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Supporting OMPH Students & Professionals: The case of the research guide


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A poster presented at the 2012 Oregon Public Health Association Conference. Poster is a joint effort between myself and SlideShare users Zeigenl.

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Supporting OMPH Students & Professionals: The case of the research guide

  1. 1. Supporting OMPH Students and Professionals: The case of the research guide The OMPH Program Emily Ford, Urban & Public Affairs Librarian, Portland State University, Laura Zeigen, User Experience Librarian, Oregon Health & Science University, zeigenl@ohsu.eduThe Oregon MPH trains the future public Creating the Sharedhealth workforce in the state of Oregon. The Guides Research GuideThe program is an inter-institutional What should be included?collaboration between OSU, PSU and Librarians gathered feedback from specificOHSU. In July, 2014, OSU will separate individuals and from the OMPH communityfrom the program. Students are enrolled at using the OMPH listserv.a home institution, but may take classes atother institutions as a visitor. This visitor How should it be organized?status affects students’ access to research Librarians conducted a card sort studyresources offered by the libraries. using, which showed them how students and faculty would OMPH Tracks of Study organize the information. How does the technology work? OHSU Epidemiology & Biostatistics Both OHSU and PSU subscribe to Primary Care & Health Disparities SpringShare’s LibGuides software, a package that enables librarians to easily make and share research guides. In this Environment, Health & Safety Epidemiology OSU Biostatistics case, the PSU Librarian made the guide, Intl Health Health Mgmt & Policy PSU and the OHSU Librarian copied and Health Promotion customized it for OHSU users. OSU uses a different technology. OptimalSort Card Sort Activity The ProblemImagine you are an Epi & Biostat student atOHSU studying traffic intersections withhigh incidences of bicycle and motor accidents. To do your research youneed to access library databases and GISresources, but they aren’t available atOHSU. PSU, on the other hand, has them, Supporting Professionalsso you travel to the PSU library to get use The research guide is not just for students. Practicing professionalsthe databases. can benefit from its instructional content. It includes tutorials to help with search techniques, and also links to freely available data sources and resources. Any professional is also welcome to visit the libraries to use databases not freely available, and to ask for help from reference librarians.