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Forest Trail Academy, online education guidance

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Forest Trail Academy

  1. 1. When my husband and I began looking for online private schools for our two children, we did our research first. As members of the FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association)we looked into and interviewed several online schools, both public and private, at their annual conference. We kept coming back to Forest Trail Academy as our number one choice. ---- Kris. G. •We provide K­12 curriculums that are aligned and articulated with state and  national standards for university and college  acceptance while promoting  academic EXCELLENCE.   •Forest Trail Academy is an Accredited Private School  providing QUALITY  online and distance education  worldwide.Im currently a Junior at Forest Trail Academy. Let me just start off by sayingForest Trail Academy saved me!!! The administration and teachers areWONDERFUL!!!! They will do anything to help you out in any way! Theteachers respond within 24 hours of your question. Teachers will also schedulechat times each week so you can go in the chat room that the school provides,where you can ask questions and receive help! You are able to get classes doneso much faster than if you were attending a public school! ---- Kelli M
  2. 2. Forest Trail Academy was a fantastic choice in schooling. Besides being affordable, the student-teacher communication is fantastic for an online school. Thats priceless and the key selling point. ---- David Y. ACCREDITATIONS ­ MEMBERSHIPS ­ PARTNERSHIPSThe school even has a virtual student lounge, virtual clubs, student chats and teacher classroom chats…all the things that allow the children to really connect with their school and other students, even from their own home if they choose to. This has been a wonderful first year for us at Forest Trail Academy. We recommend this school to everyone we know. The children plan on graduating high school with Forest Trail Academy. We highly recommend this as a first choice alternative to public schools! ---- Kris G. I enrolled my son last year and we are very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for an alternative to public school. ---- Notoril M.
  3. 3. OFFERS  Summer School  Self-Paced Curriculum  Instant Progress/Attendance Reports  Official Transcripts and Diploma  Open Enrollment Year Round  Homeschool Credit Validation  University Partnerships for Concurrent/Dual  Concurrent Enrollment with traditional K-12  Enrollment & Acceptance schools  Complete High School Diploma program  Homeschool Protection/Umbrella School  Unlimited Student/Parent Access  All 50 States & Local Standards Test Prep  Automatic International Student Acceptance COURSES OFFERED Honors CoursesElectives  Honors Courses Core Subjects/General Studies for K­12 Core Subjects/General Studies for K-12  Foreign Language Credit Recovery Credit Recovery  SAT, ACT, GED, Army ASVAB, Accelerate Program Accelerated Program Electives COMPASS, TABE, TERRA, NOVA, Test Prep. Foreign Languages  High School SAT, ACT, GED, Army ASVABExamv Equivalency ExamThe content is great, since most of the classes tend to incorporate key aspects intothe lessons, including visual aids, audio for vocabulary, pictures and movies.Everything is explained step-by-step. Everythings easy to understand and if thestudent struggles with anything specific, they can just talk to the teacher to getthings worked out. ---- David Y.
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES •Over 100 courses, including Honors, Foreign Languages, and Electives. •Expert, Certified or Licensed Teachers and Academic Counselors. •Two types of Diplomas - College Prep/General Education. •Individualized /Self-Paced Curriculum. •Instant Progress/Attendance Reports. •One on One Academic Counselors. •Social network for interaction with other students & teachers. •Strengthened Math and Reading Skills with Prescriptive learning curriculum. •Nationally, Regionally & Internationally Accredited. • Maintains Official Transcripts and Records. •GED, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, Army ASVAB, COMPASS, TABE ,Terra Nova Test I enrolled my daughter into the Forest Trail program this school year, and I have Prepbeen very pleased. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking foran education for his or her child outside the conventional classroom setting. I have never called or e-mailed them about anything, that I did not receive a prompt reply. Everyone is thoughtful and helpful! ---- Shunda C.
  5. 5. Forest Trail Academy is am awesome school. The faculty and staff have an exceptional attitude towards facilitating the success of their students’ academic goals. Forest Trail Academy is a great asset in preparing my child for college. ---- Titia C.. OUR MISSION The mission of Forest Trail Academy is to provide academic, cultural,  and pragmatic excellence worldwide by developing student  leadership, team concepts, and life­long learning in a holistic online  academic and work environment.  OUR CORE VALUES Flexibility. High Academic Performance. Accessibility.  Respect. Trustworthiness. Individualism. The curriculum in Forest Trail Academy sis self-paced, so you can study anytime you wan. I graduated prettyearly because I studied really hard. The courses are challenging and educational. The flexible schedule gave me plenty of time when it comes t college application, and I’m off to a top engineering university this year. ---- Lady M.Im 16 and sending out applications to colleges. Theres no way that I could havebeen doing that without the help of FTA. I recommend that every parent sendtheir child here! *** Future students: You will LOVE it! ---- Brittany W.
  6. 6. DIRECTOR Dr. ChungAt Forest Trail Academy, it is both our challenge and our commitment to remain updated concerninginnovations of online instructional modality to ensure that our students are exposed to critical skills that arenecessary for success in both their future educational endeavors and workplace experiences.Enrolling in Forest Trail Academy is an agreement with this school, and requires commitment from parentsand students. In turn, Forest Trail Academy honors that agreement in our commitment to support, challenge,and encourage the academic abilities and efforts throughout our students K-12 academic school years. I would recommend Forest Trail Academy to anyone needing a CONTACT quality distance learning experience with a supportive and 3111 Fortune Way, Suite B-16 nurturing staff. Special thank yous go to Dr. Chung and Ms. Martin, you were wonderful and we appreciate all you have Wellington, Florida 33414 done! Phone: 800.890.6269 --- Kathleen P. 561.537.5501 Fax: 866.230.0259