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Reap What You Sow. A &!@*# [millennial] perspective on mentoring


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Presentation given at the PNC/MLA Annual Conference, October 17-20, 2009. Seattle, WA.

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Reap What You Sow. A &!@*# [millennial] perspective on mentoring

  1. 1. A “&!#$*%” Perspective on Mentoring Presented by Emily Ford 503-494-3915
  2. 2. Thanks to Hoyaseg on Flickr for this image.
  3. 3. Thanks Tom Woodward, for this image!
  4. 4. •Highly informal•Reject powerstructures•Highly in tune withsocial capital
  5. 5. Highly Informal Thanks Voteprime for this image!
  6. 6. Reject Power Structures Thanks Lincolnian for the picture!
  7. 7. Highly in Tune with Social Capital Former teachers MassageFacebook therapist Friends Parents Boss Partner Tweets Colleagues HairdresserStudents
  8. 8. Formal MentoringGet this public domain image from:
  9. 9. Informal Mentoring Yes, plz! Thanks to Stéphane Delbecque for this image!
  10. 10. The Mentoring Future?
  11. 11. So what I really want is…This photo is public domain. Photo courtesy of Tobyotter 35/