Brand Led Management Project - Hilton Manchester


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Brand Led Management Project - Hilton Manchester

  2. 2. Facts about the Hilton Industry Analysis (SWOT) Marketing Finance Facility Design HRM Conclusion
  3. 3. Division of the Hilton Family into 10 leading hotel brands Blackstone Over 3,600 hotels across the world, with 130,000 team members in more than 81 countries The Hilton Manchester Deansgate Facts about The Hilton
  4. 4. Vision  To provide hospitality that demonstrates warmth and light Mission statement  To become the first choice for leisure and business travelers, and seen as the market leader for hospitality services Objectives  To establish an alignment of its organisation and culture,  To maximize the performance of the entire company,  To expand and strengthen its commercial services and brand platforms, and  To widen the extent of the company's current locations across the world
  5. 5. Sales America Europe Middle East Asia
  6. 6. Properties Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts Doubletree Conrad Hotels & Resorts Embassy Suites hotels Hilton Hilton Garden Inn Hampton Hotels Hilton Grand Vacations Home Suites by Hilton
  7. 7. Strength Weaknesses • Strong brand image ensures steady revenue growth • Wide range of hotel services Exposure to the premium market increase the operating cost of the company Opportunities Threats • Expansion plans likely to boost the top line growth Strategic agreement with AT&T • Launch of iPhone and iTouch applications Growing global hotels and motels industry • Intense competition may lead to pricing pressures • Terrorist attacks and natural calamities
  8. 8. Hilton’s Promotion Tools Internet advertising- the most important promotion tool Not many mass media used PR of Hilton---message to public “We are responsible and an integral part of the social, cultural and business fabric of the city of Manchester” Focus on Family Customers: Hilton offers a whole host of benefits for you and your little ones in the UK and Europe
  9. 9. Focus on customers • Owners and shareholders are the people for whom Hilton creates profits and enhanced property and share values To serve those constituencies, the value chain links four components: • Value drivers (Customer-satisfaction-tracking study overall satisfaction score from a sample of guests interviewed via telephone) • Business strategy • Processes • Balanced scorecard
  10. 10. Brand Management: This involves promoting and maintaining consistency in the delivery of services and products expected by customers Revenue Maximization: Hilton implements flexible, rational pricing in response to current levels of demand in individual property markets and in consideration of the demand elasticity of different customer segments Operational Effectiveness: The company seeks to achieve the maximum value and return from its resources through continually improving existing processes and developing new ones
  11. 11. Branding Best Business Hotel Chain in the UK Business Traveller (Europe) Best Leisure Hotel Chain British Travel Awards Number One Hotel Brand in the UK Business Development Research Consultants (BDRC) Hotel Business Guest Survey High Efficiency Financial Management: Continuous-improvement process is applied to each element in value chain Performance-reporting tool that combines both financial and nonfinancial indicators to gauge whether the company's strategy is working
  12. 12.  Philosophy is to “be hospitable”  Hospitality  Integrity  Leadership  Teamwork  Ownership  Now
  13. 13.  Aim: “feel the light and warmth of true hospitality”  Team members reflect local culture  A year-long programme for the team • “effortless perfection” • “updated with the latest trends and equip them with new strategies” • To cultivate the best traits and skills of each member
  14. 14.  The hotel of firsts;  Television in guest rooms,  LEED certificate,  Green Seal certificate,  The concept of franchising hotels,  Launched the first airport hotel,  Multi-hotel reservation system,  U.S. Coast-to-coast hotel chain.
  15. 15.  Aim: ensure that individual guest needs are met continuously  The Esprit Club in 2002 (in the UK and Ireland) FOCUS: Creating a culture of motivation Achievement within the organisation AIM: To make work more enjoyable and more rewarding Key Elements; Recognition, respect, reward
  16. 16. HRM;  is designed to improve employee performance and to lead to competitive advantage  is fundamental to guest satisfaction Strategic objectives of delivering Equilibrium and Esprit; Definition of the Hilton brand, How central people and organisation to the business, Having a balanced score card Driving business forward
  17. 17. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Business reviews (113) Couples reviews (232) Family reviews (12) Friends reviews (32) Solo travel reviews(47) Terrible(36) Poor (38) Average(60) Very Good(132) Excellent (163) 75,6 % recommended
  18. 18. In order to increase the growth and maximise the number of customers, Hilton SHOULD;  more focus on promoting special packages and making offers on the website, to place the hotel in its proper position among its competitors,  hold more commercial activities by using its public relations,  design flats to attract students,  HR team should be developed with the right people and switched on quickly,  the service facilities should be revised and maintenance should be provided constantly  More effective marketing, HRM, and finance will assist in achieving goals,  Strategies must be adapted and reviewed for the current market needs  Continues monitoring of competitors, consumers and market must be done in aims to stay competitive