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Project presentation hs eng [1]

  1. 1. Ministry of Labour and Social Policies Operational Programme NOP Governance and System Actions (ESF) 2007-2013 Objective 1 - Convergence [IT051PO006] Axis E – Capacity building Axis G – Technical AssistanceAgreement Department for Public Administration - Formez
  2. 2. ACTION SYSTEMSTo qualify the institutional system in charge of policy decisionsand the systems identified for their implementation, on behalf ofthe GovernmentTo support and trigger processes of reform and innovationconcerning entire (administrative/territorial) systemsTo standardize the processes already implementedTo experiment and apply prototypes and models ofprogramming, management and evaluationTo model and transfer meaningful experiences from oneadministration to another or from one territory to another.
  3. 3. GENERAL OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT To develop processes of network strengthening at inter-regional level, with reference to international cooperation towards Western Balkans and South Mediterranean countries
  4. 4. PATHWAYTHROUGH the consolidation of the experience gained inthe initial phase of the project, during which we intendedto enhance and strengthen the capacities of the newadministrations involved to become promoters of “aware”and “structured” participation in cooperation interventions;To encourage the diffusion of multilevel governance toolsand to develop greater capacities of administrations forcreating and consolidating thematic-geographical andprogramming networks of investment in development.
  5. 5. THE INTERVENTION SCOPES A – Labs on strategies, competences and organizational set-ups for international cooperationB – Specific labs for C – Interregionalthe establishment of labs for the creation territorial Tables for and strengthening strengthening the of internationalactivities of sharing initiatives with local actors
  6. 6. THE METHODActivities of attendance – LaboratoriesDistance tutoringWeb environment (professionalcommunity)
  7. 7. AREA AArea A – Municipal/provincial labs aimingat a new group of administrations :A new group of five provincialadministrations will be involved in labs onstrategies, competences and onorganizational set-ups for internationalcooperation.
  8. 8. Area A – Lab Structure 3 scopes of interventionMotivational and strategic aspects of the internationalactivities: Why to make cooperation and how to maximizelong-term impact;Necessary internal and external systems of knowledgeand know-how and work tools: What we need to know andwhat tools are to be ruled to do cooperation;Institutional capacity, organizational models and internaland external relational processes: How we shall getorganized to do cooperation.
  9. 9. Area A – Scope 1 Motivational and strategic aspects of the international activitiesIntroduction to the work methodologyand identification of the most 1.5 days of attendancerelevant Macro-areas of Internationalisationfor the AdministrationCreation of Logical Frameworks related 1.5 days of attendanceto the macro-areas identifiedDefinition of a proposal of strategic 1.5 days of attendanceplan of international openingClosing event 1 day of attendance
  10. 10. Area A – Scope 2 Internal and external systems of knowledge and competences and the necessary work toolsExternal and internalcommunication to the 4/5 days ofAdministration, establishment and attendancemanagement of partnerships,creation of the budget and of aproject proposal
  11. 11. Area A – Scope 3Institutional capacities, organizational models and internal and external relational processesOrganizational models “towards tendering” of 1 day of attendanceinternational offices 1 day ofAnalysis of the organizational set-up attendanceand suggestion for improvement 1 day of attendanceActions of organizational improvements
  12. 12. Labs Areas B and CAreas B – Specific labs for the establishment of territorialtables for strengthening the activities of sharing with localactors:Development of the capacities of urban and provincial areas tobe activated, through territorial tables between public andprivate bodies interested in cooperation projects, forms ofstable operational cooperation and collaboration;Area C – Interregional labs for the creation and thestrengthening of international initiatives :The work will be carried out within interregional labs for thecreation of stable methods for collaboration betweenadministrations in various regions, so as to strengthen thecapacity of impact of the various regions on Euro-Mediterranean countries.
  13. 13. Transversal ActionsImplementation of the web environment:The web environment of the project will assure specificsupport to lab activities. Through this environmentdocuments and information of thematic and geographicalnature will be available for being used by work groupsduring all phases of activities.
  14. 14. Key results expected (1)• Increased capacity of beneficiary administrations to realize actions of territorial cooperation, whose efficacy is improved by means of sound exchange with local actors form the territory and other administrations• Defined strategic plans, acquired technical competences and designed organizational and procedural set-ups which allow for aware and organized participation of municipal and provincial administrations of the 4 Objective Convergence Regions to international cooperation programmes
  15. 15. Key results expected (2)• Creation and strengthening, in the territories, of forms of cooperation with other local authorities and technical actors on the basis of shared interests and a strategic set-up;• Start-up of collaborations between administrations from various regions interested in strengthening their participation in activities of international cooperation thanks to the sharing of liaisons with other countries and experiences developed through previous projects• Enhancement and diffusion of experiences realized by Italian public administrations
  16. 16. Formez contributionExpertise and methodDistance tutoring for elaborating productsWeb environment (on-line professionalcommunities) of communicationDocuments and tools
  17. 17. Thank you for the attention