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Fordela sales presentation

  1. 1. Is Video for Business Providing Cloud-Based Rich Media Management Solutions to the Enterprise
  2. 2. Company Overview Fordela successfully empowers  Founded in 2006 and located in San Francisco, business to exploit the advantages California. Fordela was started by video content of Web 2.0 without sacrificing professionals to solve real world everyday problems security and control arising around the management of digital assets  Fordela’s mission is to deliver the best of enterprise class digital asset management, as a Cloud-based service  Fordela provides solutions to a variety of organizations across multiple sectors including, agencies, media and entertainment, airlines, eLearning and training  The Fordela solutions can be rapidly deployed as a 100% Cloud-based SaaS or in hybrid configuration through an existing Enterprise Content Management system  Fordela brings Web 2.0 productivity tools to today’s modern organizations
  3. 3. Digital Asset Management Modern Organizations Need DAM provides a platform that enables traditionally separate business Digital Asset Management units to work seamlessly on content creation, discovery, management, repurposing and delivery resulting in: (DAM)  Optimized workflows  Improved productivity  Improved collaboration and access to critical assets  Elimination of the cost of lost or misplaced work  Acceleration of creative and production cycles  Reduction in marketing campaign time to market  Elimination of workflow redundancies  Asset backup and protection  Enables an enterprise to maintain brand consistency and brand integrity
  4. 4. Software as a Service (SaaS) from the Cloud Enterprise software is not dead, it has just moved to the Cloud!  By moving infrastructure and application use from a CapEx to an OpEx, organizations can eliminate hardware and software costs  The buy-as-you-use low cost model inherent in cloud computing solutions allows organizations to match expenses to the cost savings and revenue opportunities.  It also allows a significant reduction in the overall cost of IT recourses required to install, configure and run traditional implementations and web- based applications
  5. 5. Virtual DAM in the Cloud Fordela Combines The Leading DAM Solution With The Best Of The Cloud  Cloud-based application which can be  Flexible and Customizable accessed 247 from any browser enabled device  Scales up or down depending on clients’ needs  Quick deployment as either a 100% cloud- based solution or in a converged or hybrid  No ongoing maintenance and support costs configuration  Minimal need for customer IT resources  No need for expensive and time consuming installations  Automatic Rich-Media backup and disaster recovery  Integrates with most ECM solutions
  6. 6. Features and Functionality Ingest Control Distribute Analyze  Ingest – Upload and capture rich-media asset using our web-based tools  Control - Manage metadata, access control, user groups and format delivery  Search - Find media fast using key word searching and custom metadata  Syndication - Improve collaboration with internal teams, clients or partners  Deliver - Utilize a global Content Delivery Network to ensure playback quality  Analyze - Evaluate user performance for business intelligence
  7. 7. Technology Transcoding Engine Broadcast Windows FLV, MPEG, WMV, MOV Proxy File Creation Analytics and Reporting, BI Dashboard, User Groups and all formats supported ! View/Export Permissions Multiple Video Quiz and Survey Post Editing Builder Certificate Web-based NLE Tools Profiles Generation Fordela Video Akamai Global Content Digital Asset Pre-Processing, Logging and Routing Management Server Delivery Network ACL / Workflows / Worldwide Media Distribution Metadata Enterprise Content Management Server Ingestion - Any Digital File Behind the Firewall Delivery. Live Capture - Web/FTP Upload Active Directory Safe and secure, for internal view LDAP Server only.
  8. 8. Representative Customers
  9. 9. Partners Business Partners Technology Partners
  10. 10. Case Study – Qantas Airlines “Fordela delivered exceptional results and by using their digital asset management system were able to solve the problems we encountered using free video sharing sites. We look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.” Dina Louie, Online Marketing, Qantas, North America Problem   Solu+on    Qantas needed a centralized system that  Fordela’s Video Management Solution could manage and ingest various video (VMS) enabled Qantas to upload any video formats from multiple content distributors format.  Qantas needed a solution that could  Fordela’s cloud-based solution allowed scale with minimal hardware and software Qantas to centrally locate its video assets installation and scale as new content was ingested into the system without additional hardware  Qantas needed a video management system that could automate workflows,  Qantas Content Managers utilized schedule broadcast windows, capture user Fordela’s group tool to organize content analytics and deliver high quality playback into customizable region specific playlists globally enabling them to sort content order
  11. 11. Case Study - Ketchum “Fordela’s video management system reduced our expenses and modernized the way we deliver video to our staff, partners and external customers. When it comes to meeting our needs, they just get it.” Paul Huffman, Technology Consulting Group Manager, Ketchum Problem   Solu+on    Ketchum needed a video content central  Fordela deployed its cloud-based central repository that could preserve, manage repository for Ketchum which enabled Content and provide secure and instant access to Managers to upload, preserve, manage and their increasing collection of video assets provide secure access to content globally  The system needed to be able to ingest  Ketchum was able to ingest multiple video multiple video formats and scale without formats into the system while taking the need for extensive hardware and advantage of Fordela’s cloud solution to software installations seamlessly scale without the need for additional hardware  The System needed to be easy to use for account teams while improving their ability  Group playlists enabled account teams to to share video content online with clients sort content in any order, schedule broadcast and prospects windows and share content at the highest quality with clients and prospects
  12. 12. Contact Bill Dhonau, Director of Sales 650-888-1362 Fordela Corporation 473 Pine St. 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA, 94104