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Dracula by Bram stoker, plot, the myth of Vlad Tepes and reader response analysis.

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  1. 1. DRACULABy Bram Stoker
  2. 2. BRAM STOKER• Was born in Contlarf (near Dublin, Ireland) onNovember 8 of 1847.• He met the actor Henry Irving in 1876, twoyears later became the acting manager at theLyceum Theater.• His first novel The Snake’s Pass was publishedin 1890.
  3. 3. •Dracula was published on 1890:• He started the novel on 1890, year it was rumored heentered the order of the Golden Dawn.• Epistolary novel that appears written in the form ofrealistic diaries.• Stoker died on April 20, 1912 in London.
  4. 4. DRACULA Master/servant Renfield Employer Victims Engaged Doctor/patientJonathan Harker Mina Murray Lucy WestenraArthur Holmwood suitors Dr. John Seward Quincey Morris Mentor Dr. Van Helsing
  5. 5. PLOT Jonathan Harker, travels to Count Dracula’s castle, and finds himself prisoner of the Count.Jonathan falls under the spell of threebeautiful and seductive women.
  6. 6. Lucy receives three marriage proposalsQuincey Morris, Arthur Holmwood andJohn Seward. Mina finds Lucy in the town cemetery and believes she has seen a dark figure with red eyes over Lucy.
  7. 7. All Van Helsing’s efforts to maintain Lucy healthy failA wolf breaks into the Westernahouse and some days later Lucydies
  8. 8. Lucy is now part of the “Un-Dead” so her fiancée plunges astake through her heart and then they cut off her head.
  9. 9. Undead:Such creatures are immortal and immenselystrong. However, they also have certainweaknesses, they cannot survive withoutblood and they must look for shelter in theearth or in a coffin.In order to kill Dracula, they must first trackdown his fifty boxes of earth
  10. 10. Dying, Renfield admits that Dracula often visited him, promisinghim flies, spiders, in return for Renfield’s obedience.
  11. 11. That night Dracula arrives at the asylum and hedrinks Mina’s blood. Then, slicing his own chest, he pressed her lips to the cut and forced her to drink his blood.
  12. 12. Dracula had fled England. The band travels to Transylvania. Van Helsing and Mina are now very near the castle.Van Helsing seals the castle doors withwafers to deny forever the count’s entry.
  13. 13. Jonathan sees Dracula he cuts his throat and QuinceyMorris plunges his knife into the count’s heart.
  14. 14. S E V E N Y E A R S PA S S , J O N A T H A N A N D M I N A H AV E A S O N N A M E D Q U I N C E Y.
  15. 15. THE MYTH Vlad Draculea (son of the dragon) was prince of Wallachia (Romania) during 1456 to 1462.He was best known for the cruel punishment heimposed during his reign in fact impalementbecame his favorite method of torture andexecution.
  16. 16. READER’S RESPONSE• Nowadays, people are still seduced by fear, and have curiosity for the supernatural, evil andfrightening; Dracula catches our attention because Vampirism has always been connectedwith the manifestation of sexual wishes, and tension between fear and desire.•Dracula deals with one of the great human conflicts: G O O D V S. E V I L•Dracula became a classic of gothic horror because it primarily is a projection not onlyof the Victorian Age’s fear but also of everyone’s fears and desires.
  17. 17. EXCERPT“In a hard and warlike time he was celebrate that he have more iron nerve, more subtle brain, morebraver heart, than any man. In him some vital principle have in strange way found their utmost. And ashis body keep strong and grow and thrive, so his brain grow too. All this without that diabolic aidwhich is surely to him. For it have to yield to the powers that come from, and are, symbolic of good.And now this is what he is to us. He have infect you, oh forgive me, my dear, that I must say such, butit is for good of you that I speak. He infect you in such wise, that even if he do no more, you haveonly to live, to live in your own old, sweet way, and so in time, death, which is of mans common lotand with Gods sanction, shall make you like to him. This must not be! We have sworn together that itmust not. Thus are we ministers of Gods own wish. That the world, and men for whom His Sondie, will not be given over to monsters, whose very existence would defame Him. He have allowed usto redeem one soul already, and we go out as the old knights of the Cross to redeem more. Like themwe shall travel towards the sunrise. And like them, if we fall, we fall in good cause.”
  19. 19. BIBLIOGRAPHY• http://ginebramagnolia.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/bram-stoker.jpg• http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-WrKKBCs0Qao/ThMeu6FAPAI/AAAAAAAAB2U/WiCwOC0wCYA/s1600/Bram+Stoker+-+01.jpg• http://s1.extracine.com/files/2007/05/tempx2_film_g.jpg• http://s11.lucyphotos.com/images/orig/9/2/92i2hkkog66pkkgi.jpg• http://www.tomhoelle.com/DraculaPics/CoppolaOltmanDracula.jpg• http://skyosorioblogger.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/large_bram_stoker_dracula_blu-ray13.jpg• http://www.moviemarket.com/library/photos/294/29403.jpg• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMvD2Jlyy9U