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Woman afghnistan 18


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Published in: News & Politics
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Woman afghnistan 18

  1. 1. Why Afghan girls areabused in silience?• Farhana Chowdhury pd 5
  2. 2. Key info• Afghanistan is 99.98% of Islam.• Taliban took control of Afghanistan government around 1996 to2001.• Taliban followed strict Islamic Law.• Taliban required women to wear to head to toes veil.• Taliban required to banned television.• Or any other technology so outside of people wouldnt find outor to know.
  3. 3. • Taliban are jailing men who has long beard• If a women obey the law they get a punishment.• Today 35% of girls enroll to school.• There is woman organization in Afghanistan.• Woman have some freedom and rights.• There is hope and faith.• Women are allowed to get divorce.
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  5. 5. Interview• What was like living in Afghanistan and how do you feel about livingthere and seeing women getting abused?• “Living in Afghanistan was horrifying for me. It was like living in hell. Ialways hear screaming from women getting abused from men. I feelsorry for them and wish I could have done something but I couldnt’tbecause I have no power. In male theory women are useless andmen are powerful. “• Did anything happen to you when you were?• “NO but my best friend did. She was only 14 and got married riteaway. I only gave her advice, she listen but in return she got abusedfrom her own husband and her brother in law. The last time I saw herwhen I was at her in law house I was giving food for them andcongratulate them for their marriage.
  6. 6. • I knew I was getting married soon and was ready toface all the challenges. But I was lucky enough torealize I didnt’ got married.”• How did you came to USA?• “My father got a new job in USA. So we had to movehere. My father was a different person, he never hurtanyone in my family especially my mother. Heunderstood what was going on, especially women.When I was 20 I got married. I found a good husbandand had 3 children. One boy and 2 girls.”
  7. 7. • How do you feel now living in America?• “I feel happy and bless living in America. I lovemy father for taking us. America is differentfrom Afghanistan. Here people help you andunderstand you. You can stand up for yourself.In Afghanistan you can’t standup for yourself.Nobody wouldn’t help you that much. Americais freedom and I am happy to live here.”
  8. 8. • How do you feel about women suffering inAfghanistan?• Majority of people felt sorry and wanted to dosomething. They have wished they could havedone something. But instead they will spreadthe awareness. Some people new what topicthey wanted to do since they have projects.
  9. 9. Article of BiBi• Aisha was 12 when she got married.• She was forced to sleep outside with the animals.• She was abused from her husband.• She tried to escape but she got caught from the Taliban and from her husband.• She was given a punishment.• Her brother in law came to her and slice her nose off.• Her dad came and took her to the US military base.• She was uncomfortable with the male doctor so the military base transfer her tothe female shelter.
  10. 10. • After 10 weeks of care she went to Grossman foundation.• The doctors did surgery on her nose.• The military offered her to come to USA.• It was her first time to show herself in the public when she came.• She does not know what her future holds or what she wants.• She love to sing about her surrounding, outside of the world.• She was 19 when she was interview during 2010.• Today she is 20 years old.
  11. 11. Follow Up• Kite Runner• Afghanistan unveiled• Law and order SVU season 2 episode 2• Shadow of Afghanistan• Frontline: Behind Taliban Lines• Dear Zari: Hidden Stories from Women of Afghanistan• Life as a Afghan Woman.
  12. 12. questionWhat did you learn anything?How do you feel about women suffering inAfghanistan?Did it change your perspective on men inAfghanistan that abuse these young womens?
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