Medical tourism in india, health care tourism, treatment in india


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Fortis Hospitals offers vast range of medical and health care services at highly affordable cost. Fortis provide the treatment for Cardiology, Brain, fertility treatment, IVF treatment, weight loss surgery, Spine Care, Aesthetic Surgery, Joint Replacements, Oncology, Urology with affordable cost.

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Medical tourism in india, health care tourism, treatment in india

  1. 1. Medical Tourism in India – International Hospitality Services Fortis Hospitals (India) acknowledges that Worldwide Sufferers have unique needs and specifications. In order to provide a very specialized assistance, Fortis Hospitals (India) provides smooth individual services of world-class quality. From the comfort of our handmade at the flight terminal, to your signing up and launch, we have designed a remarkable assistance in our Fortis Hospitals Our Services include:• Airport transfer Service• Scheduling of all medical appointments• Coordination of the admissions process• Cost estimates for anticipated treatment• Processing of medical second opinions• Booking of Hotel/Service Apartments• Flight Arrangements & Extensions / Visa Assistance• Provide Language Interpreters• Special dietary needs / religious arrangements• Local Sightseeing• Foreign Exchange• Remote Consultations via Telemedicine• Providing news & information of patients relatives back home Travel Assistance Fortis Healthcare (India) will assist sufferers in making the appropriate preparations for their journey within Indian. Our lovers are aware of our individuals needs, vicinity to destinations, and ways of transportation. As such, they have constructed a variety of housing (5 Celebrity to Budget), transportation and journey trips at special prices. Patients can also develop any element of their journey through this organization or on their own.
  2. 2. Insurance ServicesWe have tie ups with various insurance companies for easy payments. We will be happy to talkabout payment options with your insurance company in case your policy protects services madeaway from your home residence.Financial ServicesEnhance expenses are welcome but not compulsory. The full approximated transaction must becompensated on entrance. Minor costs will be due upon the individuals launch.Top 10 Specialized Treatments • Procedures that saves you over 60% if you travel to India • Total Knee Replacement (TKR) • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) • Kidney Transplant • Arthroscopic Surgery • Fertility Treatment (IVF) • Microdiscectomy • Liposuction • Hip Resurfacing • Weight Loss Surgery • Cancer TreatmentVisa & Travel Assistance • Medical Visa • Indian Consulates Worldwide • For Companion • Travel Desk • Medical Insurance
  3. 3. Fortis is one of the most well known well accepted internationally for wellness tourism, offersvast range of medical and health care services at highly affordable cost. Fortis provide thetreatment for Cardiology, Brain, Spine Care, Aesthetic Surgery, Joint Replacements, kneereplacement, Infertility treatment, weight loss surgery, IVF treatment, bariatric surgery,Oncology, and Urology with affordable cost.Doctors in India, Medical tourism in India, healthcare tourism India, treatment in india,wellness tourism in India.For More details visit our official website: