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Digital Video: The Way We See It


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Video Content is one of the fastest-growing online digital marketing strategies. This is where Epipheo sees the industry heading.

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Digital Video: The Way We See It

  1. 1. DIGITAL VIDEOS The Way We See It.
  2. 2. PEOPLE WANT VIDEO. 65% retention rate for visual information vs. 10% for text-only. 40% 3x more inbound links for posts with video than for posts with only text. More Research are visual learners and respond better to video than text.
  3. 3. PEOPLE WANT VIDEO CONTENT. Content­— when it’s good­— is valuable. It gives insight. Understanding. Wisdom, even. Video—when it’s good­— is powerful. It removes barriers and defenses put up by customers. As a communication medium, video is shareable, self-contained, and loses nothing in translation or transmission. So, if you put good content in a good video, your message spreads further and with more integrity than traditional marketing methods.
  4. 4. SO, VIDEO CONTENT IS BIG. And getting bigger: it’s one of the fastest-growing online digital marketing strategies. 76% of B2B companies use video content in their marketing. Content Marketing Institute 55% 93% of marketers used video for online marketing in 2013. growth in online video as an ad format in 2013.
  5. 5. ESPECIALLY PROFESSIONAL VIDEO CONTENT. Professionally produced video optimized for eCommerce outperforms user-generated video by 30%. (24.7% lift vs. 18.7% lift for user-generated video) comScore
  6. 6. WHATEVER YOUR MARKETING NEEDS, VIDEO CAN DELIVER. Not only does it carry content that resonates with your audience, it can be used in virtually any area of your sales funnel. See how video can help your marketing hit its mark...eting. AWARENESS INTEREST CONSIDERATION EVALUATION
  7. 7. AWARENESS INTEREST CONSIDERATION EVALUATION Pre-roll ad, thought leadership, social video, industry education, blog content... Give your audience a reason to seek you out with sparsely branded, visually rich and attention-grabbing content.
  8. 8. AWARENESS INTEREST CONSIDERATION EVALUATION Video background, welcome page video, video minisite, splash page video... Enhance your audience’s experience on your channels. In a world of bad websites, make yours stand out.
  9. 9. AWARENESS INTEREST CONSIDERATION EVALUATION Explainer video, sales video... Get to the heart of your company’s value. You’ve got their attention. Now make them care through a medium that’s easy to digest.
  10. 10. AWARENESS INTEREST CONSIDERATION EVALUATION In-depth product video, demo video, software walk-through... Whatever questions your audience has, video can answer. Which is a big deal because they will have questions, and you better have answers.
  11. 11. COMMUNICATING YOUR “WHY” IS CRITICAL Humans are always asking, “Why?” It’s in our nature. We crave an explanation for the world around us, and especially when we see something unique and innovative. When that question is answered, it means a personal revelation was made. An epiphany, if you will. It means a human has recognized value in something and is choosing to care. Why is your special something valuable? Don’t just explain how it works or what it does. Tell the world why it matters, and you can change everything.
  12. 12. STORYTELLING IS PURE HUMAN COMMUNICATION. Information alone won’t change anyone. But when it’s wrapped in a story, people can find a reason to value it: the “why.”
  13. 13. EPIPHEO MAKES VIDEO CONTENT THAT COMMUNICATES WHY SOMETHING IS VALUABLE. We work with clients to discover their unique human value. Then we build a story to convey that value. Then we put that story in a rightful, easy-to-share video, so people will have an epiphany, see the value, care about it, and change. Find out more about Epipheo at