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Oap presentation

  1. 1. ForesightTechnepreneursTechnologically Advanced
  2. 2. Our MissionTo create a product whichSimplifies, Automates & Streamlines the keyareas of SMEs Business Process.We intend to provide an innovative & cost- effective Cloud based Business Management solution which would serve as an integral & important factors for SMEs across the globe in time to come.
  3. 3. Team Members• Caslino PereiraEntrepreneur . Founder of Sandbox Infotech• Pradeep NairOnline Marketing Executive• Pushpendra KumarPursuing Executive MBA in International Business from IIFT Delhi• Vivek KumarEntrepreneur . Founder of Isparsh Infotech
  4. 4. Project Title : BMSBusiness Management System ( BMS ) is a centralized and easily accessible cloud based ( SaaS ) solution with modules taking care of EMS, Client Management, Vendor Management, IT Resources & Accounts Managemen for SMEs.SMEs are the Engine of Growth for any economy, essential for competitive and efficient market. Important as they are, SMEs face a number of problems in areas of Finance, Human Resource & Technology. And our project aim to address this problem .
  5. 5. Main Solutions offered are asfollows:EMS IT Resource Management1. Roster keeping 1. Physical Assets ( PC, Printers etc )2. Attendance record keeping 2. Intangible Assets ( software license etc )3 .Leave management 3. Resource Allocation management4 .Salary record keeping5. Recruitment, Appraisal6. Communication Accounting Management for 1. Vendor 2. ClientClient Management 2. Employee1. Client recordsVendor Management1. Vendor records
  6. 6. Hypothesis TestedSMEs/SMBs require a Business Management software which:1. Provides management tools for Employee management, Resource management, Client Management, Vendor management and accounting management1. And which is SaaS based
  7. 7. Experiment TakenTo test our hypothesis we created a survey for potential customers. The Survey had the following main points for validation :• Is the software being used in their department fulfills their all the needs of managing the business.• Is the software locally based or SaaS based.• If based locally, are they happy with the software.• If a Cloud based alternative provided to them, will they try it.• Model of pricing
  8. 8. ResultThe results were varied. Some points 3. They indicated preference for a become crystal clear that: single BMS which manages all the functionality of Employee management system, Resource1. Saas will be preferred over local management, Vendor based software provided they are management, Client management secure and there is no and accounting management. connectivity lag and downtime . 4. There should be a single sign on2. Many of them complained about functionality. the old architecture and sluggish UI they have in their existing BMS. 5. Most of them favored # of Employees based pricing.
  9. 9. Result in GraphicsDo you feel that you will need sofware(s) Would you prefer it if all the above options to manage your business are included in a single Business Management Softwarexx Would you be comfortable if the softwareWhat type of software you see the were to be installed on a cloud and be able to be accessed via a browser. need for.
  10. 10. Hypothesis RealignedThe target audience for this project should be clearly defined based on numberof employees and year of operation .SMEs/SMBs ( Target based on number of employee and year of operation ofthe Business ) which require a Business Management software which: 1. Have management tools for Employee management, Resource management, Client Management, Vendor management and accounting management 2. And which is SaaS based 3. Have good UI ,lightweight (due to Internet connectivity ) and secure. 4. And is based on Employee based pricing
  11. 11. Final ConclusionThe team has decided to work on this idea with slight modification as per feedback for OAP.We are confident that such functionalities integrated as a package is not being offered by any other software in the market today.As such, our solution will add value to the Business & daily workflow management for SMBs.