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Present perfect tense part two teacher fortuna 1030722


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Present perfect tense part two teacher fortuna 1030722

  1. 1. Present Perfect Tense Part Two video 1 video 2 songs TV shows Teacher Fortuna 1030722 Class:_______ No:______ Name:_____________ have/has + past participle have/has---auxiliary (助動詞) past participle---pp (過去分詞) Contractions(縮寫) have not=___________ has not=____________ Part two: 表示____________accomplishment We often use the Present Perfect to list the accomplishments of individuals and humanity. You cannot mention a specific time. . (source) Examples: 1. Man has walked on the Moon. It is an important event in history.  Q: __________________________________________________ 2. Our daughter has done her homework. We can take her to eat out.  Q: __________________________________________________ 3. Mary has eaten an apple because the apple over there was gone.  Q: __________________________________________________ 4. We haven’t cleaned our classroom (yet). We need to clean it first, and then we can go out to play basketball.  Q: __________________________________________________ 5. They haven’t bought any drinks (yet).  Q: __________________________________________________ 6. She has (already) ordered five hamburgers. I am wondering if she could eat up those hamburgers.  Q: __________________________________________________ 7. Judy has (already) gone to Taipei for the concert. She is not home now. Maybe you have to call her if you have something to tell her.  Q: __________________________________________________  Present Perfect Tense Part Two Quiz 1. _______ you finished your history homework? 2. They ________ _____(go) to the concert. 3. We _______(not) ______(eat) dinner yet. 4. Andrea _____ _________(forget) his umbrella. 5. The children ______ _______(find) the lost puppy. 6. Has the puppy ______(dig) a hole yet? 7. Has Jenny _______(do) the homework (yet)? 8. Q: Have you _____(cut) the cake (yet)? A: Yes, ______ _______. I _______________ __________________________________. 9. Q: Has Mark _____(watch) the movie (yet)? A: No, _____ _______. He _______________ __________________________________.Leo and Fortuna 的英語教學