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Greenwood Management Forestry Investment assessment A.Mangium dpa_23122010


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This is a copy of a viability report prepared for Greenwood Management by Bio4met in regards to the company's establishment of Acacia forestry crops on various forestry investment sites situated in the state of Bahia, Brazil,

Greenwood Management over the past few years have grown to become a substantial investor within the Brazilian agricultural and forestry sector and currently owns and operates approximately 5,000 hectares of planted forestry in the Bahia region of Brazil. Alongside the companies primary activities of developing forestry investment sites, the company also have invested substantial capital into its horticultural division.

Greenwood operates in Brazil under the names of Greenwood Agropecuária, GWP Horticultura, and Greenwood Pecuária.
Some of the various crops produced by the company include coconuts, timber, lettuce, tomatoes, aubergines, beans and other food crops.

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Greenwood Management Forestry Investment assessment A.Mangium dpa_23122010

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