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Foreverest Pineye | Performance Test Doc of Pine Resin Emulsion


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Pineye is a biodegradable emulsion contents of 100% organic piney resin. This test doc results the performance of UV degradation.

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Foreverest Pineye | Performance Test Doc of Pine Resin Emulsion

  1. 1. PINEYETM PineyResinEmulsion non-toxicbiodegradablemonoterpenepolymer CAS34363-01-4 Figure.1UniformandmilkywhiteliquidafteraddingmorewaterFigure.2Distributionefectsonplantsafterspraying Figure.3Filmformingperformancesaftersurfacedry Figure.4hoursafterspraying,nowiltingorwitheringcondition June6,Afternoon,26~28℃ LeftSampleA,RightSampleB Figure.5After6hoursoutdoorexposureand15 hoursstorageinroom,nowiltingorwithering condition June7,Noon,25~26℃ LeftSampleA MidleSampleB RightSampleC Figure.6After3hoursindirectsunlight June7,Aternoon,32~33℃ LeftSampleA MidleSampleB RightSampleC
  2. 2. RESULTS 11、After 0.5 hours direct sunlight, SampleCshowsclearwaterlossand wiltingconditions.Alfterahour,thereare clearlyblackpatchescausedbywater lossonSampleC,whileSampleAandB onlybecomeslightlywilting,nobrown patchesonthem. 22、After3hoursdirectsunlight,Sample C shows serious water loss and withering conditions.Plants become wiltingandcurling,widelywith brown patches.SampleA and B both have brown patches on plants atsimilar degreeandtime. PINEYETM PineyResinEmulsion non-toxicbiodegradablemonoterpenepolymer CAS34363-01-4