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Cerraduras Boda

  1. 1. BODA SECURITY Lever type security locks Björkboda Lås Oy Ab An ASSA ABLOY Group company
  2. 2. BJÖRKBODA LÅS OY AB – LONG TRADITIONS, MODERN PRODUCTS The Björkboda factory has long traditions. It was established already in 1732 and has manufactured locks since 1887. Björkboda Lås Oy Ab is today the leading producer of symmetric interior door locks in Scandinavia. Our extensive range of products also includes ABLOY and BODA cylinder locks for both main and interior doors as well as high security BODA lever locks for doors and gun cabinets. Our aim is to develop, market and manufacture innovative top quality lock cases both for our present and our new expanding markets. We are proud of our dedicated skilled workforce and modern production methods. We have partners throughout Europe, and exports account for approximately half of our turnover. Björkboda Lås Oy Ab’s quality system is certified by Det Norske Veritas and conforms to the SFS-ISO 9001 standard. BODA SECURITY - A RELIABLE ALTERNATIVE We invest time and effort to ensure the high, flawless quality of our products. The BODA SECURITY locks provide reliable options and competitive products for you, our customer. 8-LEVER TECHNOLOGY All BODA security locks have 8 levers. In combination with the doublesided key this will give over 100.000 key combinations in the symmetric locks and over half a million in the asymmetric locks. DIMENSIONS The dimensions given in the catalogue are normative. If you need dimensions with tolerances, please contact us: telephone int. + 358-2-424 402 telefax int. + 358-2-424 249 3
  3. 3. KEY OPERATED LOCK CASES FOR WOODEN DOORS BODA 451 S BODA 428 BODA 2928 This lock features two deadbolts. Security lock. Security lock for homes. The One is controlled by a double lock features 8 levers to give cylinder or cylinder and thumb- The lock features 8 levers to over 100,000 key combinations. turn combination.The other has 8 give over 100,000 different levers and gives 100,000 different key combinations. The lock is surface mounted key combinations, and particularly suited for The key can only be with- doors unable to accept The upper cylinder deadbolt drawn when the deadbolt a standard mortise lock. protrudes 20 mm with the key is fully locked or retracted. retractable in both open and The deadbolt protrudes 20 mm. The key can only be with- closed positions. drawn when the deadbolt The lower lever deadbolt also has 428X is the microswitch is fully locked or retracted. a 20 mm bolt throw. The key can version. The deadbolt protrudes 20 mm. only be withdrawn when the dead- bolt is fully locked or retracted. Can be keyed alike with Can be keyed alike with Centre latch enables opening BODA 2928 lock. BODA 428 lock. and closing of door using lever handles. Striker plate 004014, 0079 Striker plate 0036, 0065 Striker plate 0036 Finish ST/CR Finish ST/CR Finish PA/BLACK ST/EGL PA/WHITE Cylinder SCANDINAVIAN Mortise See page 7 Mortise Surface Mortise SS 81 73 83 standard Standard mounting Standard Dimensions are normative. For further information see page 3. 4
  4. 4. LOCKS FOR FIREARMS CABINETS AND SAFES SECURITY PLATES BODA 7677 BODA 2925 BODA 2926 Lock case approved by the Lock case approved by the For BODA 428. These plates Swedish Standards Association Swedish Standards Association protect the lock case and (SIS) under standards SS 3492 (SIS) under standards SS 3492 reinforce the door against and SS 3493 for gun cabinets and SS 3493 for gun cabinets break-ins. and safes. and safes. The lock features 8 levers to The lock features 8 levers to give over 500,000 different give over 500,000 different key combinations. key combinations. The key can only be with- The key can only be with- drawn when the deadbolt is drawn when the deadbolt fully locked or retracted. is fully locked or retracted. The deadbolt protrudes 20 mm. The deadbolt protrudes 20 mm. BODA 2925 is fixed through BODA 2926 is fixed through the case. the forend. SECURITY COVER PLATES BODA 113 These plates are suitable for use with BODA 428 or BODA 451 S security locks. We recommend use of these plates if you want to open BODA 2928 also from the outside. FRONT PLATES The front plates cover the tooling marks left by the drill or miller when making the mortise. Striker plate – Striker plate – Finish ST/ZN Finish ST/ZN 401664 = for 401666 = for Mortise – Mortise – lock case 428 striker plate 0036 Standard Standard Finish: ABS/CR 5
  5. 5. STRIKER PLATES FOR WOODEN DOORS 004012 004014 004020 flush doors flush doors flush doors 0079 0036 0065 rebated doors flush doors rebated doors Dimensions are normative. For further information see page 3. 6
  6. 6. MORTISES AND DRILLING INSTRUCTIONS BODA 428 BODA 451 S ONLY 451 S HANDING Please specify the handing when ordering the lock cases BODA 2925 and 2926. Other locks are 3 symmetric. The latch of the BODA 451S can be 1 turned around by releasing a screw which can be reached from the side of the case. A simple way to determine if the door (and lock) is left or right handed is to look at the door from 2 the hinge side: LEFT HAND (1 & 3) The hinges are on the left side. RIGHT HAND (2 & 4) 4 The hinges are on the right side. 7
  7. 7. Björkboda Lås Oy Ab is a member of ASSA ABLOY Group, the leading international manufacturer of locksmith and associated security products. Björkboda manufactures a wide range of BODA locks for internal doors and safety locks for external doors, and ABLOY® cylinder locks. Marketing is mainly directed within Finland and Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Eastern and Central Europe. The unrelenting Printed in Finland by LIBENTER OY/KOTEVA OY TURKU 1999 research and development work, and the modern plant makes it possible to offer top-quality products, and to guarantee speedy and flexible deliveries. Björkboda Lås Oy Ab FIN-25860 BJÖRKBODA, FINLAND Tel. +358 2 424 402. Fax +358 2 424 249 11099 An ASSA ABLOY Group company The ASSA ABLOY Group is the world`s leading manufacturer and supplier of locks and associated products, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security,safety and convenience.