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Illegal marriage presentation


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Published in: Education
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Illegal marriage presentation

  1. 1. Discouraging Illegal Marriage in Rural China Selia Wang 王敏 Major: English Translation Member, World Academy for the Future of Women
  2. 2. Have you ever had a feeling thatsomething isn’t right, but you keep moving past it without a second thought?
  3. 3. Let me tell you a story first…
  4. 4. I grew up in a rural village. .
  5. 5. People here are kind, nice, hospitableand honest.
  6. 6. I appreciate everything I have experienced in mychildhood, which makes me who I am today. .
  7. 7. I am very lucky to become the only girl in my big family to enter college, which places a great financial burden on my family.
  8. 8. But my family and I believe it is worth it.Education is the only way out of poverty. .
  9. 9. But for others who didnt go tocollege, they are living a completely different life.
  10. 10. My sister got married at the age of 18 and nowworks at a factory in a remote city which is veryfar away from her cute children… .
  11. 11. My brother quit school in fourth grade and married at the age of19. Now he has to work hard at a construction site to support hisfamily. This hard job makes him work about 12 hours a day for apayment of 80 yuan.
  12. 12. My best friend got married at the age of 18 andhis wife was 17 when they got married. .
  13. 13. Since then, his wife spends all day caring for the family,doing housework. Her only birthday wish is to hang outwith a friend in town without the baby. .
  14. 14. Life should have been going well for her, but itis always full of surprises. .
  15. 15. My friend soon started dating another woman and wanted to divorce his 19-year-old wife.
  16. 16. So, what would you doif you were the wife?
  17. 17. The legal marriage age inChina for men is 22, but forwomen it is 20.
  18. 18. My friend, my sister and my brother wereall married without a marriage certificate.Their marriages are not protected by law, so they are illegal marriages.
  19. 19. In this case, my friend, who is now20, can leave his wife and marryanother woman if he wants.
  20. 20. But what about this kind woman and her cute son? .
  21. 21. We could say it is unfair for thewoman, but it is just what it is.
  22. 22. She is just one of many women in the village whoare suffering or have suffered this kind ofheartbreak. There are lots of illegal marriages inthe village.
  23. 23. It would be fine if the husband would honor his commitment, but once he changes his mind, thewife can do nothing to stop that or protect herself.
  24. 24. All my life,I have witnessed the pain that women who are my age have suffered.
  25. 25. Do you know some stories about the illegal marriages?What do you think about this social issue?
  26. 26. Do you think there are any otherproblems with illegal marriages?
  27. 27. What do you think causes illegal marriages?
  28. 28. Quitting school without graduatingFollowing custom in the villageNothing better to do…
  29. 29. Everyone does it so nobody sees anything wrong with an illegal marriage. It’s tradition!
  30. 30. Nothing changes if no one is willing to make changes.
  31. 31. As global leaders,what can we do to help women who suffer from illegal marriages?
  32. 32. The most important step is toencourage the young to continue school instead of quitting.
  33. 33. Another point is to educate theirparents, especially the parents of the girls and make them aware of how harmful it would be for their daughters to get married too early.
  34. 34. As the first step of taking action, I made some postersabout the harm of illegal marriages and posted them inmy village on April 3 and received a very positiveresponse. .
  35. 35. This is only a start...
  36. 36. I can and I will keep going with this message, but I need your help!
  37. 37.  I am requesting the Sias Law Program to helpme develop fliers, posters and informationalbrochures to take to the schools in the villagesto inform students about early marriage and theheartbreak it causes. I will seek the support and endorsement ofwomen’s groups around the world.
  38. 38. I need advice from expertsaround the world on how toaddress this social problem.
  39. 39. • I need to raise $5000 to develop the brochures. brochures  I need a laptop to access more information thought the Internet to move on this project .  I need to cover travel and administration expenses. expenses
  40. 40. Any efforts we make will changeothers’ lives.Will you please help me changethe future for women? Selia Wang Email: Phone : 8615936210231 Skype : sweetselia