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Case Study - tupperware


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Case Study - tupperware

  1. 1. A Case Study by Fortune Indonesia
  2. 2. • Orlando based direct marketing company• Operates in 120 countries• 72 distributors in 50 cities in Indonesia• Aproximately 40.000 sales forces in 2008• No Advertising allowedWhat we do:• Create engagement with target audience through digital channels• Since 30 second commercial is not allowed, we created “30 minutes” commercial through TV Program• We don’t talk about the product, we talk about the user.
  3. 3. Digital Campaign
  4. 4. TV program + Digital campaign integration (Microsite)
  5. 5. TV program + Digital campaign integration (Microsite, Social Media, Ad campaign)
  6. 6. Achievement –Rank 2 - The Best Marketing PR Campaign Mix Magazine, Oct 2012
  7. 7. Opportunity Hour 2012Google Display Network Site Microsite SEM campaign Banner Ads
  8. 8. SheCAN! TV Program(Season 1)
  9. 9. The new strategic approach for expanding the sales force (teacher)
  10. 10. highlight• Innovative approach – Multimedia approach: print, twitter & event – Bring online to offline• Strong stopping power – People read 10 mins for this ad
  11. 11. Recent Achievement“It’s about changing life. We have a validmission, people are passionate about it.Secondly I think we have business modelthat include putting together a qualityproducts that’s differentiate with a sellingmethod we called a party. There’s a partystarting some where, every 2 seconds & thenthe 3rd ingredients is opportunity, showing awoman how to change her life .I’m so happyto say that we just made a decision at theexecutive committee, we’re in more than ahundred countries, Indonesia we’reselected “Country of the year forTupperware.” Excalibur Sword as a symbol for “Country Of The Year”-Rick Goings, Chairman & CEO Tupperware PT Tupperware Indonesia has got 3 Excalibur swordsBrands Corporation
  12. 12. Campaign Result• Country of The Year 2007 – 2011• 380% achievement in 2011• 190% achievement in 2009• 180% achievement in 2008• Best Marketing Public Relations Program 2012 (sour ce: Mi x Magazi ne)• Indonesia’s Best Brand Award Award 2012 (sour ce: SW ) A• Social Media Award 2012 (sour ce: Di gi t al Mar ket i ng, Fr ont i er , and Mar ket i ng)• TOP Brand Award 2011 (sour ce: Mar ket i ng)• Indonesia’s Most Fave Women Brand 2010 (sour ce: M ket eer s & M k Pl us I nsi ght ) ar ar