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Case Study - Honda Matic-scooter


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Published in: Automotive
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Case Study - Honda Matic-scooter

  1. 1. Honda Matic-ScooterA Case Study by Fortune Indonesia
  2. 2. Honda Matic Scooter• Honda is not the pioneer in the matic scooter segment• Re-position not just for female – for unisex• Projected become AHM backbone years to comeWhat we do:• Authoritative – avoid get trapped in other’s game• Set the new tone & manner• Widening the gap with the competitor
  3. 3. Overall Result• Honda Matic has taken the leadership in 2011.• Matic category contributes 40% of total sales in 2009. Thus has become the trump card to maintain the leadership ahead the competitor.• Started with Honda Vario, today Fortune is trusted to handle more Honda accounts (AHM Oil, Honda Genuine Part, Honda Beat, Honda Blade, and two more)• The recent Honda Scoopy campaign has created long list of indent buyer. It also create new category: “stylish motorcycle”