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Chap 7,evaluating the broadcast media


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It will give view how to evaluate the broadcasting advertisement or media

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Chap 7,evaluating the broadcast media

  1. 1. .. ....
  2. 2. .. Advertising: Any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization ,Product, Services, or Idea by an identified sponsor. Like: TV, Radio, Magazine, News Paper Advertisement Cost per 10 second of IPL:4.5lac- 10lac Viewers of IPL : 200 million Viewers of Soccer world cup: 1000 million
  3. 3. Broadcast Media:TV & Radio are the two main component of broadcast.Television:In India :73% urban household have TV21% of rural population have TV500+ channels
  4. 4. ..
  5. 5. Television Advantages . Creativity and Impact. Coverage and Cost Effectiveness Captivity and Attention Selectivity and Flexibility
  6. 6. Creativity & Impact:• Present the motion picture of the advertisement• High Impact• With sound color & motion ad became more attractive
  7. 7. Coverage & Cost Effectiveness:Mass coverage: as most of the people owning TV used to spent at least once in a dayHigh Reach: Some of the top rated show increased its viewership more than double of the normal show. Like: KBC, Big Boss etcPepsi & Coca Cola spent more than 80% of the budget of ad in TV itself
  8. 8. Captivity & Attention:Target audience of particular programme are much cautious about their schedule. At the time of watching the programme they encounter several advertisement.Every 1 of 3 audience take break from the programme in commercial ad, but rest give sharp attention
  9. 9. Viewer Involvement ..
  10. 10. Selectivity & Flexibility:Telecasting of programme have different target audienceIt became easier for advertiser to choose the programme for advertisementSome time is reserved for specific target audienceLike: Saturday & Sunday Morning: ChildrenDaytime( 1pm-3 pm) : largely dominated by FemaleEvening( 8.30pm-10.30 pm) Dominated by Male
  11. 11. ..
  12. 12. Television Disadvantages .. Fleeting Cost Message Limited Low Attention Selectivity Negative Zipping Factors Clutter Zapping Negative Distrust Evaluation
  13. 13. Disadvantage of Television:Cost:Lack of selectivity:Fleeting Message:Limited viewers attention:Distrust & negative Evaluation:
  14. 14. Cost:• Average production cost of advertisement is approx 1.75 cr for 30 sec.• If include any celebrity than the cost will be astronomical high• Small company unable to afford it.
  15. 15. Lack of selectivity:• TV target the mass people• Local advertiser cannot advertiseFleeting Message:Minimum advt. time slot is 15sShort length of ad
  16. 16. Limited viewers attention:Survey shows at the time of break viewers used to go for refreshment.Zipping & Zapping is also a big problemZipping: F.FZapping: Channel changing
  17. 17. Distrust & negative Evaluation:• Studies show that various forms of advertising are distrust & highest in commercial ad.• Some adult advertisement comes in prime time which may create –ve image.
  18. 18. ..Morning 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM Mon. - Fri.Daytime 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Mon. - Fri.Early fringe 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM Mon. - Fri.Prime-time access 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM Sun. - Sat.Prime time 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Mon. - Sat.Prime time Sun. 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Sun.Late news 11:00 PM - 11:30 PM Mon. - Fri.Late fringe 11:30 PM - 1:00 AM Mon. - Fri.
  19. 19. Buying Television Time:• The purchase of TV time is the specialize phase of advertisement business.• Company who invest more money in advertisement they required prime slot.• On the basis of priority marketer book the spaceCost of TV ad for 15 sec: 1.5 L onwards
  20. 20. Methods of Buying Time . Spot Sponsorship Participations Announcements. 1. Advertiser 1. Participating 1. May be assumes sponsors share the purchased responsibility for cost by daypart the production 2. May participate or adjacency and perhaps regularly or content sporadically 2. Sponsor has 3. Advertiser isn’t control and can responsible for capitalize on a production show’s prestige 4. Participants lack control over content
  21. 21. Up- Front market:This is buying period that occurs before the TV season begin.Traditionally, prime time commercial spots, particularly on the popular shows are sold in this type of market.Scatter Market:This is the buying period that runs through TV season.
  22. 22. Spot Advertising:It refers to commercial shown on local TV stations, with time negotiated & purchased directly from the individual station.National Spot Advertising:All nonnetwork advertising done by a national advertiser is known as national spot advertiser.
  23. 23. Syndication:Advertiser may also reach TV viewers by advertising in syndicated programme. Here shows, movies are sold to particular channel forever.Like: 3 idiots, lagan to sat max, Hit movies of AB to satmax.
  24. 24. Sponsorship:Advertiser took all responsibility for advertising & finance to the show or Film.Like: Coca cola , Pepsi etcParticipants:Due to unaffordable rate of advt some advertiser book the small space in it. nearly 90% of advertiser are of this category.
  25. 25. Measuring the TV Audience .. Total Audience Program Rating Share of Households Using Audience TV
  26. 26. ..
  27. 27. Radio:In India:• 48% of adult listen radio• 266 FM station• 5% of total ad revenue comes from Radio• In 2007 about 4800 million spent in radio ad• In 2011 it is expected about 12000 m• Growth rate is 48% in 2011
  28. 28. In US:• 13,000 radio station• 6213 commercial FM station• Average American spent 3 hrs weekday & 5hrs in weekend• 567m radios in use• 74% reach in America• Approx $20 billion industry
  29. 29. Advantages of Radio . Cost and Efficiency. Receptivity Selectivity Flexibility Mental Imagery Integrated Marketing
  30. 30. Advantage of Radio:Cost & Efficiency:Selectivity & Flexibility:Mental Imaginary:
  31. 31. Cost & Efficiency:Rs.9-12 lakhs need for ad in two week.Most of the house in rural area have radioMost effective in Rural area
  32. 32. Selectivity & Flexibility:• According to target audience it is very easy in radio to change the voice• Here the advertiser can change ad & reproduce new ad even before programmeMental Imaginary:• It encourage the listener to increase their imagination power after listening ad.• Listener always think about ad after listening.
  33. 33. ..• Visual elements of television commercials are transferred into the consumer’s mind by using a similar audio track in radio commercials
  34. 34. Limitations of Radio . Creative Limitations. Audience Fragmentation Chaotic Buying Limited Research Data Limited Listener Attention Digital Media Competition Clutter
  35. 35. Limitation(disadvantage) of Radio:Creative Limitation:• It is major drawback. Absence of visual effect• One can not show or demonstrate the productFragmentation:• Due to large number of radio station its audience is high level of fragmentation• Top rated radio station have nos of FM channel & only attract 10% of the audience
  36. 36. Chaotic Buying Process:• Nos of Radio station present which make the buying process of ad much chaotic.• No any strong parameter for all India adLimited research Data:• Audience research data on radio are often limited.• Due to lack of fund unable to perform research work• Data available are mostly old.
  37. 37. ..