Consumer Response To Heartbleed: A Technographics 360 Perspective


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Consumer Response To Heartbleed: A Technographics 360 Perspective

  1. 1. Consumer Response To Heartbleed: A Technographics 360 Perspective Anjali Lai, Community Manager Kristopher Arcand, Community Manager May 7, 2014
  2. 2. © 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited What does “Heartbleed” mean to consumers? When news about “Heartbleed” began to spread on April 7, 2014, consumers came to realize that their personal data shared across half-a-million “secure” websites may not have been secure after all. Recognized as the worst case of vulnerability found since commercial traffic began to flow on the Internet,1 “Heartbleed” raises challenging questions such as: “How safe is the Internet really?” “What is the power of a password?” “Will consumers change their online activity?” 1 Source: Massive Internet Security Vulnerability – Here’s What You Need To Do Forrester Research tracked consumers’ visceral reactions by tuning into online conversations about “Heartbleed” as they unfolded within a week of the revelations. Forrester also leveraged its ConsumerVoices Market Research Online Community to evaluate how this incident might change perceptions of Internet security, perspectives on data privacy, and online behavior.
  3. 3. © 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited TOP DOMAINS HOSTING CONSUMER CONVERSATION ABOUT HEARTBLEED: SENTIMENT MENTIONS AND REACH Mentions, which refers to the number of times “Heartbleed” appeared on a website or social media post, peaked on April 11, four days after the news broke. Despite the ebb and flow of conversation volume, sentiments of relevant dialogue continued to be extremely negative. “Heartbleed” caused an extremely negative, immediate reaction among consumers online “Password is dead.” - 550 Online Mentions Source: NetBase Aggregated Social Listening Data, April 7 to April 14, 2014 (Global)
  4. 4. © 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited CONSUMERS ARE CONCERNED BUT NOT SURPRISED Consumers say they are taking the following precautions: • Changing passwords regularly • Reading privacy policies • Running malware/anti-virus software more often • Refraining from online transactions (e.g., banking, shopping) “I probably won't change my behaviors too much. I'm already more dependent on the internet and my online accounts and interactions than I'd like to be.” -US “I've heard about it. I was … tired. There always seems to be a new security threat.” -US CONSUMERS ASK, “WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?” Made me feel angry, invaded, unsafe. But I use the internet a lot, and nothing is 100% safe.” -UK “I don’t really know what to do for the best like millions of others.” -UK However, consumers are not shocked – they are jaded, feel helpless, and believe “it is what it is” FEELINGS ABOUT COMPANIES COLLECTING PERSONAL DATA: Source: Forrester’s ConsumerVoices Market Research Online Community, Q2 2014 (US, UK) Although the Heartbleed bug causes unrest among consumers, many see it as just another breach of privacy over the past year. Still, few are planning to take further precaution – or simply don’t know what they can do differently to protect themselves and preserve their way of life.
  5. 5. © 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited Privacy isn’t dead – it is possible, and it is essential for building trust “While only a minority of consumers act for change in privacy practices today, we believe there is an opportunity to build significant trust with consumers, irrespective of their age. If you wait for consumers to get annoyed and ask you to change, you've missed the chance to build trust with them proactively.” - Fatemeh Khatibloo  In the coming years, companies that don’t prioritize their data privacy strategy will suffer increased regulation, publicity nightmares, and customer attrition.  Therefore, a company’s privacy initiatives are a differentiator, and need to be front and center in order to win customer trust effectively.  To learn more, see the December 2013 report: The New Privacy: It’s All About Context
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