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Little caesars nmdl presentation

  2. 2. BEHIND THE BUSINESS: LITTLE CAESARSBackground: Challenges: Started in Warren,  Known for quirky TV Mich. in 1959 by Ilitchs and radio ads Grown into a $2 billion  How will this translate pizza chain, found in all to internet, mobile? 50 states and 4  Want to focus on continents worldwide making mealtime 3rd largest pizza chain easy for busy people in the U.S.  Quality, affordable $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza, pizza – not just fast Crazy Bread  Tech-advanced society
  3. 3. PREPARING A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGYTarget markets: Over-arching themes: Students (high school  Mealtime made easy through college);  Quick, fast, affordable Young adults (done with restaurant experience school, entry level  Convenient, nearby job, still single);  Hot-N-Ready when you Young families (newly are! weds, or new parents);  Messages are similar to Working families (with TV and radio commercials children and one or more  With this client, it is full-time employed important to stay adults); consistent  All these messages can Empty nesters (children work for internet, mobile are grown up); and approach Retired adults
  4. 4. LITTLE CAESARS SOCIAL MEDIA Little Caesars is already in  Offer social media- the process of developing exclusive discounts its national social media presence...  Codes redeemable in  Facebook has 783,000+ certain DMAs for fans,Twitter has more than certain months 4,000 followers  Interactive posts Local chains have followers in the hundreds to  Ask what customers thousands! want more of  People find the brand  Respond to customer relevant to their lives questions, comments  Integrate Foursquare with local chains  Train managers on how the site works
  5. 5. LITTLE CAESARS INTERNET MARKETING Ads on Facebook  Make them DMA/store- specific Ads on local Patch news sites  Make them emphasize convenience, “ready when you are” Ads on Yahoo, AOL, common email sites
  6. 6. LITTLE CAESARS INTERNET MARKETING Google Adwords:  Hot and ready pizza, $5 pizza, Little Caesars, Little Ceasars, Little Cesars, Little Cezars  Helps people find Little Caesars pizza directly  Copy: “Little Caesars Pizza. Delicious $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza – ready when you are!”  Good pizza, cheap pizza, nearby pizza  Helps people find the right pizza place near them  Copy: “Little Caesar’s Pizza. $5 Hot-N-Ready when you are!”
  7. 7. LITTLE CAESARS MOBILE MARKETING Foursquare check-ins at all local stores  Can add up for discounts Emphasis on Google Click to Call mobile ads  Find phone number and addresses to all the nearest stores, gets them directly connected  Shown to improve click through rates by 5-30%  ALL ABOUT GETTING TO THE FAMILY DINNER TABLE FASTER! Already have a smart phone app
  8. 8. MEASURING DIGITAL SUCCESS Google Adwords automatically has pages within accounts that track impressions, click-through rates, cost-per-click, cost per conversion (page views), etc. Google Analytics will also be used to track page visits, how many people from certain areas visit local store sites, what days are most popular, etc.  This will help in determining days that other ad mediums will be used since those are the days Little Caesars services are in highest demand App usage measured by number of downloads Facebook, Patch, email site ads: click through rates Social media: discounts downloaded, interaction with posts, Foursquare check ins
  9. 9. BUDGET FOR DIGITAL STRATEGY $12 million  To cover 35 DMAs (1,600 stores) in the U.S.  Good number to test the strategy for one year, determine if it’s effective  Budget aided by estimates by Gray Cat Enterprises and Little Caesars 2009 entire advertising budget.  Was $35 million for all advertising mediums, all DMAs that year
  10. 10. THE BIG PICTURE The goal of Little Caesars’  Timeline digital marketing campaign  The campaign spread is to aid its quirky TV and across 35 DMAs will take radio ads by integrating the about one year and is not company presence in seasonal internet, social media and  Pizza is eaten all year round! mobile outlets.  Assessment will take place  It’s all about convenience after 1 year to analyze whether or not all DMAs will By using the same fun be targeted messages in digital marketing, Little Caesars is sure to reinforce its relevance in consumers lives – in a newer, more innovative way.  In today’s age, it’s all about how well you align with consumers’ fast paced lives