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Have you ever... around the world


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This PowerPoint was created to introduce the grammar of present perfect to my students. First, I had them guess the places on the title page, then we read it aloud together, and I modeled answering the questions. They loved it!

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Have you ever... around the world

  1. 1. Have you ever…?
  2. 2. Have you ever been to India, or seen the Taj Mahal? Have you ever climbed a mountain to take a look at it all?
  3. 3. Have you ever ridden through London on a double-decker bus? Or eaten fish and chips? They really are a must!
  4. 4. Have you ever visited Kyoto, or walked along the Kamo river? Have you ever sung with friends and gotten karaoke fever?
  5. 5. Have you ever played with a monkey or swam in the Thai sea? The door to the world is in front of you, and you hold the key!”
  6. 6. Have you ever taken a dive, to say “hello” to the fish?
  7. 7. Or taken a bite of a really adventurous dish…?
  8. 8. Have you ever woken up before the sun?
  9. 9. Or ridden a snowboard? It’s tons of fun!
  10. 10. If you haven’t done these things, it’s time to go and play! The world is waiting, so open your eyes and seize the day!