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花費spend & cost & take 學習單

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  1. 1. Grammar Focus spend class:_____ No:_____ Name:________ 103.06.10 S V Teacher Fortuna spend spent (in) V-ing. on + sth. Last Sunday, took to Sogo Department Store to go shopping. said, “Mommy, I want a . Could you please buy me one?” said, “Nini, no problem! You behave very well. So I can buy you one. ” felt very excited and jumped happily. found a big and spent 1,000 NT dollars on it. told , “Mom, you are so nice. I love you most. Could I buy one ? Because they are good friends.” said, “Ok, I love , too. I will buy you one.” felt happier, jumped excitedly and gave a big hug and kisses. At last, they spent 2,500 NT dollars on the two and half an hour shopping there. Reading comprehension check 1. Why did Fortuna and Nini go to the department store? _________________________________ 2. What did they buy? ______________________________________________________________ 3. How much money did they spend on ? _____________________________________________ 4. How much did they spend on ? _____________________________________________ 5. Which doll is more expensive, a or a ?_________________________________________ 6. How much did they spend in total? 7. How much time did they spend shopping? _________________________________________ Your turn: 1. Alan Lin __________(spend) 1 hour _______(take) a bath every night. 2. James Chou__________(spend) 2 hours _______(study) English last night. 3. Alice Chen __________(spend) 500 dollars ______ the novel the day before yesterday. 4. Lily and Effie __________(spend) 2,000 dollars on the tickets to Loren’s concert next week.