Online Proctoring: How NOVA Ensures Academic Integrity (Webinar)


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Dr. William Preston Davis with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) has overseen a program that served over 21,000 online students in 2011 and will share what he's learned about distance education. Dr. Davis will discuss how online proctoring has helped shape his school's web-based pedagogy and give details about the important part that testing plays in their program. The discussion will also include how online proctoring with ProctorU fills an important instructional need in their distance learning curriculum.

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Online Proctoring: How NOVA Ensures Academic Integrity (Webinar)

  1. 1. Distance Learning and Online Exam Proctoring at NOVA Dr. Wm. Preston Davis Director of Instructional Services NOVA Extended Learning Institute
  2. 2. Who Are We?• Northern Virginia Community College is the second largest community college in the nation, and grants more Associate Degrees annually than any other community college.• NOVA has six campuses in the Northern Virginia region serving 78,000 students annually.• NOVA’s Extended Learning Institute (ELI) is the distance learning section of the college.• ELI acts as a “virtual campus” serving over 23,000 students annually.
  3. 3. Why Distance Learning?• During Fall 2010 over 6 million students in the US were taking at least one online course.• This represents an increase of almost 10% over the number of students enrolled in an online course during Fall 2009.• More than one-third of all higher education students now take at least one course online… and this number is growing very rapidly! Going the Distance, Online Education in the United States, 2011, Babson Survey Research Group
  4. 4. Is Distance Learning Effective?• US Department of Education, “Evaluation of Evidence- Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies” (Sept 2010)• Most effective modes of instruction, in descending order: 1. Blended learning/hybrid instruction 2. Online learning 3. Face-to-face/traditional classroom learning
  5. 5. Features of an Excellent Online Course• Multimedia content engaging learners with multiple learning styles (audio, video, text, interactivity)• Faculty to student interaction• Student to student interaction and peer collaboration (discussion boards, group projects, synchronous meetings, social media,…)• Learning activities, not just delivery of content• Assessment strategy appropriate to online instruction
  6. 6. Why ELI?• Supporting access mission of NOVA – Distance delivery creates greater access for working adults, homebound people, primary caregivers, service members, work travelers, etc…• Meeting the educational needs of the community – Focus on learning outcomes over tradition – Leading innovation – Providing full student services and instructional resources to distance learners
  7. 7. Current Snapshot of ELI• 2011: served over 21,000 students in online courses, residing in 45 states• Offer nearly 400 courses in 60+ disciplines• 40 degrees and certificates available completely online• Courses offered in 8-, 12-, and 16-week formats with monthly start dates• Statewide delivery of online courses to 11 partner VCCS colleges
  8. 8. ELI’s Shared Distance Learning Initiative• Deliver online courses to 11 partner VCCS colleges• Adding an additional VCCS partner school this year• Services shared between schools (including exam proctoring)
  9. 9. Why Proctor Exams?• Higher Education Opportunities Act (HEOA) of 2008 established the requirement to “ensure that the student enrolled in an online class is the student doing the coursework.” – Proctored exams provide a means to verify student identity and ensure that the work submitted is their own. – Proctored exams ensure better exam integrity.
  10. 10. Testing Resources• Six campus testing centers open Monday - Saturday• Exam proctoring available at approved physical sites anywhere in the world• Online proctoring via webcam available in most courses through ProctorU
  11. 11. Demand for Online Proctoring• Fall 2010 - 581• Spring 2011 - 1033• Summer 2011 - 1933• Fall 2011 - 2356• Spring 2012 - 2850
  12. 12. ELI Exams Given By ProctorU7000600050004000300020001000 0 2010 (May-Dec) 2011 2012 (projected)
  13. 13. What ProctorU Does for NOVA• ProctorU verifies the student testing is the student enrolled in the course.• ProctorU uses webcams and screen- sharing technology to monitor students taking exams online.• ProctorUs proctors can see the student, see what they are doing and know who they are.
  14. 14. Online Proctoring via ProctorU• Increases access to testing for distance learning students, especially during evening and weekend hours.• Reduces the impact of distance learning students on campus testing centers, especially during end-dates and finals week.• Caters to the demonstrated need for flexibility among distance learners.
  15. 15. Value-Added with ProctorU• Continuity of Services• Additional Option for Most Online Students• Customer Service for Students• Technical Support• Resource to Enhance Assessment as Part of a Comprehensive College Testing Program
  16. 16. Questions/Comments? Dr. Wm. Preston DavisDirector of Instructional (703)323-3511