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The world of work by Hector


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Presentation about the world of work

Published in: Education
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The world of work by Hector

  1. 1. The World of WorkThe World of Work The three sectors. By Hector.The three sectors. By Hector.
  2. 2. INDEXINDEX  Primary sector.Primary sector.  Secundary sector.Secundary sector.  Service sector.Service sector.  The end… Bye-Bye!The end… Bye-Bye!
  3. 3. Primary sectorPrimary sector  The primary sector. Provides rawThe primary sector. Provides raw materials for other industries. Likematerials for other industries. Like arable farmer… They do thesearable farmer… They do these things:things:  Extracts natural resources. Like thisExtracts natural resources. Like this fish minerals…fish minerals…  Produces natural products. Like thisProduces natural products. Like this crops,livestock.crops,livestock.
  4. 4. Secondary sectorSecondary sector  Process raw materials to makeProcess raw materials to make products. Like builder,carpenter…products. Like builder,carpenter… They do these things:They do these things:  Produces products in factories forProduces products in factories for other industries.other industries.  Construction.Construction.  Makes consumer products:Makes consumer products: cars,mobile,,mobile,phones.
  5. 5. Service sectorService sector  Provides services.Provides services.  Includes lots of different services:Includes lots of different services: shops.transport,education,tourism,shops.transport,education,tourism, health,entertainment,actor,teacher,…health,entertainment,actor,teacher,…
  6. 6. THE END… Bye-Bye!THE END… Bye-Bye!
  7. 7. THE END… Bye-Bye!THE END… Bye-Bye!