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A view from the bridge alfieri


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Published in: Education
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A view from the bridge alfieri

  1. 1. Tom, Amy and MattA VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE
  2. 2. ALFIERI
  3. 3. PROFILE An Italian-American who is true to his ethnic identity. Well educated man that studies and respects American law. Loyal to Italian customs. Works as a lawyer in Brooklyn.
  4. 4. NARRATION Alfieri has tells the story for his own reasons as much as anyone elses He does not find a conclusion after telling the Carbone story Alfieri informs the audience and provides commentary on what is happening in thestory. The description of the people within the play and narration at the beginning of everyscene change helps to distinguish the short chapters of the tale Frames the play as a form of a modern fairy tale. He is the teller of and incredible story that he cannot change.
  5. 5. ROLE AS LAWYER Alfieri seems to be on the side of American law. He is the voice of reason. When Eddie first comes to him for help, Alfieri tells him, "You have no recourse in the law” Theres nothing illegal about Catherine and Rodolfos relationship. He advises Eddie to forgetabout it and let Catherine live her own life. when the lawyer goes to bail out Rodolfo and Marco, he makes Marco promise to not takerevenge on Eddie. Alfieri tells him that "Only God" has the right to judge such things.
  6. 6. TIMELINE Brings play together almost like a narrator, starts the play with a monologuewhich introduces the audience to the play and our protagonist. He advises Eddie and helps Marco and Rodolpho. He also ends the play with a lamentation for Eddie. He is cast as the chorus part in Eddies tragedy.
  7. 7. RELATIONSHIP WITH CHARACTERS Eddie: Eddie comes to Alfieri for help about Catherine and Rodolfo andhe advises him to let her make her own decisions which goes against whatEddie wants. Marco and Rodolpho: Alfieri bails them out of jail, showing that he is loyalto his fellow Italian Americans. Alfieri admittedly cannot help Eddie Carbone, but must powerlessly watchthe tragic events unfold before him.