Chap 1, brands & brand management


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As brand is considered one of the most important aspect of the company right now specially the value of brand increased day by day.
This slide will give strong view of brand & its management


Rajesh Kumar
Manager: Digital Marketing

Visiting prof : IMT-CDL, IP university

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Chap 1, brands & brand management

  1. 1. .. . .....
  2. 2. .
  3. 3. ..
  4. 4. . Create in the mind of the prospect the. PERCEPTION that there’s no other product or service quite like this Branded One!
  5. 5. ..Abundance of choicesBeing distinctive is the way potential users will decide whom to do business with
  6. 6. ..
  7. 7. . .For consumers ages 16-35, Crest Whitestrips whiten teeth five times betterthan the leading paint-on whitening gel. That’s because Crest’s gel-coatedstrips hold the peroxide on teeth longer, to whiten stains below the toothsurface.
  8. 8. . When We build a brand Than Create a better perception in the mind.
  9. 9. .. • Not in the mind of the Company • Not in the mind of the CEOBut in the mind of the Customers!
  10. 10. ..
  11. 11. .. Just a logo/catchy sloganA little AdvertisingHaving attractive stationery or letterhead
  12. 12. Brands are much more than logos . .
  13. 13. ..•A brand is a “name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition.”• These different components of a brand that identify and differentiate it are brand elements.
  14. 14. ..• Many practicing managers refer to a brand as more than that— as something that has actually created a certain amount of awareness, reputation, prominence, and so on in the marketplace.• We can make a distinction between the AMA definition of a “brand” with a small b and the industry’s concept of a “Brand” with a capital B.
  15. 15. . Examples of brands of computer products.
  16. 16. .. In the beginning of mankind Products were pretty much the same Trade kept in family Choice was easy
  17. 17. . Bula. Jobith
  18. 18. .Bula. Jobith
  19. 19. ..
  20. 20. .• A product is anything we can offer to a. market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a need or want.• A product may be a physical good, a service, a retail outlet, a person, an organization, a place, or even an idea.
  21. 21. ..
  22. 22. • Core Benefit Level• Generic Product Level• Expected Product Level• Augmented Product Level• Potential Product Level
  23. 23. • A brand is therefore more than a product, as it can have dimensions that differentiate it in some way from other products designed to satisfy the same need.• Some brands create competitive advantages with product performance; other brands create competitive advantages through non- product-related means.
  24. 24. Sony .. * Aesthetics – integrated family look. All products bear some common elements. * Style of use – interface design – unique way of operating a product. * Some functions special to the brand The Sony Vaio series – one voice by Sony
  25. 25. ..People overwhelmed by available choicesHuman attention is a major business currencyInterest in, and loyalty to, brands that don’t “touch them” fall off the choice chart.
  26. 26. ..
  27. 27. .. For homemakers, Dow Bathroom Products are the easy way to get a great clean shine for your tub, tile and toilet. That’s because only Dow Bathroom Products contain scrubbing bubbles that cut through dirt and grime clean to the shine!
  28. 28. .. What functions do brands perform that make them so valuable to marketers?We can look the matters for two different prospectsConsumers ProspectsFirms Prospects
  29. 29. .Identification of the source of the productAssignment of responsibility to product maker.Risk reducerSearch cost reducerPromise, bond, or pact with product makerSymbolic deviceSignal of quality
  30. 30. . Functional risk. Physical risk Financial risk Social risk Psychological risk Time risk
  31. 31. • . handling or tracing Identification to simplify.• Legally protecting unique features• Signal of quality level• Endowing products with unique associations• Source of competitive advantage• Source of financial returns
  32. 32. .
  33. 33. .•. Physical goods• Services• Retailers and distributors• Online products and services• People and organizations• Sports, arts, and entertainment• Geographic locations• Ideas and causes
  34. 34. . Precious Metals (gold, palladium, silver, p Luxury segments latinum) Diamonds & Jewelry. (watches, pens, bejewele (traditional d technology) products, new markets (BRIC)) The global diamond & jewelry business is the catalyst for exponential growth into other markets, products and new value chains
  35. 35. A universal banking powerhouse... Retail Financial Services Corporate Financial Services . Car Loans Term Loans Mortgages Project Finance Credit Cards Commercial BankPersonal loans Investment Bank Deposits Venture Capital Life Insurance Genl. Insurance Mutual funds IT Services
  36. 36. Establishing an international presence .. Canada UK USA China UAE Singapore Phase I : Offices opened/to be opened shortly Phase II : Geographies under advanced stage of evaluation
  37. 37. .
  38. 38. Total 35 officesAcross-. India USA UAE
  39. 39. .. Monster India Times Jobs Jobs Ahead *Traffic Share on Sep. 6, 2006 as per Alexa
  40. 40. .
  41. 41. ..
  42. 42. . Small is Beautiful – Mass MarketNano by Tata. – 1 lakh Tata – Milestone for auto industry – Aspirations of India’s rising middle class – Solution to urban transport problems • Congestion Bajaj - Renault • Environmental impact• Bajaj - Renault• Electric car by Field Marshal Group, Rajkot • Rs. 99,000
  43. 43. .
  44. 44. ..
  45. 45. ..
  46. 46. . .You are already a brand - - good or badIf you don’t actively define your brand, your brand as it is now will define you!
  47. 47. .. Top of the charts on Commodity list–– In America water from tap is good and clean– No reason to buy bottled water– But people do buy bottled water – lots of it.– More expensive per liter than beer or milk
  48. 48. . STEPS KEY CONCEPTS. Mental maps Competitive frame of reference Identify and Establish Points-of-parity and points-of-difference Brand Positioning and Values Core brand values Brand mantra Mixing and matching of brand elements Plan and Implement Integrating brand marketing activities Brand Marketing Programs Leveraging of secondary associations Brand Value Chain Measure and Interpret Brand audits Brand tracking Brand Performance Brand equity management system Brand-product matrix Grow and Sustain Brand portfolios and hierarchies Brand Equity Brand expansion strategies Brand reinforcement and revitalization