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  1. 1. ALASKA POST RECYCLED Recycled material is used in the making of our newsprint Home of the Arctic Warriors Vol. 3, No. 39 Fort Wainwright, Alaska September 28, 2012 Soldiers travel to Healy Lake to honor World War II veteran Trish Muntean, to British forces. Not happy Fort Wainwright PAO being assigned to support British forces, Paul took An icon of the Alaska advantage of time spent trapping community and at an abandoned French Interior, an adventurer Foreign Legion airstrip and a man highly respect- to volunteer to work with ed by all, was remembered U.S. forces. Every few days by family and friends at a U.S. cargo aircraft would a memorial ceremony at fly out of the airfield. One the village of Healy Lake, day he and his friend were population 13, Aug. 18. asked if they wanted to Twelve Soldiers from volunteer for a secret mis- the Brigade Troops Battal- sion. Because of the sensi- ion, 1/25 Stryker Brigade tive nature of the mission, Combat Team and one Paul and his friend were from the 9th Army Band given no details about traveled by Army helicop- what exactly they would ter to Healy Lake to honor be doing or where they Paul Kirsteatter, a World would be doing it. They War II veteran with a very were also not introduced unique story. to the flight crew so they Kirsteatter not only didn’t even know who they served in North Africa and were on the mission with. Alaska during the war, he All they were told was that had the unique experience they would ride in the back of being captured by Ger- of a cargo airplane and man forces while support- when the green light came ing the French resistance on by the door, they were and was subsequently res- to push crates of supplies cued by French Partisan out the door. Easy mission; forces and smuggled back they would be back by the to North Africa through next day. Spain. They agreed and off Following his discharge they went. As it turns out, from the Army in 1945, the mission was a resupply Kirsteatter decided to mission in support of the make Alaska his home. French Underground. Un- Kirsteatter was born fortunately for Paul and Aug. 17, 1922, in Illinois the crew, the mission was and spent his early years compromised by German helping his father drive forces on the ground. The cattle from New Mexico Germans captured the re- across the border into sistance forces at the drop Mexico. He enlisted in the zone and made them give Army upon the start of the “all-clear” drop sig- World War II and was dis- nal, at which time Paul’s charged in 1945. plane made their drop run During WWII Kirsteat- and was subsequently shot ter, a member of an Anti- down. As far as Kirsteatter Sgt. 1st Class Justin Carter, the noncommissioned officer in charge of the memorial service for World War Armor company, was sta- II veteran Paul Kirsteatter, presented the flag to his daughter Dorothy Kirsteatter. Beside her is Kirsteatter’s tioned in Algiers, attached See VETERAN on page 4 niece, Sarah Gorrod, who he also raised. (Photo by Trish Muntean/Fort Wainwright PAO) Gold Star Mothers recognized for sacrifice, strength Gold Star Mothers will be tion’s revolution. The Army recognized during Sunday ser- cherishes the mothers of its vices at 11 a.m. Sept. 30. The Soldiers as bedrocks of sup- Protestant service takes place port and comfort, and honors at the Northern Lights Chapel the mothers of its fallen as (Building 3430) and Catholic resilient legacies of their chil- mass takes place at the South- dren’s service. ern Lights Chapel (Building The United States began 4107). Gold Star Mothers and observing Gold Star Moth- Families are welcome to at- ers Day on the last Sunday of tend. Potluck lunches are slat- September in 1936. This year, ed to follow the services. the Army joins the nation on Mothers of fallen service Sept. 30 in recognizing the members began calling them- sacrifice and strength of its selves “Gold Star Mothers” Gold Star Mothers.The Family of Sgt. Joel D. Clarkson pays tribute to their son, husband and father during the dedication during World War I, but the For more information callof the Sergeant Clarkson Training Support Center on Fort Wainwright, January 2012. Sunday is Gold sorrowful bond they share Survivor Outreach Services atStar Mother’s Day and mothers of the fallen will be honored during a Protestant service at the Northern reaches back to every woman 353-4243 or visit the Website,Lights and Catholic service at the Southern Lights Chapels on post at 11 a.m. For more information con- who has lost a son or daugh- http://www.army.mil/gold-tact Survivor Outreach Services at 353-4243. (File photo) ter in uniform since our na- starmothers/. Weekend Weather BRIEFS Vote Tuesday Detour Fort Wainwright’s polling place, the Last Frontier Gaffney Road is closed at Freeman Road at the west end Community Activity Center, Building 1044 Apple of Murphy Hall to the intersection with Marks Road just Friday Saturday Sunday Street, will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. For east of Murphy Hall Building 1045, due to a culvert failure Mostly cloudy Cloudy, chance Cloudy, chance more information about the Fairbanks North Star under the road, until further notice, Directorate of Public Highs: 40s/50s of rain and snow of rain and snow Borough’s municipal elections, visit the website Works officials announced. Detour signs are in place. Lows around 30 Highs: mid-40s Highs: mid-40s http://co.fairbanks.ak.us and click on “Municipal Please watch for pedestrians in housing areas during Election” or call 456-3021. physical training and school hours. Light winds Lows: mid-20s Lows: mid-20s 17400768 SN/ BIRCHWOOD HOMES
  2. 2. CommentarySeptember 28, 2012 ALASKA POSTPatients can connect with providers, pharmacy via emailBrandy Ostanik, team any time of day from ficer in charge of the Clinical the call. With RelayHealth, to make certain that whenMEDDAC-AK PAO anywhere there is an Internet Services Division for Medical the healthcare team still has the program is fully launched, connection. Department Activity – Alaska. 72 hours to get back with the there are minimal issues. By the end of September, With the new system, pa- “They won’t have to wait until patient, but it is expected for “The RelayHealth systempatients who use Bassett tients at Bassett and Kamish a clinic opens to call and talk the wait time to actually less- is really user friendly andArmy Community Hospital will no longer need to call their to someone, nor will they have en once everyone gets familiar doesn’t require a Common Ac-or Kamish Clinic will find it healthcare team for non-ur- to worry that a message they with the system, said Mayers. cess Card or an intricate pass-much easier to communicate gent matters. Patients will be left didn’t get to the right per- Getting familiar with the word,” said Mayers. “We be-with their healthcare team. able to get guidance from their son. Instead, they can send an RelayHealth system is exact- lieve patients will experience RelayHealth, a commercial, medical team, receive test and email any time of day or night ly what the staff is currently an increased level of access tooff-the-shelf software suite laboratory results as well as re- and know that someone from doing. With a small group of their healthcare team, whichbeing implemented Army- quest prescription renewals by their healthcare team received patients as a test group, pro- will benefit everyone.”wide, provides patients with using the email system. the message.” viders and nurses are work- To sign up for the program,a secure messaging system “This system will be very As of now, when a patient ing out the kinks by ensuring patients can go throughwhere they can safely send a convenient for our patients,” leaves a phone message, the the system is set up correctly their clinic at either Bassettmessage to their healthcare said Maj. Jerry Mayers, the of- clinic has 72 hours to return and procedures are in place or Kamish. Top shot National Preparedness Month Sarah Chapman, Test your smoke alarms once a Fire Prevention Office month and change the batter- ies at least once a year. This September marks t h e l Replace smoke alarms every ninth annual National 8-10 years or as the manufac- P r e p a r e d n e s s Month. This turer guidelines recommend. year’s theme is “Pledge to Pre- l Plan your escape from fire. pare - Awareness to Action.” The best plans have two ways Federal Emergency Manage- to get out of each room. ment Agency is asking the pub- l Practice fire escape plans lic -- individuals, businesses, several times a year. Practice and organizations -- to take feeling your way out of the specific action steps by doing at house in the dark or with your least one of the following: eyes closed. 1. Learn about emergency haz- l Purchase only collapsible escape ards - including home fires - and ladders evaluated by a nationally their appropriate responses recognized laboratory such as 2. Make a communications plan Underwriters Laboratory. 3. Build an emergency kit l Check that windows are not 4. Get involved in preparedness stuck, screens can be taken out in their community quickly, and that security bars Being prepared for a fire can be properly opened. emergency can greatly reduce l Make sure everyone in your your chance of becoming a fire family understands and prac- casualty. It takes less than 30 tices how to properly operate seconds for a small fire to be- and open locked doors and win- come completely out of control dows. and turn into a major fire. It l Consider installing resi- only takes minutes for a house dential fire sprinklers in your to fill with thick black smoke home. Gen. Michael X. Garrett, U.S. Army Alaska commanding general (second from left) and Com- and become engulfed in flames. The Fort Wainwright Fire mand Sgt. Maj. Bernard L. Knight, USARAK command sergeant major, get their flu shots from Staff Sgt. Jairo Ocampo-Arenas (left), noncommissioned officer in charge of immunizations Take these steps now to be pre- Prevention Office offers free and Lt. Col. Randall J. Freeman, officer in charge of Preventive Medicine. USARAK personnel pared in the event a fire occurs Project Safeguard home inspec- are encouraged to get their flu shots or mists in an effort to be proactive for the upcoming flu in your home. tions. To schedule an inspec- l Install smoke alarms on every tion, or for any questions about season. Each year over 200,000 Americans are hospitalized due to flu complications. MED- DAC-AK will be offering flu vaccinations for beneficiaries at Bassett Army Community Hospi- level of your home, including fire safety, please contact the tal between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday and Monday through Oct. 5 and Oct. 9 the basement. For extra safety, Fire Prevention Office at 353- through 12. (Brandy Ostanik/)MEDAC-AK PAO) install smoke alarms both in- 9140. Remember to dial 9-1-1 side and outside sleeping areas. in the event of an emergency.A Soldier’s suicidechanges Family foreverKrista Greenleaf, Fort Wainwright We would talk in acronyms at the din- ner table, we would joke about each Editor’s note: September is Suicide other’s rank and MOSs (I was militaryAwareness and Prevention Month. police, he was chemical) and unknow-Army Reservist Krista Greenleaf shared ingly we would always call our momher very personal story with the Alas- within hours of each other. He was theka Post, hoping it might help someone one to pin on my 1st Lieutenant rank atavoid the enduring pain, suffering and my promotion ceremony and even walkloss suicide inflicts on our Soldiers and me down the aisle at my wedding. ThisArmy Family members. is how much he meant to me. It wasn’t until 2008 that I noticed a In 2009, 162 active duty Army mem- change in Eric. He got picked up to bebers committed suicide. One of those a recruiter and shortly after school hemembers was a recruiter from Penn- left for his duty station in Pennsylva- Capt. Krista Greenleaf and her brother, Staff Sgt. Eric Paul were born 13 months apartsylvania. His name was Eric Paul. Staff nia. I also left Fort Drum and headed to and often mistaken for twins. Close in many ways, both chose the Army as a career.Sgt. Paul was not only a recruiter; he Alaska. As I was talking to him one day Staff Sgt. Eric Paul took his life three years ago. Greenleaf, an Army Reserve officerwas also a father, a husband, a brother he just casually mentioned wrecking his and civilian employee at the garrison, took on the lead role for the garrison’s Suicideand a son. He was my brother. Around Mustang, his other baby, his prized pos- Prevention and Awareness month and the Army’s Stand Down day here, sharing the5 a.m. on June 12, 2009, my life and session. I couldn’t help but think this Army’s resources and training guidance with thousands of Soldiers and Family mem-many others would be changed forever. bers. Greenleaf shared her own story with Alaska Post readers with hope that in the wasn’t like Eric. I ended up calling himIt was on that Friday morning I heard future no one need endure the pain and loss of suicide in the future. (Courtesy photo) back and asking what was going on. Itthe words I never wanted to hear: “Eric was in that conversation that he opened ALASKA POSTpassed away.” up to me. Eric self-admitted himself to This was a call I was afraid I would Walter Reed a few months later becausesomeday hear, but wished it would nev- he had thoughts of harming himself.er happen. It was about a year earlier Even there his sense of humor was notwhen things started going bad. lost; he joked about being able to wear Eric was only 13 months older than pajamas all day. Even though theseI was, so growing up people usuallythought we were twins, with the same thoughts were going on for years, he was Home of the Arctic Warriors afraid of what his commanders wouldblonde hair. We were like any other sib- think, he didn’t want to be thought any EDITORIAL STAFF The ALASKA POST is authorized by Army Regulation 360-1 and is published by the Fairbankslings growing up, fighting, yelling, blam- less of a Soldier if he sought help. He Daily News-Miner, a private firm in no way connecteding each other when things got broken. Fort Wainwright Garrison Commander kept his secret hidden so well for years with the U.S. Army, and is under exclusive writtenAll I would have to yell is “Mom!” and that even I was fooled, and I lived with Col. Ronald M. Johnson contract. Contents of the ALASKA POST are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by,from somewhere in the house you would him for two years at Fort Drum! U.S. Army Garrison Fort Wainwright the Department of the Army. The editorial content ofhear, “Eric, stop hitting your sister!” Over the next couple months, he PAO this publication is the responsibility of the U.S. Army Garrison Ft. Wainwright Public Affairs Office. The As we got older, more mature, we be- seemed withdrawn and almost defeat- Linda Douglass ALASKA POST welcomes responsible commentscome closer. We both joined the Army. ed. He wasn’t sure about his future in from its readers and will publish letters, articles Command Information ChiefHe enlisted while I chose the officer the Army, he wasn’t sure if he wasn’t or photos submitted at least one week prior to theroute. We both deployed, him twice to to still be a recruiter. The doctors were Connie Storch next publication. The ALASKA POST reserves the right to edit or reject submissions. All submittedAfghanistan, me once to Iraq and once trying different medications, but in- Editor material will become official Army property unlessto Afghanistan, and we both were sta- stead of helping they seemed to make Brian Schlumbohm otherwise indicated. To advertise call (907) 459- 7548 Everything advertised in this publicationtioned at Fort Drum, N.Y. In fact we him live in a fog. He was admitted to the Staff writers shall be made available for purchase, use orwere deployed to Afghanistan only hospital again, he said as a precaution, Trish Muntean patronage without regard to race, color, religion,months apart. We were lucky to be able because he told his commander about gender, national origin, age, marital status, physicalto spend time together at Bagram, and the number of sleeping pills he took. Allen Shaw handicap, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. The Editorialthe part of my battalion stationed at About a month before that devastat- Contributors office is located on Ft. Wainwright in Building 1047FOB Salerno knew him by name. Hav- ing call, Eric seemed to be doing bet- Sarah Chapman, Fire Prevention #1; Mailing address is Public Affairs Office, 1060 Gaffney Road, 5900, Ft. Wainwright, AK 99703. Calling a lot in common created a bond ter. He was excited about doing his job Krista Greenleaf, Fort Wainwright garrison 353-6779 or 353-6701, or send emails to pao.fwa@between us that most people probably Capt. Noel Kubat and Capt. Nadine Schwegel, Veterinary Services us.army.mildidn’t understand outside the military. See ERIC on page 4 Brandy Ostanik, MEDAC-AK PAO The ALASKA POST – Home of the Arctic Warriors
  3. 3. News ALASKA POST September 28, 2012The courage to do what’s rightCommand Sgt. Maj. Bernie L. Knight nies, battalions, and brigades will takeU.S. Army Alaska Command Sergeant notice and want the same success. ThisMajor will create a chain of events that is un- stoppable and nothing but success will No matter where I am or who I am follow. We must create a favorable im-with, if I see a piece of trash on the ground, pression in our carriage, appearance,I stop and pick it up. I pick up soda cans, personal conduct and military bearingplastic forks, cigarette packs and what- at all times.ever else is in my path. Sometimes I even Too often when I make corrections,go back to pick up something that some- the response from the Soldier being cor-one else just stepped over. Needless to say, rected is “I didn’t know.” They didn’tthat can be uncomfortable for the other know that smoking in unit areas andperson, but I have a personal standard unit-level sports are not permitted dur-that I will not compromise. ing PT hours, or that it is wrong to ad- One of the reasons I clean up trash is dress their subordinates as “brother,”because if I do it, then others will start “buddy,” “guy,” etc. In most cases Idoing it, too. If the command sergeant believe the Soldier when they say this,major can pick up a candy wrapper, then but I still correct them and I do it in noeverybody else in the command can as uncertain terms.well. If enough of us do the right thing I believe them because when I askand refuse to walk past trash, then their supervisors, they often didn’tthere will be nothing left for me to pick know either. So how was the Soldierup. Alaska would have the cleanest in- supposed to know if their squad leaderstallations in the Army. That would be a didn’t know to tell them? This is some-wonderful achievement that I expect us thing that must be addressed by our U.S. Army Alaska’s Command Sgt. Maj. Bernie Knight welcomes Soldiers to USARAKto collectively strive to attain. senior leaders and pushed from the top during a Newcomer’s Brief at the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson library Sept. 20. Lead- The philosophy doesn’t just apply to down. Leaders must know the standard ers do, be and live Army standards and values, demonstrating what right looks like.litter on the ground. and be the ones to set the example. I look for opportunities everywhere I Noncommissioned officers: How of-go to fix what is broken and correct de- ten do your troops go to parade rest grooming and uniform standards, and expect nothing less from each of you. Ificiencies. I do this because I believe we, when you are speaking to them? If the absolutely refuses to accept anything take great joy in leading you and am ex-at the lowest level, can make a differ- answer isn’t every time, then why is but excellence in ourselves or any other tremely proud to be your command ser-ence. We can change the Army from one that? It’s because that is the standard Arctic Warrior. geant major. I know how hard you workfoxhole. PT, weight control, preparing you have chosen to enforce. It’s because We all know what the right answer and am grateful for your contributionsand conducting training, and our daily Soldiers not going to parade rest for is. We must decide as professionals to to the success of our team. Together, weduties must be done with a mindset NCOs is your standard, Sergeant. do the things we know we should. We can make U.S. Army Alaska the bestthat we will change the Army by per- I hope that all of you will embrace my owe our best to our Soldiers, our Army, command in the U.S. Army, and we’ll dosonal example and great leadership. If philosophy of cleaning up trash. I look and to everyone who has fought and it one squad, one platoon and one com-our team has high standards in all the forward to the day when each of us is died wearing this uniform. pany at a time.above areas then other teams, compa- dedicated to picking up litter, enforcing I give you my very best every day and Arctic Warriors! Arctic Tough!Army participates in sixth World Rabies DayCapt. Noel Kubat and Capt. Nadine Schwegel, or deployments to less developed countries, and to seek In addition to vaccination, education on bite pre-Veterinary Services prompt medical treatment if they have a bite or scratch vention is key to preventing rabies infection. Chil- from an animal while deployed. dren are often at greatest risk from rabies. They are Editor’s note: After the death of a Soldier from ra- more likely to be bitten by dogs, and are also morebies last year, Army public health officials are reiterat- September 28, 2012 marks the sixth World Rabies likely to be severely exposed through multiple bitesing the need for Soldiers to stay vigilant and protect Day. The mission of the World Rabies Day effort is to in high-risk sites on the body. Education is key inthemselves from the deadly disease. They warn Army raise global awareness about the impact of human and preventing children from getting bitten. The inter-personnel to be aware of the risk of rabies during travel animal rabies, how easy it is to prevent, and how to est children have in animals is practically universal. eliminate the sources of infection. WRD is sponsored Most children are naturally curious and may be quite by international, national, and local public health, an- bold in approaching unknown animals. Emphasizing imal health, and educational agencies. Currently, the to your child early on how to behave around both un- effort is providing rabies prevention messages to 200 familiar and familiar animals will help decrease the countries and territories through partnerships with a likelihood of injury. variety of private and public organizations. Some basic safety practices to teach to children: Rabies is a zoonotic disease (a disease that is trans- - Do not approach unfamiliar animals. mitted to humans from animals) that is caused by a - Avoid loud noises and screaming around dogs and virus. The disease infects domestic and wild animals, other animals. and is spread to people through close contact with in- - Do not run from a dog. fected saliva via bites or scratches. The rabies virus - Remain motionless if approached by a strange dog infects the central nervous system, ultimately causing “Be still like a tree!” disease in the brain and death. Seeking medical care - If knocked over by a dog, roll into a ball and lie still after possible exposure to rabies is not any emergency, “Be still like a log!” but urgency must be exercised. Once clinical symp- - Do not play with animals unless supervised by an toms develop, rabies is nearly 100 percent fatal. The adult. early symptoms of rabies in people are similar to that - Let an adult know immediately if stray animals are of many other illnesses, including fever, headache, around. and general weakness or discomfort. As the disease - Do not look into a dog’s eyes. progresses, more specific symptoms appear and may - Do not bother or pet dogs or cats that are sleeping, include insomnia, anxiety, confusion, slight or partial eating, or caring for puppies or kittens. paralysis, excitation, hallucinations, agitation, hyper- salivation (increase in saliva), difficulty swallowing, See RABIES DAY on page 6 and hydrophobia (fear of water). Death usually occurs within days of the onset of these symptoms. Rabies vaccinations have significantly decreased the number and source of human rabies exposure in the United States. More than 90 percent of all animal cases reported annually in the U.S. now occur in wild- life to include bats, skunks, raccoons, and/or skunks. The number of rabies-related human deaths in the United States has declined from more than 100 annu- ally at the turn of the century to one or two per year in the 1990’s. Despite advances in the US, worldwide, more than 55,000 people die of rabies every year. 40 percent of people who are bitten by suspect rabid ani-These Army Family members, Nora Kubat and Will, mals are children under 15 years of age, and dogs areget along famously. Children are often at greatest the source of 99 percent of human rabies deaths. Mostrisk from rabies. They are more likely to be bitten by deaths from rabies occur in countries with inadequatedogs, and are also more likely to be severely exposed public health resources and limited access to preven-through multiple bites in high-risk sites on the body. tive treatment. These countries also have few diagnos-Education is key in preventing children from getting tic facilities and almost no rabies surveillance.bitten. Most children are naturally curious and may bequite bold in approaching unknown animals. Empha- 11400472sizing to your child early on how to behave aroundboth unfamiliar and familiar animals will help decrease SEOUL GATE RESTAU-the likelihood of injury. Education is key in preventing RANTchildren from getting bitten. (Courtesy photo) AK POST/AK POST 2 x 7.0 17402985 FAIRBANKS CURLING 11396559 CLUB BABULA, DR. AK POST/OPEN HOUSE AK POST/AK POST 2 x 4.0 2 x 3.0
  4. 4. September 28, 2012 News ALASKA POSTVeteran: Interior Alaskan lived legendary lifeContinued from page 1knew, he and his buddy ects such as the Taylorwere the only survivors. Highway. His job at theAs a result, Paul had no remote campsites alongidea what country they the highway was to shootwere in or who the people game (such as caribou,on the ground were. He Dall sheep or whateversoon found out they were he could get) to feed theGerman Soldiers and he work crews as well as towas taken prisoner. After protect the workers fromhis capture, Paul was held bears, an especially chal-in a farmhouse in France lenging chore duringwhere he was chained to mealtimes.the floor in a blacked-out Another job on the Lit-room for some number of tle Gerstle River Bridgedays, he doesn’t know ex- changed his life. It wasactly how many. there he met Margaret, During this time he a member of the Healywas repeatedly interro- Lake-Joseph band of Ta-gated and roughed up; nana Athabascans fromthe Germans would not the village of Healy Lake,believe that he had ab- located about 29 milessolutely no knowledge east of Delta Junction andof the mission he was on not accessible by road.or who the other crew Although she spokemembers were. As a re- very little English, theysult, they believed Paul married and raised fivewas resisting interroga- children together (threetion so they tried hard to of theirs, her daughterconvince him to change Josephine and a niece onhis mind. While chained her side, Sarah Gossodto the floor, Paul heard in a tiny, one-room cabingunfire and explosions built by Kirsteatter withinside the house. The logs brought in on dogdoor to his room was sled. They heated andkicked open and it was cooked on a wood stovethen that he learned he and Kirsteatter had nowas in France. French running water until long Paul Kirsteatter brought in logs by dog sled to build this cabin, which is located in the old village location of Jo-resistance fighters had after his wife’s death and seph on the 40 Mile River. It was built around 1917 and all of his children were born there. Paul Kirsteatter decidedraided the house, killed the children were grown to make Alaska his home following his discharge from the military in 1945. His wife, Margaret, a member of thethe Germans and liber- and gone. Margaret and Healy Lake-Joseph band of Tanana Athabascans, taught him how to trap the Native way. Kirsteatter became knownated Paul. He was sub- her brother taught Kirst- throughout Alaska for his skills. (Photo courtesy of Col. Ron Johnson)sequently smuggled out eatter to trap the Nativeof France through the way and from that pointFrench Underground to on he lived a true subsis- worry if he was delayed and about old friends. “The old story been said, “was that he wasSpain, where he was re- tence lifestyle. The family returning. His daughter Dorothy there, done that - well, one of the last of thoseturned to North Africa. ate wild game and fish. His friend Gary Nance Kirsteatter said she would Paul had done it all,” said legendary Interior guys:Because Paul had been While he was away trap- said they walked all always treasure the last his friend Randy Zarnke. Hard as nails, completelya prisoner of war in the ping, Margaret would fish over the Interior looking days she got to spend with Johnson spent time self-reliant, cut from aEuropean Theater and and hunt and do whatever for wolf dens and come him. “He was a good pro- with Paul out on his different cloth. An origi-had escaped through the else was required to keep spring they would collect vider” she said “and took trapline near where the nal Alaskan pioneer. EvenFrench Underground the home fires burning. them for a bounty. good care of us.” Native village of Joseph in his late 80s and 90s henetwork, Army policy “A lot of folks don’t Photos of Kirsteatter “We will miss him, was once located (in the could work a young mandictated he had to be know that he once got show a fit elderly man, especially his sense of 40 Mile River country) into the ground. He livedsent to another theater 17 wolves in one snare slight - he stood about humor,” said his niece, and at his cabin at Healy out on the trapline, sur-of operation. As it turned (gang) set! Paul really 5’9” tall and weighed Sarah Gorrod. Lake. “Paul was a nation- vived, did all those thingsout, Paul was reassigned knew how to think like about 150-160, said Col. Mary Healy said that al and a state treasure. that people don’t have theto Alaska. a wolf and he knew Ronald M. Johnson, Fort she “will miss his smile He truly embraced the opportunity or ability to After being transferred that Goodpaster/40Mile Wainwright garrison and the twinkle in his eyes. Alaskan lifestyle and was do anymore, and he did itto Alaska, Kirsteatter was country as well as any- commander, who met He was a wonderful, won- probably one of the last with his wife and childrenassigned to a search and one,” said Pete in Fair- Kirsteatter through a derful man,” she said. “He survivors of the era of at the cabin in Joseph andrescue/recovery team, banks on the blog at mutual friend during his was Healy Lake to us.” true Interior bushman,” at Healy Lake.”where he learned about www.trapperman.com. last tour here. Kirsteat- Sen. Lisa Murkows- Johnson said. “It was ansled-dog operations. When He raised some of ter’s photo shows bushy ki said she had known honor to get to know a Author’s note: Garyaircraft went down in the the wolf pups to see white eyebrows, white Kirsteatter since the late man like that and to be Nance, a friend of Kirste-bush, Kirsteatter and a how they would fare as hair peeking out from 70s or early 80s. Her fam- able to call him friend. atter’s, spent many hourspilot would fly about look- dog teams for his long his hat and a smile on ily had been coming out Besides the personal loss interviewing him abouting for it. If they found days and many miles his face. Even at 90 years to Healy Lake since she of his passing, his passing his life and shared thethe wreckage, Kirsteatter on the trapline in the old, his conversations was in high school. is sad because it marks transcriptions of the re-was dropped off to recover vast 40 Mile Country. taped by Nance indicate “Paul was not only the the end of an era. I think cordings for this article.the downed pilots with his He trapped wolves, bea- a sharp mind and good patriarch of the lake,” he was one of the last old- The information aboutsled-dog teams. ver and lynx. Kirsteat- memory. The stories are she said “He was the time Alaskans who lived his time in the Army and Upon discharge he ter wouldn’t tell anyone peppered with colorful guardian, he was the a true Interior Alaskan about his early years inworked as a trapper and how long he was going language as he related guide, he was really the lifestyle. Alaska came from Nancemarket hunter in support to be gone because he anecdotes about his days man who held everything “What was amazing and Johnson and wereof work crews on proj- didn’t want anyone to trapping and hunting together.” about Paul,” Johnson related by others as well. 2x2 Prescription Take Back Eric: Family deals with Late Ad Day Saturday, pain caused by suicide Continued from page 1 me of him. I tried to tell myself that Sept. 29 Eric was finally at peace and he put his 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. again, he was excited about almost ev- demons to rest, but I was selfish and at the erything. He was back to his old self. still wanted him back here. I wanted I told him I was pregnant and he was to call him to talk to him about his Main Exchange (PX) looking forward to meeting his niece new nephew, or even just about the Bring expired or un- or nephew. He never found out if it things we were doing on a weekend. was a boy or a girl. He was gone be- I still have his number in my phone wanted prescription fore I was able to tell him. His funeral because it makes me feel like a part of medications, was the worst day of my life. I will him is still with me. Logically I know unneeded over-the- never forget the image of him in his that the number is not his anymore, counter medications. coffin, with his Class A uniform, look- but with grief, sometimes things No needles, please. ing perfect, looking like he was just aren’t logical. sleeping. The emotions I felt were so It has been three years since we The program is anony- overwhelming and so abundant that lost Eric and not a day goes by that I mous; no questions I couldn’t describe them. I felt anger don’t think of him. I am able to talk 2x5 asked. because he was gone, I felt selfish be- about him and even write about him Late Ad cause I wanted him back, guilt because without crying now. The wound of los- there should have been more I could ing someone is so deep it won’t ever RED Questions? have done, sadness because I just lost Call ASAP* heal. As time goes by it will get easier, the closest Family I had, and probably but it won’t go away. I get through it 361-1381 about 10 other emotions. Those emo- by taking it one day at a time, by en- Brought to you by: *Army tions didn’t lessen as time went on. joying my life because I know that is Substance Abuse Program, I was in denial for the longest time what Eric would want. My Family is The Drug Enforcement about his cause of death, even though now a part of a club, a club that no Agency and it was on his death certificate. I didn’t one wants to join, a club that in 2009, Fort Wainwright Directorate want to think someone in my Family, 162 other families joined, and unfor- of Emergency Services that I was so close to, would want to tunately that number grows by the commit suicide. Unfortunately the au- hundreds every year. topsy results don’t lie. The military is finally putting em- I could barely mention Eric’s name phasis on suicide prevention, counsel- without crying for the next year. I ing and letting Soldiers know that it would find myself just crying at cer- isn’t a weakness to get help. Unfor- tain TV shows, certain songs on the tunately for Staff Sgt. Eric Paul, that radio, it seemed everything reminded emphasis and help came too late.
  5. 5. ALASKA POST SPORTS September 28, 2012Mistakes can be costly: That’s what I’m talking aboutAllen Shaw, Patriots Sunday night, where barn-burner. Patriot quarter- was successful on his second ed the Broncos in Denver, 31-25.Fort Wainwright PAO the birds plucked a 31-30 vic- back Tom Brady threw for try, knocking one through the Oakland Raider kicker, Se- tory on a last-second field goal, 335 yards and one touchdown, uprights for a 23-20 victory bastian Janikowski booted a The National Football League Patriot coach Bill Belichick re- while Raven QB, Joe Flacco over the Miami Dolphins. game-winning field goal onand the NFL Referees Associa- portedly grabbed at an official connected for three TDs and a In other overtime game-win- the last play of the contest totion met last weekend hoping hoping to get an explanation. total of 382 yards. ners, the Kansas City Chiefs secure a 43-31 victory over theto resolve an ongoing labor dis- Laying your hands on a refer- Eli Manning led the New York edged the New Orleans Saints Pittsburgh Steelers. In whatpute. No such luck. Although ee, replacement or otherwise, Giants to a 36-7 win over the 27-24 and the Tennessee Titans turned out to be a losing effort,the union reportedly offered is a no-no. On Sept. 20 several Carolina Panthers, Sept. 20. New pulled out a 44-41 victory over Pittsburgh quarterback Benconcessions on pension and senior NFL officials supposed- York running back Andre Brown the Detroit Lions. Titan kicker Roethlisberger threw for 384compensation issues, the two ly made phone calls to owners, rushed for a career-high, 113 yards Rob Bironas popped a 26-yarder yards and four touchdowns.sides remain split. After some general managers and coaches and scored two touchdowns. in OT, while the defense halted On Monday, the Seattle Se-extremely sloppy officiating, in an effort to rein in on-field The Chicago Bears mauled Lion backup QB Shaun Hill on ahawks beat the Green Bayblown calls and escalating tem- behavior. NFL vice president the St. Louis Rams, 23-6. a fourth-and-one. Packers, 14-12 on one of the mostpers, returning to the bargain- Ray Anderson said, “We’re not The Buffalo Bills lost league- The Minnesota Vikings controversial calls I’ve ever seen.ing table seems imperative. going to tolerate it. And we ex- leading rusher C.J. Spiller to a forged a 24-13 win over the But I didn’t sweat it too much be- Unfortunately the replace- pect that everyone we talked to shoulder injury, but won against San Francisco Forty-niners cause I picked Seattle to win.ment refs were a major bone pass the word on to everyone the Cleveland Browns, 24-14. and the Cincinnati Bengals As for the weekly prognos-of contention in several games involved on the sideline that The Dallas Cowboys gal- took a bite out of the Washing- tications, A-Team always lovesaround the league, making ob- we expect there to be respect loped over the Tampa Bay Buc- ton Redskins, 38-31. Bengal it when a plan comes together.vious blunders, sparking con- for what’s going on.” Appar- caneers, 16-10 and the Jack- QB Andy Dalton completed 19 Snatching a “w” and claimingtroversy and irritating a few ently everyone didn’t get the sonville Jaguars shot past the of 27 passes, for 328 yards and the lead spot is what I’m talk-coaches who crossed the line. memo. Although officials ad- Indianapolis Colts 22-17. Jag- three touchdowns. ing about. I’m just hoping itGetting mad at the refs is part mitted to making mistakes and uar QB Blain Gabbert connect- Feathers flew in Arizona doesn’t come back to bite me.of the game, but such behavior questionable calls that could ed with Cecil Shorts III on an as the Cardinals soared above Browbrose and Bear took acan be costly, even when ev- have affected the outcome of 80-yard pass with 45 seconds the Philadelphia Eagles 27-6, serious nose-dive picking fiveeryone agrees it’s wrong and some games, poor judgment left in the game. while the Atlanta Falcons went winners and 11 losers. Tate andthat’s what I’m talking about. and bad manners by coaches Jets kicker Nick Folk got a to San Diego and picked apart Jones Bros went 6 and 10, Brain After a physical slobber- or players is damaging to the second chance in overtime, after the Chargers, 27-3. held steady with eight-and-knocker between the Balti- game and can’t be tolerated. his first attempt was blocked, Houston QB Matt Schaub eight, while Urbi got back in themore Ravens and New England As for the game, it was a but annulled by a timeout. He saddled up the Texans and bust- race with nine-and-seven. Prognosticators – football predictions for fun and braggin’ rights A-Team Brain Browbrose Salsa Bear Urbi Jones Bros Tate 29W-19L 27W-21L 25W-23L 24W-24L 25W-23L 27W-21L 25W-23L CLE @ BAL BAL CLE @ BAL BAL CLE @ BAL BAL CLE @ BAL BAL CLE @ BAL BAL CLE @ BAL BAL CLE @ BAL BAL SD @ KC KC SD @ KC SD SD @ KC KC SD @ KC SD SD @ KC SD SD @ KC SD SD @ KC SD SEA @ STL SEA SEA @ STL SEA SEA @ STL SEA SEA @ STL SEA SEA @ STL SEA SEA @ STL STL SEA @ STL STL CAR @ ATL ATL CAR @ ATL ATL CAR @ ATL ATL CAR @ ATL ATL CAR @ ATL ATL CAR @ ATL ATL CAR @ ATL ATL MIN @ DET DET MIN @ DET MIN MIN @ DET DET MIN @ DET DET MIN @ DET MIN MIN @ DET DET MIN @ DET DET NE @ BUF NE NE @ BUF NE NE @ BUF BUF NE @ BUF BUF NE @ BUF BUF NE @ BUF NE NE @ BUF NE TEN @ HOU HOU TEN @ HOU HOU TEN @ HOU HOU TEN @ HOU HOU TEN @ HOU HOU TEN @ HOU HOU TEN @ HOU HOU CIN @ JAC JAC CIN @ JAC CIN CIN @ JAC CIN CIN @ JAC CIN CIN @ JAC CIN CIN @ JAC CIN CIN @ JAC CIN MIA @ AZ AZ MIA @ AZ AZ MIA @ AZ AZ MIA @ AZ AZ MIA @ AZ AZ MIA @ AZ MIA MIA @ AZ AZ OAK @ DEN DEN OAK @ DEN DEN OAK @ DEN DEN OAK @ DEN DEN OAK @ DEN OAK OAK @ DEN DEN OAK @ DEN DEN WAS @ TB WAS WAS @ TB WAS WAS @ TB WAS WAS @ TB WAS WAS @ TB TB WAS @ TB TB WAS @ TB TB NO @ GB NO NO @ GB GB NO @ GB GB NO @ GB GB NO @ GB GB NO @ GB GB NO @ GB GB NYG @ PHI NYG NYG @ PHI NYG NYG @ PHI NYG NYG @ PHI NYG NYG @ PHI PHI NYG @ PHI NYG NYG @ PHI PHI CHI @ DAL DAL CHI @ DAL CHI CHI @ DAL DAL CHI @ DAL CHI CHI @ DAL DAL CHI @ DAL CHI CHI @ DAL DAL7Leadership learns about tools available to help Soldiers achieve resiliencyAllen Shaw, Fort Wainwright PAO that will allow the command to connect the dots. ” Army Strong was evident on Behavioral Health providespost Wednesday when more than comprehensive services to the5,000 United States Army Alaska military community. “Our li-Soldiers and Department of De- censed providers deliver the high-fense civilians gathered on the est quality individual, marital,chilly, dimly-lit landscape of Ladd family and group counseling toArmy Airfield for a 5-mile Resil- address a wide range of problemsiency Run, demonstrating esprit from depression and anxiety tode corps and focusing on suicide post-traumatic stress syndrome,awareness. to family and parenting stress,” As part of Army Suicide Pre- said Lindsay Teplesky, outreachvention Month, members of Team program coordinator, Child andWainwright reiterated that a Family Assistance Center. “We arehealthy force is a ready force by also one of the first Army instal-starting the day united for a cause. lations to house a dedicated Child“Being Arctic Tough includes hav- and Family Assistance Center pro-ing mental, emotional, physical viding therapeutic counseling andand spiritual strength,” said Maj. medication management servicesGen, Michael X. Garrett, com- to spouses and children with nomanding general, USARAK, “I referral required.”believe spirituality allows Soldiers A crucial and difficult compo-to look outside them for a sense nent of the treatment process Maj. Gen. Michael X. Garrett, commander of U.S. Army Alaska motivates a formation of nearlyof purpose and provides resiliency is balancing regulatory require- 5,000 Soldiers before leading them on a five mile run around Ladd Airfield, on post. The runwhen overcoming challenges.” ments with action. Although the was a way for USARAK and subordinate units to come together and build awareness for the Thursday, company and pla- programs are in place to help who- Army’s Suicide Prevention month. Prior to the run, Garrett called the entire formation to at-toon-level leaders from various ever may be struggling, commu- tention and followed it with front-leaning rest position (push up). Move! About 5,000 Soldiersunits participated in a terrain nication between caregivers and joined the commander. (Photo illustration/Sgt. Thomas Duval, 1-25th SBCT PAO)walk, taking them to different leadership is often restricted bylocations and service providers confidentiality requirements.on the installation. Leadership “There needs to be interaction ton said. “We have made a promise to the work to protect an individual’s dignity. Be-learned who offers assistance to whenever possible and leadership American people to care for every Soldier ing private and discreet is valued.”Soldiers, Family members or DoD at all levels needs to be proactive,” in our formation and they deserve our best The Family Life Center and unit chap-civilians who may experience cer- Johnson said. effort. Participating in the terrain walk lains are part of a great Army team thattain circumstances in their lives The Army-wide theme that a and learning what resources are available employs a holistic, multi-disciplinary ap-that could contribute to thoughts healthy force is a ready force was is a step in the right direction.” proach to emotional health, treatment ofof suicide. echoed by Command Sgt. Maj. Comprehensive treatment is the goal psychological issues and increased resilien- Attention was focused on the Alexis Shelton, 2nd Battalion, and the Army is committed to raising cy. “Many suicides, if not all, are prevent-Family Life Center, Department of 8th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st the awareness of tools and resources able if the at-risk Soldier’s buddies, lead-Behavioral Health, the Army Sub- Stryker Brigade Combat Team, available to prevent suicide and increase ers and Family members are vigilant andstance Abuse Program and Army 25th Infantry Division. resiliency. involved,” Garrett said.Community Services. Col. Ronald “Suicide prevention is a shared One of the stops along the way was the Broedel left the visiting Soldiers withM. Johnson, commander, United responsibility of commanders, Chaplain Family Life Center. “The staff a quote from Gen. George Patton. PattonStates Army Garrison, Fort Wain- leaders, Soldiers, Army civilians here provides both faith-based counseling said, “Wars may be fought with weapons,wright said, “It’s a way to show at all levels and their Family as well as religion-free counseling,” said but they are won by men. It is the spirit ofyoung leaders the resources avail- members. Suicide is a very serious Chaplain (Maj) Dwight Broedel. “Think of the men who follow and the man who leadsable. This is valuable information problem across the Army,” Shel- us as trail guides along life’s journey. We that gain the victory.”
  6. 6. September 28, 2012 COMMUNITY CALENDAR ALASKA POSTFriday – 28th Monday – 1st Wednesday – 3rdCHANGE OF COMMAND, Capt. Lesia M. Murray CLEAN UP WEEK, for all Soldiers, civilians andwill accept command from Capt. Timothy T. Hall of PERSONAL FINANCIAL READINESS, 9 a.m. to Families, free. Grab a trash bag and help get the in-Fort Wainwright Garrison Headquarters and Head- 4 p.m. in the post library classroom. Wide range stallation cleaned up before the snow flies at home,quarters Company outgoing commander during a of topics covered by Personal Financial Readinessceremony 10:30 a.m. in the Northern Lights Chapel, at work and road-side (be safe, wear proper clothing and watch for traffic). Call 353-6594. Program, Army Community Service. Registration isBuilding 3430. required, call 353-7438.BANNED BOOK WEEK STORY HOUR CORE TRAINING, 5:30 a.m., Physical Fitness Cen-CRAFTS, 4 to 5 p.m., Post Library, Building 3700. ter, Bldg. 3709. Call 353-7223.Call 353-4137. BODY CONDITIONING, 9 a.m., Physical Fitness Thursday – 4thOPERATION RISING STAR, 7 to 10 p.m., Nug- Center, Bldg. 3709. Call 353-7223.get Lanes Bowling Center, Building 3702. Call LEVY BRIEFING, Permanent Change of Station353-2654. Transition Training, 9 to 11 a.m. in the Welcome Cen- AUTO SKILLS SAFETY, 6 p.m., Auto Skills BuildingCOSMIC BOWLING, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Nugget Lanes 3730. The class is required to use Auto Skills for self- ter, Building 3401, basement. The briefing is manda-Bowling Center, Building 3702. Call 353-2654. help. Call 353-7436. tory for first-term Soldiers and highly recommended for all Soldiers and Family members who want toSaturday- 29th have a smooth move. Call 353-7908. Tuesday – 2ndFINALS: OPERATION RISING STAR, 7 to 10 VOTE! Fairbanks municipal election polls are open ROMP AND STOMP, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Lastp.m., Nugget Lanes Bowling Center, Building3702. Call 353-2654. from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Last Frontier Commu- Frontier Community Activity Center, Building 1044 nity Activity Center, Building 1044 Apple Street. Call Apple Street. Parents bond with their children whileCOSMIC BOWLING, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Nugget Lanes (888) 383-8683. learning developmental play activities. Transporta-Bowling Center, Building 3702. Call 353-2654. tion from the post hotel is available. Call 353-7713. PARENTS’ NIGHT OUT, Registration deadline is Tuesday for Oct. 9 Parents’ Night Out from 5:45 toSunday – 30th 8:45 p.m. at CDC 1, Building 4024. Cost is $12 per FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT, 5:30 p.m. in the Last child. Call 353-7413. Frontier Community Activity Center, Building 1044GOSPEL SERVICES, 9:45 a.m. Gospel Sunday Apple Street. Family-rated movies, G or PG. Callschool; 11 a.m. Gospel Worship service, BassettArmy Community Hospital, third-floor conference OPEN HOUSE LEAPS FOR LEARNING, 10:30 353-7755.room, Building 4076. Call 353-9825. a.m., Murphy Hall basement, Building 1045. Call 353-7372.PROTESTANT SERVICES, 10 a.m., Sunday schooland 11 a.m., Sunday Protestant worship Northern HOME SCHOOL ROUND-UP, 1 p.m., Youth Center, Friday - Oct. 5thLights Chapel, Building 3430. Call 353-9825. Building 4109. Call 361-9377. GULKANA GLACIER HIKE, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Jour-CATHOLIC SERVICES, 9:30 a.m. Catholic religiouseducation and 11 a.m. Catholic Mass, Southern NEW: YOGA FOR ATHLETES, 5 p.m., Physical Fit- ney south to the Alaska Range with Outdoor Recre-Lights Chapel, Building 4107. Call 353-9825. ness Center, Building 3709. Call 353-7223. ation. Call 361-2652.GI Jane: Army spouses experience infantry training Sgt. Thomas Duval, 1-25th SBCT PAO wide range of events such as the obstacle course, Rabies Day: Thick fog and a rain storm firing range and shoot house. Raise awareness just beyond the snowcapped “When the guys were mountaintops surround- deployed we were all won- Continued from page 3 ing Fort Wainwright wasn’t dering what are they doing, enough to scare the wives what’s it like over there - Do not encourage kittens or cats to of the 1st Battalion, 5th In- and this gives us the feel chase or paw at fingers. fantry Regiment ‘Bobcats’, - Do not pet a dog without allowing of what they go through,” 1st Stryker Brigade Com- the dog to see and sniff you first. Debra Smith said. - Be gentle when petting any animal. bat Team, 25th Infantry Di- During the firing range, - If bitten by any animal, immediately vision, from spending a day each participant, with the let an adult know. in their husbands’ boots. help of her Soldier, fired Nearly 70 Army spouses the M4 Carbine and the 9 Some good tips for current owners donned uniforms for the mm pistol. or soon to be owners of pets: 2nd Annual 1-5th G.I. Jane From there the women - Research the breed you are inter- Day here Sept. 20. warriors moved to the ested in to make sure they are recom- G.I. Jane Day has become mended around children. A good re- shoot house, where their a common event across the source for this is your veterinarian, as tactical expertise clashed well as responsible breeders and breed Army that allows Army with the lessons learned organizations. spouses to live a day in the from their husbands’ em- - Speak candidly with the previous life of their Soldiers. bellished combat stories owner of the pet or stray facility/shel- “The spouses really enjoy during an intense firefight ter personnel to see if the pet has a seeing what their Soldiers with each other. Each par- history of aggression. Do not bring do and one of the firm be- ticipant was equipped with an animal with a previous history of liefs of this battalion is that MILES gear, which allows aggression or bites into a home with strong Soldiers need strong children. the spouses to know when Families,” 1-5th operations - Spend time with the pet before de- they have been hit by an ciding to adopt/purchase to evaluate officer, Maj. Jason Dye, said. opposing forces laser and the animal’s personality and tempera- “We brought the wives out offers a more realistic feel ment. Does the animal seem easily here to let them see some to the training. frightened? Does the animal appear of what their Soldiers do “I know this (G.I. Jane nervous? Does the animal show teeth, and to help strengthen the Day) isn’t exactly what growl, or try to bite when approachedSpc. Jacob Penergist, an Infantryman with the 1st Battalion, 5th bond between husband and it’s like to be a Soldier, it or touched on feet, ears, belly, etc.?Infantry, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Divi-sion shows Venessa Nolan, wife of Staff Sgt. Je Nolan, how to wife.” would probably be a lot - Be cautious of bringing a new petproperly fire the 9mm. The live fire exercise was held at Fort To start the event, par- into a home with an infant or a tod- scarier if there were live dler. If your child shows fear or ner-Wainwright’s Known Distance Range Sept 20, and was part ticipants were broken down bullets, but it’s really funof the 1-5th’s second annual G.I. Jane Day event. (U.S. Army vousness around animals, it is better into two groups and then and it lets us know kind to wait until the child is older beforePhoto By: Sgt. Thomas Duval, 1/25 SBCT Public Affairs) sent out to accomplish a of what they go through,” adopting an animal into your home. said Smith, whose hus- - If you decide to bring an animal into band, Spc. Donovan your home, spay or neuter your pet. Smith, is an infantryman This often decreases current or future with the 1-5th. aggression in the animal. After being tactically - Always carefully supervise any in- teraction between children and pets. tested, the wives traveled Never leave infants or small children by Stryker to the obstacle alone with an animal. course, where they took - Properly socialize and train the pet. on events like the confi- Consider obedience classes and en- dence climb, barbed wire courage the entire household to par- low crawl and tire run. ticipate in these classes. Encourage The teams were reward- and reward submissive behaviors in ed for their efforts with a your pet (i.e. rolling over to expose ab- domen, etc.) certificate from Lt. Col. - Avoid aggressive games such as wres- Jason Wesbrock, 1-5th tling with your pet. commander, and left with - Seek professional advice from a veter- a renewed sense of what inarian or behaviorist if the pet begins it means to be an Army to develop undesirable behaviors. spouse. “I’m really glad I got For more information on rabies and to come out and interact how to prevent the disease, visit: with the different people, U.S. Army Public Health Command, http://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/dis- it was an awesome experi- cond/aid/Pages/Rabies.aspx ence,” Smith said. Centers for Disease Control andSpc. Donovan Smith, an infantryman with the 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment, 1st StrykerBrigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, and his wife Debra proudly pose for a photo Fo r p h o t o s o f t h e Prevention, www.cdc.gov/rabiesbeside their paper target at Fort Wainwright’s Small Arms Range Complex Sept 20. Firing the event please visit: Fort Wainwright veterinary clinic,M4 Carbine and 9mm was part of the 1-5th’s second annual G.I. Jane Day. The event allows h t t p : / / w w w . f l i c k r. Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline,spouses to participate in Army-related events such as firing weapons, the shoot house and com/photos/1-25_sbct/ (800) 984-8523.navigating through an obstacle course. sets/72157631585138389/.