Chap 2,company & marketing strategy


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this slide will give complete view of marketing strategy

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Chap 2,company & marketing strategy

  1. 1. Siemens AG has grown through new product innovation
  2. 2. Basically Holistic marketing Framework is design to address three management Question:• Value Exploration• Value Creation• Value Delivery
  3. 3. Value ExplorationHow company will identify new value Opportunity• Customer Cognitive Space• Company’s Competence Space• The Collaboration Space
  4. 4. Value CreationHow can company efficiently create more innovative new product• Identify New Customer Benefit• Utilizing core competence• Selecting & Managing New Partners
  5. 5. Value Delivery:How can company deliver the goods effectively to customer• Customer Relationship Management• Internal Resource Management• Business Partnership Management
  6. 6. A marketing plan is the central instrument fordirecting and coordinating the marketingeffort.
  7. 7. • Define the corporate mission• Establish strategic business units (SBUs)• Assign resources to each SBU• Assess growth opportunities
  8. 8. .M Focus on limited number of goals Stress major policies and values Define major competitive spheres Take a long-term view Short, memorable, meaningful
  9. 9. “To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty, and courtesy towards our clients, employees, vendors, and society at large.”We help you organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.“We help people trade anything on earth. We will continue to enhance the online trading experiences of all— collectors, dealers, small businesses, unique item seekers, bargain hunters, opportunity sellers, and browsers.”
  10. 10. • It is a single business or collection of related businesses• It has its own set of competitors• It has a leader responsible for strategic planning and profitability
  11. 11. Assign resources to each SBU• According to Size• According to Importance• According to Involvement
  12. 12. Assess growth opportunities• Planning New Business• Downsizing• Terminating Older Business
  13. 13. • Dogs are the cash traps.• Do not have potential to bring in much cash.• Normally we assume it is the first stage of company
  14. 14. • Foundation of the company and often the stars of yesterday/ Tomorrow.• Generate more cash than required.• Extract profits by investing little cash• They are located in an industry that is mature, not growing or declining.
  15. 15. • Stars are leaders in business.• They also require heavy investment, to maintain its large market share.• It leads to large amount of cash consumption and cash generation.• Attempts should be made to hold the market share otherwise the star will become a CASH COW/ Problem Child.
  16. 16. • They will absorb great amounts of cash if the market share remains unchanged, (low).• Question marks have potential to become star and eventually cash cow but can also become a dog.• Investments should be high for question marks.