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05.pinpoint protect guardian workshop


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Published in: Technology
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05.pinpoint protect guardian workshop

  1. 1. iForensics Prevention Workshops
  2. 2. If we lived in a perfect world, there would be noneed for Pinpoint Protect Guardian. Unfortunately,just walking outside of your house is fraught withdanger. Pinpoint Protect Guardian does manythings but most of all it offers peace of mind and theability to keep track of your loved ones 24/7.So if your spouse travels on business, you knowwhere he/she is all of the time. If you have elderlyparents, Pinpoint Protect Guardian acts as anelectronic babysitter.The uses and applications of Pinpoint ProtectGuardian are endless. Here are just a few…
  3. 3. High Profile People – people with high profiles: movie stars, sports figures,wealthy people, government figures, etc need extra protection andPinpointProtect gives them that special peace-of-mind.Lost – everybody becomes lost eventually. It doesn’t even have to besomewhere that is remote; if you are lost you can hit the SOS button or if youhave access to the Internet, you can find your exact location.Attacked – women are especially vulnerable to attack and eventually findthemselves in situations where an attack is made easier such as parking garages,elevators, dark streets, parking lots. Just hit the SOS button and we send thecavalry.Abducted – unfortunately, abduction and kidnapping has become a cottageindustry in many parts of the world, especially in Mexico, Central and SouthAmerica. If you live or travel to any parts of the world where this is common youneed PinpointProtect!
  4. 4. Injured – In any situation where you are injured, even if you cannot push theSOS button, we at least know where you are and can send help.Disaster – you can be buried under rubble and we still can locate you. You maynot be able to communicate with the outside world because all communicationfacilities are down but your family can know where you are and if you are movingby logging into the Internet Interface.Travel – no matter where you go or where you travel to, PinpointProtect goeswith you and gives your loved ones peace-of-mind knowing exactly where youare at all times. They can even know if you arrived at your destination by usingthe Internet Interface.Work – do you have a job where you work alone or in a remote location? WithPinpointProtect, you are NEVER alone! We are there with you at all times.Dating – date rape and violence against women is becoming all too common.How does a woman protect herself? Yep…PinpointProtect! Now if a lady needshelp she can push the SOS button and we send help to her exact location. Butthis doesn’t mean that a lady should not be prudent and do all she can to protectherself.
  5. 5. Banking – If you take daily deposits to the bank for your business, you needPinpointProtect! Don’t be foolish enough to think that no one is watching youand logging the times and routes you take to the bank. Plan for the worst buthope for the best!Elderly – oddly enough, most of the “lost” calls we receive are for elderlypeople. With the advent of electric wheelchairs (scooters) the elderly have atendency to wander. They are easily disoriented and need help. WithPinpointProtect, it is easy to find them and bring them home. Also the SOSbutton is there in case they need help for whatever reason.Teens – the best description for teens are “walking hormones with feet”! Let’sface it; the world presents way too many opportunities for teens to get intotrouble. One would think that teens resent PinpointProtect. Not so; our surveysshow that they actually appreciate having the ability to communicate when theyare in trouble and know that their parents know where they are at all times.
  6. 6. College – PinpointProtect gives parents that extra peace-of-mind when theirkids go off to college. Knowing where they are and where they are supposed tobe and also knowing that when they get into trouble or a scary situation thatthey have a way to communicate is comforting to parents whose kid(s) are outof the nest for the first time.Hunting – all hunting takes place in remote locations and many times inlocations where cell phones do not work. Never go hunting withoutPinpointProtect!Driving/Commuting – no matter where you drive or how long a commutePinpointProtect goes along with you. Even if cell phone service isn’t available,PinpointProtect is always available.Pets – now you will never lose a pet. Just place the PinpointProtect unit onyour pet’s collar and you will always know where it is.The list is endless…we simply cannot list all of the scenarios thatPinpointProtect has been used. Our customers continue to amaze us on howthey employ PinpointProtect!
  7. 7. Protection Begins with YOU!Having the proper mindset and becoming aware of the threats that can affect youis the first step to Guardian Protect.The second step is ACTION! Once your personal vulnerabilities are identified,Guardian Protect movers to protect you from these threats by implementingvarious protocols specifically designed to the individual.EXAMPLE: One of our clients works maintaining cell phone antennas in remotelocations. He works alone and is on the road 3-weeks out of the month. Hecarries a Guardian Protect GPS unit with an SOS feature to tell us where he isand if he is in trouble. His truck is equipped with another GPS unit.In addition, he carries a Guardian Protect Personal Protection Packet thatincluded pepper spray, a first aid kit, a satellite phone programmed directly to ourcontrol room, and a satellite site location device where he could scan the locationhe is going to for any threats.
  8. 8. ForensicsNation Protection CatalogWe have taken the guess work out ofidentifying good quality products and the bestprices by publishing our own catalog for yourconvenience.All of the products contained in our catalogare used by ForensicsNation everyday.Download your FREE catalog and beginprotecting yourself and your loved onesToday.Go here for your FREE download:
  9. 9. Our Gift to You…Never in the course of history has the title ofthis book become so real, “You Can Run ButYou Cannot Hide!”With today’s technology, investigators of alltypes can now track your whereabouts in away that simple astounds you.Learn all about cyber-forensics and theresources that we use to conduct all of ourinvestigationsGo here for your FREE download:
  10. 10. Privacy is a right!Your right to privacy is being eroded daily.But this particular right can have direconsequences for those that choose toignore it.Remaining private and staying off the gridprotects you and your loved ones from allsorts of cyber-crime. And the name of thisgame is PROTECTION!Most of the resources offered in this book arefree so study this information carefully.Go here for your FREE download:
  11. 11. Corporate Mailing Address:546 South Main StreetLock Box 304Cedar City, Utah 84720435-249-5600435-867-1988 Faxsupport@neternatives.com