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130318 daihatsu cerita sahabat


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130318 daihatsu cerita sahabat

  1. 1. Daihatsu Cerita Sahabat Digital Campaign
  2. 2. • Astra Daihatsu Motor launch ‘Daihatsu Sahabatku’ as it corporate campaign to celebrate 105th anniversary.What We Do:• Create Daihatsu Sahabatku writing contest on digital channel
  3. 3. Contest Management (website development & maintenance) Website:
  4. 4. Social media maintenance
  5. 5. Online media placement
  6. 6. Daihatsu contest result• Contest period: 21 May – 30 Sept. 2012• Total entries: 14.000 board• 105 Finalists were chosen• Entry participants were fans from Daihatsu FB page and twitter follower• Media Support: – Online banner ad – Own Social Media content – Print ad – School to school event