10 ways to boost your ezine list


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Grow that list: The 7 streams of list building that are working right now. A FREE report by Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown.

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10 ways to boost your ezine list

  1. 1. ==== ====Grow that list: The 7 streams of list building that are working right now. A FREE report byEntrepreneur mentor Ali Brown.http://tinyurl.com/7t55ebd==== ====Any possible way of getting visitors to your website will help you build your ezine list. Your primaryobjective for any visitor of your site is to get him or her signed up to your list. So now you need toknow what to do to get the correct type of traffic to your site. By the correct type of traffic I meancorrectly targeted traffic.So ask yourself "Who are my target clients or customers?" The more you know about your idealclients or customers the better youll know where and how to find them. Think about thatinformation and apply it to these traffic generation tactics that are mostly specific to ezinepublishers.1. Your Articles in Other Ezines and at Other WebsitesThis is one of the most effective traffic building tactics for some of the worlds top ezine publishers.There are literally thousands of online publishers who would love to use your articles on theirezines and websites. You can find them via online ezine directories and again always post yourarticles at article websites like EzineArticles.com.2. Ads On Other Ezines.Identify some other ezines out there whose readership is similar to your target market. You canfind these by searching ezine directories on line and web searches. Find out of the ezines acceptadvertising and what rates they charge. Run 3 ads consecutively in order to measure howeffective the ad is.3. Ads on Other Websites.Research other websites that have a readership similar to your target audience and find out if theyaccept advertising. Try both text ads and banner ads.4. Online Forums and Discussion Groups.This isnt the quickest way to get traffic but its still a great method if you are dealing with a hottopic. Identify which forums are popular amongst your target market and are related to yoursubject material. Show yourself to be knowledgeable and valuable in your postings and alwaysinclude a link to your site.5. Recommendations by Other Ezine Publishers.
  2. 2. If you know anyone one who publishes an ezine in the same target market are your you could askabout cross promoting each other as long as you are not in direct competition. Offer to promotethem first if they are the more experienced publisher and have a larger list. You still have plenty ofvalue to them if you are promoting your site though all these methods.6. Recommendations by Other Site OwnersSame principle as number 5, any sites have "recommended resources" page so why not try andget listed on that. Again find those sites that are visited by your target market and ask if they canrecommend your site. Youll have more success with this method if you offer to promote them also( and especially if you offer a commission on sales)7. Have Your Own Affiliate ProgramYou can build your own motivated sales force by paying commissions to those who sell yourproducts and services. Obviously you will need to give some of your profit away but those saleswouldnt have happened otherwise and it all helps build your reputation and online presence.8. Your Email Signature FileYour email signature files are the few line of contact information that many of us but at the bottomof emails. Simply add a few lines of text to that telling people about your ezine and where to signup for it.9. Exposure In Print, Radio, T.V.It is possible you to attract thousands of fresh prospects to your site with the correct mediaexposure. However people still need to be compelled to visit your site so dint just mention yoursite/ezines you have to actively sell it! " And your listeners/viewers/readers can get my free weeklytips on this topic at... Your url."10. Be ShamelessWhy not get some car rear window stickers made with your url and a strapline then hand them outto family and friends? Get your own car covered in promotion for your site. Get any freeadvertising you possibly can. All these small acorns get grow into huge trees of traffic.So we now know that publishing an ezine is a super- simple and low cost way of selling more infoproducts and building a list of buyers which itself is a huge asset. By building this trustworthyrelationship with your readers through informal, conversational communication they will be muchmore likely to buy from you when they are ready to make a purchase.Hi, Im Mark Paddock. Im 27 years old and last year I went bankrupt due to the collapse of mysmoothie bar chain Smoothie Express. After losing everything including my house I needed a wayto make money fast with no set up costs, so I turned to the internet and discovered InformationMarketing! I now make my living online, with no commuting, or staff or leases to worry about and
  3. 3. am 100 times happier. I now have a blog to help other people who are in the same situation i wasin 6 months ago i.e. people who have gone through bankruptcy, gone out of business, Lost a jobor simply fallen on financial hardship.My Blog [http://beyondbankruptcyblog.com] gives readers a FREE BUSINESS IN A BOXcontaining an sought after information product with FULL RESALE RIGHTS and a ready madewebsite. Plus an easy 6 Step guide to Publishing your website, Taking Payments and Building aCustomer List within 6 Days! Its also full of interviews with experts who have been bankrupt andmore articles on how to be successful in Information Marketing and Free resources. I hope youfind the article informative.Adios!Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_Paddock==== ====Grow that list: The 7 streams of list building that are working right now. A FREE report byEntrepreneur mentor Ali Brown.http://tinyurl.com/7t55ebd==== ====