Chap 5, forecasting demand


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This slide will give complete view of company & market demand & forecast

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Chap 5, forecasting demand

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  2. 2. . Potential Available Market Market Target Penetrated Market Market
  3. 3. MARKET BASED DEMAND• Market demand• Market forecast• Market potentialCOMPANY BASED DEMAND• Company demand• Company sales forecast• Company sales potential
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  5. 5. Market Demand:Market demand of the product is the total volume that would be bought by defined customer group in a defined geographical area in a defined marketing environment
  6. 6. • Market Forecast:At one level the demand of marketing actually occur. The marketing demand correspondence to this level is known as Market Forecast
  7. 7. • Market Potential:Market potential is the limit approached by the market demand. As we understand that the market potential is unlimited.
  8. 8. .. Organization Market
  9. 9. • Company Demand:This demand is estimated by the actual share of company in the market. It is estimated by the analysis of product, services, price, and communication in comparison with the competitors.
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  11. 11. Company Sale Forecast:Within the define Company Demand, now company used to forecast the sale. It is the estimated sale of the product that one company try to sale in on season.
  12. 12. Company Sales Potential:It is the sales limit approached by the company demand.