Online Forex Trading Broker: NordFX


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International forex trading broker – Forex trading with NordFX is simple and effective as it provides a platform for individuals to trade forex, gold and silver online. Give it a try:

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Online Forex Trading Broker: NordFX

  1. 1. Content            Registration Types of Accounts Open an Account Login Procedure Trader’s Cabinet Upload Document Visa and MasterCard Verification Process Other Payment system Fund Deposit Process Withdrawal Procedure Initiate Trading
  2. 2. Registration If you want to Register with NordFx Open NordFx website
  3. 3. Types of Accounts Home Page Accounts Following are the different types of trading accounts: Welcome Micro Standard MT-ECN Premium Integral
  4. 4. Open an Account Home Page Open an A/c Fill Details Submit Then a page will be open in which your all password details are given:  login number  Trader's password  Investor password  Phone password  Pin Code password (shown only once)  Leverage  Server  Account type All Details will be sent to your email-Id except pin code, it is required for withdrawal. You need to save it
  5. 5. Login Procedure Home Page • For Login, type • Account Number • Trader’s Password • Then click on Login In Login Trader’s Cabinet • You will direct come to the Trader’s Cabinet
  6. 6. trader’s Cabinet Option available in Trader’s cabinet are:  Settings o o o o  Personal Setting Upload Document Accounts Consolidation Protect A/c with sms code Fund Deposit o o o o o o  Fund Deposit Deposit History Fund Withdrawal Withdrawal History Lost fund Notification Visa and MasterCard Verification Trading Platforms o Download the Platform o Documentation o Open MT4 Demo A/c o Open MT5 Demo A/c  NordFX Shop  Affiliate Program  Trading Account Monitoring o Add Account for Monitoring o contest  Additional o Support
  7. 7. Upload Documents After registration you need to upload the documents: ID Proof: Passport, Driver's license, PAN card. Address Proof: Gas bill, Electric bill, Telephone bill, Bank statement, Process of uploading the aforesaid documents Trader’s Cabinet Upload Document Browse Upload Note: Clients who use the following payment system, need not to submit their documents: Liberty Reserve, Money Booker, Alert Pay, Web Money, Pay Web, Ukash,
  8. 8. Visa and MasterCard Verification Process Visa & MasterCard Verification Verify New Card Verify Card Trader’s Cabinet Fill Details Note:  Prior to this verification you need to verify your uploaded documents from the office  Third party Debit Card/Credit card is not acceptable  Random verification fee will be charged between 1.00 - 5.00 USD which is refundable after completion of verification process.
  9. 9. Other Payment system Other options are also available for payment as follows:          Bank Wire Transfer Internal Transfer Pay Web Perfect Money Money Bookers Alert Pay Liberty Reserve Web Money Z-Payment Note: o If you have account in the above sites, then you don’t have to upload any of your pre-stated documents required for ID and Address proofs. You just need to create your account, transfer money and can start trading. o Bank Wire Transfer can’t be used for depositing the money.
  10. 10. Fund Deposit Process Trader’s Cabinet Fund Deposit Visa & MasterCard Fill Details Add Funds Note: Other options can also be used for payment as aforementioned
  11. 11. Withdrawal Procedure To withdraw money, you first need to transfer money from Trading Account to NordFX account by complying the given steps: Trader’s Cabinet Deposit/Withdrawal from MT4 Account Balance Fill Withdrawal Amount Withdraw Funds When your money get transferred to Nordfx account then you can withdraw your money by adopting the following steps: Trader’s Cabinet Withdrawal Choose option Fill Details Submit Note: Only VISA and MasterCard can’t be used for withdrawing money. However, funds can be withdrawn in your personal bank a/c through bank wire transfer system.
  12. 12. Bonus Structure Deposit Lot Size Bonus 100 $ 3 25 $ 500 $ 10 100 $ 1000 $ 24 228 $ 5000 $ 120 1180 $ 10,000 $ 240 2380 $ Note: Client will get the bonus amount for trading at time of deposit, however, he has to complete the requisite lots in order to withdraw the bonus amount.
  13. 13. Initiate Trading To initiate trading, you have to download the trading software first. This is done by complying the following steps: Home Page Trading Platforms Meta Trader 4 Download Meta Trader 4 Finish Next… Run Save Start Update & Restart
  14. 14. Cont.… After the software get installed, you will have to follow the below simple steps: File Login Now you can start trading. Fill Details Login