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Forget-Me-Not Landscape Design is an award winning San Diego landscape design company that specialize in succulent gardens, Zen gardens, and Xeriscape landscape.

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  1. 1. Creating a Cultural Tapestry in Your Garden
  2. 2. A garden represents more than a passinghorticultural interest. It serves as a personalstatement that speaks volumes about anowner’s disposition towards their home, thecommunity, the environment and mostimportantly, their culture. Every garden, nomatter how large or small, should carry theessence of the human cultural fabric.California, the true melting pot of worldcultures is the epicenter of cultural expressionthrough one’s garden. At Forget Me NotLandscape Design, we understand the valueof your garden making a cultural statement.
  3. 3. Creating the True California Style GardenCalifornians have been known for two qualities thatmake The Golden State a great place to live in:Respect for diversity and pride in a culture thatcomes from the celebration of many world cultures.The cultural fabric of the state boasts influencesfrom every continent. Roxy Kim Perez, the founderand director at Forget-Me-Not Landscape Designincorporates this celebration in the intelligent designof aesthetically and culturally pleasing CaliforniaStyle Garden plots.
  4. 4. Since the San Diego- based firm was firstestablished, Roxy Kim-Perez has been a strongadvocate of environmentally friendly landscapingthat draws from California’s wealth of indigenousplants and locally available building materials. SanDiego imports 90 percent of its water from theColorado River and from Sierra Nevada runoff via apipeline that transports water from the SacramentoRiver Delta to Southern California. Native plantsand succulents adapt to the soil and weatherconditions better than plants from wetter climes andare therefore ideal for your garden. With decades ofknowledge and experience, Roxanne and her teamcarefully select the plants and materials that go intomaking your California Style Garden a reality.
  5. 5. It is ironic that native plant species have been dyingout because of the introduction of non-native species.These new species consume larger quantities ofwater in a land where the conservation of water isparamount. At,we recognize the importance of preserving ourgroundwater and ensuring the survival of native plantspecies. Roxanne Kim-Perez encourages you tochoose a California Style Garden that proudlydeclares your identity while serving to preserve thestate’s precious plant life and dwindling water supply.These plants require less water and do not requireherbicides or pesticides, thereby reducing theadverse effects on the environment and allowing thespread of these exquisite Californian plants.
  6. 6. Transforming the GardenThrough the smart use of green building andlandscaping materials such as sandstone and shale,we create landscapes that are not onlyenvironmentally friendly and water-smart, but are atreat to the senses. Trust us to create the CaliforniaStyle Garden you have always dreamed of. The firmalso specializes in the design of Mediterranean andJapanese gardens.
  7. 7. You may learn more about our garden ideas andexperience through our website andsocial media channels such as YouTube andTwitter Forget-Me-Not Landscape Design has won several awardsincluding the prestigious Garden Masters Expositionaward for ‘Best Garden Composition’ and the‘Landscape Beautification Award’ for garden designsthat deliver pleasing, well-planned lung spaces evenon sloping or rocky terrain to make your home looktruly beautiful and truly Californian.
  8. 8. Thank You!