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  1. 1. Research techniques and technologies used in print production.There are 3 types of print production, Hand Mechanical Digital Hand TechniquesTechnique What Is It? Advantage DisadvantageEtching Using acid on Is very detailed Acid is toxic and untreated may burn through metal to metal create pattern.Linocut Cutting a Can be duplicated The image would be design into a with ease. Involves reversed which sheet of lino, lots of tools could cause some creating a problems if you reverse image were writing. and then pressing it into fabric or wood.Screen Print Screen Stencils are cheap Stencils are printing is a to create. You can inaccurate and printing just cut out the could come out technique that shape you want faded and in some uses a woven with scissors. areas. mesh to Screen printing It’s difficult to support an can be used of achieve fine detail ink-blocking material such as because it uses stencil. The fabric which is a stencils. attached real positive It has a very low stencil forms output. Which is open areas not good for long batch of productionWoodcut A print of a You can print as It takes a long time. type made many times as u Needs alot ofBy: Jonathan Newton Unit 7 task 1C
  2. 2. from a design want and the specialist cut in a block wood will last equipment of wood, formerly widely used for illustrations in books..Lithography The process of The colour is It takes a long time printing from consistent, unlike to do. But with a lot a flat surface some others. of skill treated so as It’s very to repel the Economical if ink except printed for short where it is periods of time required for printing.MechanicalTechniqueTechnique What Is It? Advantage DisadvantageLetterpress Letterpress is a It doesn’t need It may take longer type of relief people to operate it than other technique and therefore if a printing. Movable company needs to type is locked into make lot of prints the bed of the they don’t need to printing press, waste money on then inked and hiring a lot of people pressed onto a to use the machines sheet of paper, producing the image.Gravure Gravure printing Photographic quality It has a high cost- is a technique Bright colours because you have to Superior colour make the plates. Also that uses registration it is expensive to engraving to Best appearance maintain the plates. produce the possible Because it is image. The image Because it has and expensive to run, its is engraved onto engraved plate, it only good to run for a cylinder and a can be used to long periods of time.By: Jonathan Newton Unit 7 task 1C
  3. 3. sheet of paper is create high quality rolled under it, art and photography book. Also expensive pressing the magazines image onto the paper.Screen Process A screen of wood It’s one of the best It one of worst to do or aluminium with prints to use for any art or images or texts. pictures a fabric mesh stretched over it. The mesh is covered with an emulsion which closes the holes. Photographic film is then exposed to UV light. The emulsion is washed away and the mesh is dipped in ink.DigitalTechniqueTechnique What Is It? Advantages DisadvantagesPhotocopying A cylindrical drum They make large Its heavy and it is charged amounts of copy’s takes up a lot of electrostatically. at once and dont space The drum is wear and tear Photocopied coated in a easies. images/pictures photoconductive Can also copy don’t tend to be material. A bright images and text in very good lamp lights up the well. detail. original image. The only pick up The areas of the bolder line. drum that are exposed to light become conductive and the areas that aren’t becomeBy: Jonathan Newton Unit 7 task 1C
  4. 4. negative. This creates an electrical image. A toner is applied to the drum to develop the picture and the toner is applied to a piece of paper, which is melted together to create the image.Laser Printing This is a method It uses the same Laser printers are of digital printing printing press as also known to be that produces other digital dangerous to the high-quality methods. atmosphere and images quickly. It The main your health. Due uses an analogue advantages of to the high printer, but it laser printers are voltages when uses the direct speed, precision running the scanning of a and economy. machine laser beam across toner powder is They are a lot the printer’s cheap and lasts a more costly. photoreceptor. long timeInkjet Printing Inkjet is a method Inkjet printers are Due to the cost of of computer common and ink, running an printing that fires relatively cheap. inkjet printer over drops of ink onto Inkjet printers are time is a more paper. The considerably expensive than a principle is also cheaper to buy. laser printer. used to directly put ink onto Higher end Prints emerge materials. printers are from the printer capable of slightly wet and producing good may need time to quality images dry. when used with Printing is slower special quality and therefore photo paper. inkjets arent Most models are designed for highBy: Jonathan Newton Unit 7 task 1C
  5. 5. relatively light volume printing. weight and compact so they dont take up too much space on the desk.Desktop Desktop Control over Setup expensesPublishing publishing publications. for computer,. programs create Inexpensive Need knowledge print material via departmental of using desktop a standardised publications. publishing format. Quick production software. of transparencies for meetings.By: Jonathan Newton Unit 7 task 1C
  6. 6. Examples of Hand techniques Etching Wood CutBy: Jonathan Newton Unit 7 task 1C
  7. 7. Examples of Mechanical techniques Letterpress GravureBy: Jonathan Newton Unit 7 task 1C
  8. 8. Examples of Digital techniques PhotocopyingLaser PrintingBy: Jonathan Newton Unit 7 task 1C