful: events have a tendency to pile up in real world application scenarios
  22. 22. How does this impact the development process?
  23. 23. BUILD single purpose functions UPLOAD to an image registry SET event triggers CONFIGURE runtime parameters INSPECT processing results The Serverless development experience with There’s no need for you to provision the resources, configure the systems, or manage the components
  24. 24. stdout/stderr The Event-Driven workflow of an job Queue Job Execute Container Capture ResultsGet Image docker pull {payload.json} spin up tear down The entire workflow is fully automated without any human intervention
  25. 25. Developer empowerment comes from effective abstraction further up the stack
  26. 26. Being a platform means knowing where to draw the lines... Container Orchestration Raw Resources Container Services Container Management Workload Distribution Intelligent AutoscalingWorkload Optimization IronWorker Job Processing IronMQ Message Queue IronCache Key/Value Data Store Core Components Administrative Dashboard Role-Based Access Controls Advanced Reporting Management Tools Value Line Abstraction Line APIDeveloper Interface
  27. 27. that best enable developers to satisfy the demands of the business. Developer friendly API + interface Independent single purpose workloads Battle tested in production Lightweight processing footprint Effective resource allocation Fully automated delivery pipelines Cloud native standardization Faster time to market Shorter release cycles Resilient systems at scale Optimized for performance Cost efficient scalability Minimal operational overhead No technology lock-in ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  28. 28. Extra Credit: Tweet to @getiron what you think we should call “serverless” THANK YOU! Ivan Dwyer - Head of Business Development, | @fortyfivan