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Todd Strasser book groups


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Todd Strasser book groups

  1. 1. Ms. Fenton is reading: Famous by Todd Strasser At 14, Jamie Gordon took some photosof a famous model’s embarrassingmoment and sold them to a tabloid.Now 16 and a professional paparazzo,she’s in LA to document a week in thelife of starlet Willow Twine.But then Jamie discovers six photos onher camera that could ruin Willow’scareer. How did those photos get there?And what should she do with them?
  2. 2. Ms. Morrow is reading:Wish You Were Deadby Todd StrasserNo one at Soundview High takes thedeath wishes of an anonymous bloggerseriously.. . . Until the students mentioned startdisappearing.
  3. 3. Mrs. Boyer is reading:Boot Campby Todd StrasserIn the middle of the night Garrett istaken from his home to Harmony Lake,a boot camp for troubled teens.Beaten, humiliated, and stripped of hispride, Garrett’s spirit is slowly ebbingaway. Then he hears whispers of anescape plot.
  4. 4. Ms. K-M and Ms. Munnare reading:The Waveby Todd StasserThe powerful forces of group pressure thatpervaded many historic movements such asNazism are recreated in the classroom whenhistory teacher Burt Ross introduces a “new”system to his students. And before long “TheWave,” with its rules of “strength throughdiscipline, community, and action, ” sweepsfrom the classroom through the entireschool.
  5. 5. Ms. Giuliano is reading:If I Grow Upby Todd StrasserFor DeShawn, joining a gang seems likea terrible decision — why would he wantto work for a pittance running drugswhen the inevitable consequences arejail or an early death?but with a pregnant girlfriend andgrowing family DeShawn sees no hopewithout the fast money life as a Disciplecan provide.
  6. 6. Mrs. Medic is reading:Blood On My Handsby Todd StasserCallie picks up what she’s certain is a fakeknife she finds on the ground next to anunconscious girl.But the knife is real … and bloody. Andthen Callie hears the click of one cellphone, followed by another, and another...