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National park presentation 2011 2012

  1. 1. Fundação Fórmula CulturalART OF NATURE – NATIONAL PARK 2011/2012 NATURAL, CULTURAL AND HISTORIC HERITAGE BY IMAGES The inclusion of people according local reality and needs of National Parks Professional qualification through the recognition of natural and immaterial values
  2. 2. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTIntroductionTo record in image bank, in the second edition, the actual status of conservation of Brazilian National Parks, itsfauna, flora, vegetation, communities, cultures and local traditions. The image is presented in digital support andreproduced in quantity to be donated to Educational and Cultural Departments of States and Cities wich will redirectto local schools surrounding the national park and other regions.Unities of documentary will also donate to research and cultural centers and NGOs. The project is alreadypresented by own website WWW.NATIONALPARK.ORG.BR. The first edition of project included the PantanalNational Park (MT) and Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park (GO). It was institutionally supported by ICMBio –Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity Conservation. Now this entity is looking for financial support to continue theimages researches of national park including an important cultural/social activity with local communities.Now the project’s purpose will serve as research source, discussion and contemplation. During the FormulaCultural’s staff passing through the park it wil be reference for workshops with younger and students focused in:* To register the natural and immaterial culture memory;* To encourage the search for its origins through research, interviews, contemplation, reasoning, insight, creativity,folklore, culture* Recognition of their cultural values .* To awake to the importance of national park setting people in their communitiesTo attend the local professional needs such as cultural producers, specialized guides, environmental agents,biologists, among many others.* To encourage and transmit the information to other Brazilian communities through the audiovisual, photograph,internet and digital interaction;Local younger as new information promoter;* Professional qualification skill.Local realityThe national parks are some of the few areas that still preserve its’ vegetation and original characteristics andit’s fundamental to keep a vigilance about how the governments and communities are dealing with this matter.These areas do not have enough governmental budgets for maintenance and management and at the sametime, the surrounding population has the right to survive. It causes unbalance in the environment. Registeringemotions from a humans’ point of view: happiness, surprise, sadness, distaste, contemplation, tiredness, willbe a way to show the environment. The conflicts between the agricultural culture – sugar cane, wheat, andsoy for consuming and exporting, grows through all Brazilian territory from the Amazons to the Rio Grande doSul; the population for its’ rights for surviving and the environmental preservation made the Formula CulturalFoundation take an initiative to pursue the population into this challenge. The Brazilian population does nothave a high education and discernment level, and that’s why the usage of images is an important tool for theunderstanding and starting of the individuals’ action, in which the sustainability matter is not generatingresults. The population have to be capable to understand that nature’s preservation is also the generation ofmoney for their subsistence.
  3. 3. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTTarget and power of image1) Students and young peopleWith books and theoretical methodsLow reading rateMindlessness in the reading and explanationAssimilation of the information as apprenticeship onlyThe information was maintained in somebody elses universeWith imagesEntertainment powerImmediate reactionAssimilation of the information with strong personal identificationIt transported the information and the problems for his personal universe2) Local communitiesEnvironmental educationConsciousnessQualification3) VisitorsTourism as economic activityTourist and local people greedy to being well-informed about the regionInformation about history, culture of the people, the natural beauties, richesCultural integration.General objectives1. Consciousness of values Stimulate young students to change their mind about the environment and make clear the importance to preserve the Brazilian Nature; Help to boost the self-esteem of the local population, by getting them involved in the work, building awareness to preserve and add value to their wealth for present and future generations.2. Image bank and memory To create a image data bank of Brazilian National Parks, its nature and native also.; Preserve the original images from national park areas before the climate changes.3. Education To become a sub-material for studies in schools, colleges and educational centers as references of biologic, geographic, landscapes and communities characteristics and its differences as well; To become a content to the Distance Learning System in the educational and cultural actions with the new technologies that becomes stands out; To make possible to access the information through the internet and digital media.4. Environmental protection and sustainability To provide the lack of Brazilian National Parks contents in opposite to American, Australian and other foreign documentaries that shows outside the Brazilians students’ reality and language; To present the Brazilian natural, historic and humanity heritage; To increase the tourism activity; To stimulate the sustainable development and not predatory5. World Natural Heritage of UNESCO Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park Pernambuco State Iguaçu National Park Paraná State Superagui National Park Paraná State Jahu National Park Amazonas State Serra da Capivara Nationa Park Piaui State Pantanal National Park Mato Grosso State (in first edition of Blu Ray Disc) Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park Goiás State (in first edition of Blu Ray Disc
  4. 4. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTSpecific objectives1. Documentary+ website + virtual communities - PRONAC 08-2749Presented in Blu ray Disc with 30 minutes of program. The content is from two national parksin each title of Blu ray Disc. Reproduction of 2,000 copies of each title; Internet portal andsocial networks to the dissemination of the project as well.2. Audiovisual / computer / internet workshopsWorkshops will be taught by professional audiovisual and information technology during thetraveling of the team at the national park. Activities:AUDIOVISUAL - Perception of their values / Introduction to screenplay/ Research / Notions offraming in photography and video / Editing;COMPUTER AND INTERNET - Conversion and transfer of files / Publishing and updatingcontent / Interactivity in social networking / security and care using the world wide web3. Lectures - Welcome Professor!Also during the passage of the Cultural Formula team, other professionals and local entitieswill be invited to collaborate and stimulate young people to a professional qualification suchas the meteorologist, environmental agent, agronomist and professor ; researcher, biologist,the artisan, artist, tour guide, the brigadier, among others. The tasks will be performed basedon experimental and practical activities and will focus on: The choice of occupation / studyand qualifications / dedication to work / compensation / overcome difficulties / its importancein that context.4. Digital cultural exchangeOnce stimulated awareness, discovery and production, is essential to share and transmitinformation to other individuals and communities. The information will be transmitted throughthe websites and virtual communities that will serve as pilot for the initial activities for youngpeople. The internet activity will encourage them to share experiences, cultural and naturalfacts produced by themselves. Integration and information exchange between young peopleand cultures from other regions of Brazil. Virtual spaces are Portal,Orkut, Twitter, Flickr and Blog..How to know the beneficiary peopleTalking and hearing directly from local participants, the witness, history , the limits of their knowledge andskills of discernment and transmission will be the start of proposed activities.As an example we can comment about local communities in the Cerrado. Many are direct descendants ofBrazilian Indians and African communities. With the advance of colonial conquest of the Brazilian landswere forced to fit into the interior of the country. Later and more recently, at the time of World War II, thediscovery of large amount of metals and crystals, that was widely used in the production of military radars,the miners workers brought their families and established in the savanna in Goiás. With the end of Worldconflict and the current efforts in environmental conservation, local communities were forced to adapt to thisevolution.
  5. 5. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTWhy to do it* Comprehension and understanding’s needsIt is proved that the information assimilation through the use of image shows immediate results . A good imageprovide attention and entertainment.* Recognition own concepts and values’s needsThe recognition of the concepts and values of their origins, traditions, histories, cultures and natural resources of theuniverse where they belong, surround of National Parks, in the current global movement for environmental protectionagainst the effects of global warming, are extremally important for enhancement of self-esteem of local people.•Perception of the intrinsic values of their culturesTo detect its values by encouraging curiosity, inquiry, research, the pursuit of knowledge in the most simple details ofcustoms, traditions and the actions and reactions of nature around you.* Expression and information and knowledge transferTo encourage creativity and cultural sensitibiliy through expression of audiovisual, photography and experiment.* Self-esteem and productive capacitiesTo encourage initiative and capacity in any economic potential activity in the region.Potential effects of social purposeNot at all national parks are open to the public, which requires infrastructure for reception,accommodation, meals, guide monitored and other needs. The parks that possess it, causes a localcommunity organization providing a new reality of work and income, but still lacking in many conceptssuch as knowledge about their history, traditions, cultures, knowledge and memory. Other parks werecapable to create a new history such as the National Park of Serra da Capivara, which has the mostimportant archaeological sites of American human race. It has changed the concepts of its origin inour continent. Today, this reality provided to local community to create from this feature, their potterydecorated with cave inscriptions, even reaching the international market. The national parks are nowmajor allies in developing their local communities and needs more attention in our actions for itsevolution adding a important legacy to the local and all Brazilian culture . In addition we have theFederal Government program to promote and structure the National Parks to receive tourists from allover the world during the World Games.The entity and relationship with the base communitiesThe entity is a partner of ICMBio - Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation - responsibledepartment for the national parks management. Formula Cultural receives logistic and technicalsupport about conservation programs, environmental education for tourists and history of creation as aconservation unit. In addition to the condition of Federal Public Utility, Formula Cultural Foundationallows to establish agreements and partnerships with local communities and public administration.
  6. 6. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTMETHODOLOGYThe execution of this project is based on the principle that, to develop a region and preserve its natural andcultural heritage, it is necessary to develop sensitivity and awareness of the people about this need. The project isproposed so we may awaken the attention of society about the sustainable development of the region throughqualifying communication. It shall present the region in a global fashion, both for tourists and researchers but alsofor the local community.a) Documentary1. Definition of the areasTogether with the ICMBio - Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade, federal departmentresponsible for the administration of the National Parks through Term of Technical Cooperation. It is based ongovernment programs such as tourism increase according to:•Plans of Handling that aim to open the parks to the public visitation;•Necessity of register in images of the current conditions of the region and his communities;•Special attention to the areas that preserve the river springs of important hydrographic basins as an importantway of economical, cultural and tourist activity in the communities around it2. Field work• Researches in collection of local institutes, universities, libraries and NGOs and social actions, besides journalists of the region;• Visit to the communities around the Parks as the fishermen, farmers, craftsmen, hiding-places, tribes and• others3. Capture images of• Fauna and flora;• Water sides (rivers, lakes, waterfalls, sea)• Touristic and historical places;• Archaeological sieges;• Local communities and around it;• Local festivities;• Personal routine activities in the context4. Collecting testimonies• Volunteers• Environmental agents• Representatives of the communities• Tourist guides as agent for propagate the information• Professionals of more several activities• Local residents• And other characters of the region who illustrate the culture, customs, the history and his relation with the environment where they live
  7. 7. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECT 5. Team Work • Pre-production • Production • Editing • Support • Spread and distribution • Sustainabilityb) WorkshopDuring the staff’s traveling they will spent 5 days working with local communities.Local professionals will be invited to talk about own experience and activityThis action expect to stimulate the young curiosity who will make their future and itwill be focused in:•Education•Culture and tradition•Environmental preserve•Self-awareness•Self-esteem•Professional future
  8. 8. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTBenefits of projectIn addition to tax benefits we also comment:Cultural• Initiation to audiovisual techniques as expression tool in recognizing process of own culture and communities;• Local communities, cultures, folklore surround de parks as follow: Center West scrubland = Africans communities and e ex-prospectors North and Center West forests and swampland = Africans, mullatos and Indians fishers Northeast and southeast Atlantic forests = Africans communities, subsistence agriculture South canyons = European influence• Development of new digital supportSocial and sustainable• Migration from past exploration and extractives activities to actual sustainable economies as tourism, handcrafts and others and its benefits or difficulties• Access to public medic, telephone, energy, internet sevices and its benefits or difficultiesEducation• Base of studies and discussion about Brazilian areas;• Base of comparative information between fauna, flora, releaf map, vegetaion,, landscapes, hydrographic caracteristcs, biology, geology, climatic and other;• The experience of professionals as inspiration for young people’s carrier from local communitiesResearch• Collect image bank from actual national parks preservation stage• Comparative information about critical situation as ilegal hunting, Consultas e comparativos em situações críticas de caça, destruction of trees, fire or reforestation and sustainable management.
  9. 9. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTEnvironmental preservation• Local characteristics able to enrich the population self esteem and make them conscious about heritage and its importance.• It demonstrate how these enrichment can purpose them proceeds through the culture, history, festivities, art crafts and tourism.History• The actual image bank can be compare to old inscription in the rocks; to monuments relief and, illustrations of castles that show us all world evolution history.• The registration about these areas is an important example for what happened to Incas and Aztecs civilization. Researchers are not sure about how they disappeared: the European attacks, any serious disease which killed the people or the devastation of natural resources.Memory• To register information about our national parks we guaranty one of the most important treasures: our memory.• When we guaranty and put together the species databank with image databank and its culture and history we built a live museum to visit, contemplation and knowledge about our civilization.The World Cup2014• The international games will be one of the most important opportunity of Brazil’s demonstration and opening to the world.• The international games are one of the unique opportunity when enemies can get together.• The most important mote of preparing process to the event will focus sustainable concepts.• The Brazil’s mote after Eco 92 make the countries look for the world with “three eyes”: the first one in the technology, the second in the society and the third one in the environment.
  10. 10. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTADVANTAGES TO SPONSORS/DONORS (to comercial companies)1) 14001 CertificationImportant material for ISO 14001 certification of Environmental Management Systems for disclosure of thecorporate posture taken up by the company2) Tax and AccountingReduction in the tax paid on the result, through tax deductions resulting respectively from the sponsorship ofprojects benefited by the Rouanet Law of Incentive to Culture - Law No. 8,313, and donation to an institutionwhich has been declared of federal public utility - Law No. 9,249/95.3) MarketingExposure of the brand and investment with greater added value and the right to use images inpublicity actions and international sports event in 2014 and 2016
  11. 11. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECT TOTAL GRANTS – 2011/2012 Pronac 110.559 – Edição Florestas ou Caatinga (Norte e Nordeste)..... R$ 258.932,00 Pronac 110.651 – Edição Mata Atlântica .................................................. R$ 241.582,00 AMOUNT REQUESTED: 50% of total grants Pronac 110.559 – Edição Florestas ou Caatinga (Norte e Nordeste)....... R$ 129.466,00 Pronac 110.651 – Edição Mata Atlântica .................................................... R$ 120.791,00COORDINATIONIt’s coordinate by the same teamwork responsible for the first Bluray edition with Pantanal National Park atMato Grosso State and Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park at Goiás State. It already has recognized as thefirst Brazilian Bluray produced with national content (before limited only to musicals and foreign movies). It isspread through the links where demonstrates short content of the project:WEB SITEWWW.NATIONALPARK.ORG.BRCONTACTSFor more information contact Formula Cultural Foundation team:E-mail : : Institutional support:
  12. 12. THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS PROJECTLIST OF BRAZILIAN NATIONAL PARKS1) RS - Parque Nacional da Lagoa do Peixe2) RS/SC - Parque Nacional dos Aparados da Serra3) SC - Parque Nacional de São Joaquim4) RS - Parque Nacional da Serra Geral5) SC - Parque Nacional da Serra do Itajaí6) SC - Parque Nacional das Araucárias7) PR - Parque Nacional Superagüi8) PR - Parque Nacional Saint-Hilaire/Lange9) PR - Parque Nacional Campos Gerais10) PR - Parque Nacional de Iguaçu11) PR - Parque Nacional de Ilha Grande12) SP/RJ - Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina13) RJ - Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos14) RJ/MG - Parque Nacional de Itatiaia15) RJ - Parque Nacional da Tijuca16) RJ - Parque Nacional Restinga de Jurubatiba17) MG/ES - Parque Nacional do Caparaó18) ES - Parque Nacional Pontões Capixabas19) MG - Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra20) MG - Parque Nacional da Serra do Cipó21) MG - Parque Nacional das Sempre-Vivas22) MG - Parque Nacional Cavernas do Peruaçu23) MG - Parque Nacional Grande Sertão Veredas24) BA - Parque Nacional Marinho de Abrolhos25) BA - Parque Nacional do Descobrimento26) BA - Parque Nacional Monte Pascoal27) BA - Parque Nacional do Pau-Brasil28) BA - Parque Nacional Chapada Diamantina29) SE - Parque Nacional Serra de Itabaiana30) PE - Parque Nacional do Catimbau31) PE - Parque Nacional Marinho de Fernando de Noronha32) CE - Parque Nacional de Jericoacoara33) CE - Parque Nacional de Ubajara34) PI - Parque Nacional de Sete Cidades35) PI - Parque Nacional da Serra Capivara36) PI - Parque Nacional Serra das Confusões37) MA - Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses38) MA - Parque Nacional da Chapada das Mesas39) PI/MA/TO - Parque Nacional das Nascentes do Rio Parnaíba40) TO - Parque Nacional do Araguaia41) DF - Parque Nacional de Brasília42) GO - Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros (in the first edition of Bluray Disc)43) GO - Parque Nacional das Emas44) MS - Parque Nacional da Serra da Bodoquena45) MT - Parque Nacional do Pantanal Matogrossense (in the first edition of Bluray Disc)46) MT - Parque Nacional Chapada dos Guiamrães47) RO - Parque Nacional Pacaás Novos48) RO - Parque Nacional da Serra da Cutia49) AM - Parque Nacional Campos Amazônicos50) AC - Parque Nacional da Serra do Divisor51) AM- Parque Nacional do Jaú52) AM- Parque Nacional do Pico da Neblina53) RR - Parque Nacional do Viruá54) RR - Parque Nacional da Serra da Mocidade55) RR - Parque Nacional do Monte Roraima56) AP - Parque Nacional do Cabo Orange57) AP/PA - Parque Nacional Montanhas do Tumucumaque58) PA - Parque Nacional da Amazônia59) MT - Parque Nacional do Juruena60) PA - Parque Nacional do Jamaxim61) PA - Parque Nacional do Rio Novo62) PA - Parque Nacional da Serra do Pardo
  15. 15. DISCLOSURE PARQUES NACIONAIS DO BRASIL Blu Ray Disc Art of Nature National Park (1ª. Edition)
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