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Forces - An Introduction to Marketing Consulting


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Forces provides marketing consulting to small businesses in the Seattle area. We begin with a free analysis and report of your current marketing situation.

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Forces - An Introduction to Marketing Consulting

  1. 1. An Introduction
  2. 2. Welcome and Thank You! Todd Bosteder Founder and Marketing Consultant
  3. 3. Welcome and Thank You! By the end of this quick 5 minute presentation, you should: 1. Have a great idea of how Forces Consulting fits in to your business’ marketing plans 2. Hopefully agree that it’s worth having Forces Consulting conduct a full review of your marketing strategy
  4. 4. Joining Forces With Small Businesses Why We’re In Business Forces Consulting strives to be the premier marketing partner for small businesses in the Seattle area. In our experience, smaller companies tend to forgo business advice for a variety reasons: cost, convenience, disappointments in the past, etc. We hope to show you our value upfront in order to foster a long-term relationship as we grow alongside your business.
  5. 5. How Do We Fit In? Who We Are • Expert marketing consultants • 25 years of combined experience • Wide range of marketing focuses (digital, promotional, mail, print, TV/radio, etc.) What We Do • Create, oversee and implement marketing strategies • Includes ongoing analysis of campaigns • Utilization of some in-house marketing products
  6. 6. Our Process Marketing Approaches Whether you need new business immediately or you want to build a long-term strategy, we can help! Whether you’re just getting started or you run a seasoned company, we’ve seen it all! Our process is flexible and inclusive, meaning we’re able to work with just about any small, local business in the Seattle area. Usually the marketing consulting we do together will be variation of what we call the “Create Approach” or the “Enable Approach”.
  7. 7. Marketing Approaches Create Approach Based on your core business goals, we’ll build an all-inclusive marketing plan from scratch. This process is for those businesses that fit into one of these categories: 1. You have never marketed your business before but want to explore which options would work best for your industry. 2. You have done some marketing in the past but stopped due to poor results. 3. You are doing some marketing currently but are in need of an updated strategy.
  8. 8. Marketing Approaches Enable Approach Based on an existing marketing plan, we’ll oversee and analyze advertising campaigns to ensure their effectiveness. This process is for those businesses that fit into one of these categories: 1. You already have someone that handles marketing but the results are less than expected. 2. You have identified a strategy but have not begun execution of your plan for some reason. 3. You know you’re in need of a marketing advisory service to gauge the effectiveness of your current campaigns.
  9. 9. Marketing Phases 3-Phase Marketing Process We’ve developed a process specifically for small businesses to maximize marketing efforts in a way that is progressive, trackable and transparent. We believe a steady foundation must be built before advanced marketing measures can take place. Consider this analogy: You’d love marble counter tops and bamboo flooring in your kitchen, right? But would you agree that those things ought to wait until you’ve nailed down your home to its foundation?
  10. 10. Where To Start Comprehensive Audit and Report AUDIT: We’ll take a full week to review your current marketing strategy, past and current advertising campaigns, opportunities you’re currently considering, and work to understand your primary business goals and concerns when it comes to marketing. REPORT: We combine this information with research about your industry, target demographic, services you offer, and typical buyer behaviors to generate a comprehensive report. This report will detail your company’s current marketing status and, depending on which approach we are starting with, offer insight and suggestions as to how your marketing strategy ought to be updated or created from scratch. The report will also include anticipated results, time frames and approximate costs.
  11. 11. Let’s Do It! What To Expect 1. Initial Marketing Survey 2. Two 30-Minute Phone Interviews Your first phone interview will be scheduled within 2 business days after receiving your initial marketing survey. The final report will be emailed to you via PDF within 7 business days and a second phone will be scheduled to review your results. Pricing The audit and report are completely free! Any costs associated with the marketing strategy will be approximated in the report. Enter Your Email Address Below and Click “Get Started!”