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Economic challenges and solutions.

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Aspiring Aware Alert India

  1. 1. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 1 15th July 2013
  2. 2. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 2 Preface This survey represents a New India: aspiration with alertness which is built upon awareness. The survey is unique in its investigative questioning on the Indian Economy, Society and Political Frontiers. India’s contradictions, dissenting notes, self-destructive policies, neglected reforms are all questions that seek answers. Yet, the questions also probe India’s positive phase --- its definitive, emphatic reforms and the beneficial, constructive and optimistic perspectives in its journey towards reforms. At this point of history, this survey remains incontestable, undeniable, and most certainly worthwhile. Our researchers score a few points that draw attention, that India is watchful, wide awake and sensitive to national issues, that they are mentally agile, attentive, quick, ready and sharp-eyed. The new India is well informed, has a firm opinion and knows what is good for the country and what is not. The survey proves that young India possesses a latent talent that has the capacity to forewarn. The new India represents an unbiased view that reflects a responsible society. India is not backward due to its society or the ideation of its people, but India is lagging behind due to its inaction. If the leadership works in tendon of the progressive thoughts of the society; India can be a super power without any doubt, but if the leadership doesn’t work, the aspirant, alert and informed society will change it. But, in the process of change, the inaction remains as the side effect of democracy. ASPIRING…AWARE… ALERT INDIA
  3. 3. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 3 ASPIRING…AWARE… ALERT INDIA, in association with Microsec Research presents herewith an Online Survey on India’s current Social, Economic, and Political developments. With elections just less than a year away and some of the Indian economic parameters at their worst levels in a decade, we at, found it appropriate to get the general public’s views and suggestions on the same. Furthermore, we also covered some of the issues to get views on social responsibility nerve of the nation. The survey suggests that the nation’s youth is factually aware of current scenario in India and want a swift act on the issues affecting our image on the global stage. The questions throw light upon a thoughtful, concerned answerable India, questions that provide for a diligent, sensible, mature and morally responsible India. is a unique portal of consumer engagement, which provides a platform for two way communication and engagement between the brand and the consumer using games of foresights. Microsec research is the research wing of Microsec Capital having experienced analysts across the sectors. We used the online feedback from the users of The users have been registered only on the basis of unique mobile numbers and hence, it provides authenticity and genuineness of the participants. The participation is being monitored by Google. About 19,000 participants have contributed from all parts of India; however the limitation of this sample is that it is from the group of people who are users of internet. Analyst from Microsec Research is Mr. Nitin Daga and from, Mr. Atish Roy. Executive Summary
  4. 4. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 4 1. India wants stipulation of minimum qualification and a clear track record of the people who wants to contest an election along with transparency in accounting of political parties. Electoral reforms to provide reservation to women and reforms to provide right to recall to the citizens also found support. 2. Given an opportunity to become the Prime Minister, the respondents prefer to remove corruption first. Elimination of high inflation and elimination of crime against women are also a priority. 3. The Indian society is highly concerned about poverty. There is a clean sweep in favour of the Food Security Bill. 4. The corruption and high inflation are the issues upon which the Indian voters will decide the fate of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This particular result shows high wisdom in the minds of Indians. The Indians know that if the corruption is eliminated and the inflation is controlled, the development will fall in place. 5. High Inflation is the toughest hurdle in India’s growth. Political differences, policy paralysis, and possibility of fractured mandate are also worrisome. 6. Aadhar and Direct Bank Transfer of subsidies are the most welcomed reforms. Opening up the economy through FDI in critical areas is also greeted. 7. The country’s competitiveness in IT Services can be the best economic growth driver. Huge market size and young population are also supportive to growth. 8. Knowledge is considered as the best resource to convert India into a land of innovation and scientific progress. Enhancement of the same through educational reforms and building world class facilities are suggested as top mediums for the same. 9. The opinion of Indians on the issue of punishment to a rapist is very strong. 47% of the respondents want a death penalty, while 25% of the respondents want a life term imprisonment. 18% want chemical castration to the guilty. 10. India is aware and alert even on complex issues like environment. As much as 78% of the respondents think that the recent Uttarakhand calamity is a man made disaster. Executive Summary Results at a glance: ASPIRING…AWARE… ALERT INDIA
  5. 5. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 5 Minimum qualification and a clear track record for the candidates along with transparency in accounting of political parties is the most sought electoral reforms in the country. THE DESIRED POLITICAL REFORMS Q 1. What, in your opinion, is the most needed electoral reform in India? Corruption and high prices should remain the key issues to be addressed at top Q 2. What would you like to eliminate first, being the Prime Minister of India? 7% 37% 10% 8% 3% 4% 3% 3% 10% 6% 9% Poverty Corruption Inflation & high prices Illiteracy Malnutrition Terrorism & Naxalism Pollution Absence of proper healthcare Infrastructure Crime against women Low economic growth rate Unemployment 17% 9% 26% 32% 16% Women's Reservation Bill Political Funding Transparency in accounting of political parties Minimum qualification and clear track record to contest an election Right to recall
  6. 6. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 6 Providing food to the majority of Indians through Food Security Bill is greeted by almost three fourth of the respondents Q 3. Do you think the Food Security Bill is a right step? Corruption and high prices are likely to remain the key issues in the upcoming elections Q 4. What in your opinion should be the main issue in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election? 74% 26% Yes No 15% 7% 39% 25% 14% Development Secularism Corruption Inflation & high prices Low economic growth rate
  7. 7. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 7 High Inflation is the toughest challenge for the growth of Indian Economy Political differences and policy paralysis also remain worrisome Q 5. Which one in your opinion is the strongest challenge for the growth of Indian economy? Among the reforms under process, Aadhar and Direct Bank Transfer of subsidies are considered most effective Increase in FDI Limits is also desired Q 6. Out of the reforms under process, which one according to you is the most effective? ECONOMIC CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS 40% 21% 28% 11% Aadhar & direct bank transfer of subsidy Good & Services Tax (GST) High limit of FDI in critical areas like retail, insurance & pension New banking license 16% 11% 10% 5%7% 13% 34% 4% Political differences & possibility of fractured mandate in coming Lok Sabha elections Corruption Adverse situation of current account & fiscal deficit Gold & Oil import Terrorism & war Natural disasters like flood, draught, earth quake etc. High inflation resulting into high interest rate Any other
  8. 8. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 8 India’s competitive IT Services are considered as the best growth driver Huge market and youth also aid growth Q 7. Which one in your opinion is the best growth driver for Indian economy? Knowledge is considered to be the best resource to make India the land of innovation and scientific progress Most users think educational reforms and research can support this cause Q 8. How do you think can India become the Land of Innovation and Scientific Progress? 16% 20% 20% 23% 11% 10% Democracy Young demography Huge market Competence in Information Technology services Mineral Resources Any other 34% 20% 14% 16% 16% Education Reforms Building world-class research facilities Providing start-up funding & support Incentivising and recognition of breakthrough innovation Providing world-class digital connectivity and environment THE SOCIAL NEEDS
  9. 9. ASPIRING…AWARE…ALERT INDIA – Survey Study A report by & Microsec Research 15th July 2013 | 9 More than three fourth of the respondents opined that the calamity in Uttarakhand was a Man Made Disaster Q 10. Do you agree that the flood disaster in Northern hills of India is less natural and more due to human recklessness in creating imbalance in environment? Most of the respondents prefer death penalty for the accused; one fourth of them prefer life time imprisonment Q 9. What punishment in your opinion should a rapist get? 78% 22% Yes No 47% 18% 25% 10% Death Penalty Chemical Castration Life time Imprisonment Imprisonment of term say from 5 years to 15 Years