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How to find right institution & advisor for your research


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Tips for how to find right institution & advisor for your research

Published in: Education, Technology
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How to find right institution & advisor for your research

  1. 1. How to find right institution/advisor for your research?
  2. 2. Is university ranking important?
  3. 3. Ranking? Source :
  4. 4. Ranking? Bachelor Master PhD Importance Ranking matters most for the BS degree, a bit less for the MS, and perhaps the least for the PhD
  5. 5. Why? It is complicated...ranking for what? By whom Ranked by: 1.University? 2.Department? 3.Actual success? (salaries of graduates and alumni) How could you evaluate: 1.Large department VS. Small department 2.Top ranked department VS. Top ranked in your research area, but not in other areas
  6. 6. What matters most?
  7. 7. VS. Top university without your interest and funding Research group in your interest with full funding VS
  8. 8. What matters most? research interest top research group in that area funding
  9. 9. How to find advisor?
  10. 10. Conference & Journal  Find through conferences and journals in your research area
  11. 11. Publication  Find top authors in your research area through academic search Source : Top authors in World Wild Web in 5years in Microsoft Academic Search
  12. 12. More… So… I just need to find a giant in my area Yes & No: 1.Yes, everyone want to be supervised by a giant 2.No, a giant is usually too busy to give you guidance Other important facts about supervisors: 1.Does he/she still active on research? - important because some start to do their on stuff, e.g., a startup, after getting the tenure - check if has a first-author publication, research grants in recent years 2.Check his/her working style with his/her students - really important because it determines your next 3-5 years - what’s the best condition for you? (freedom vs. in strict control)