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Cgc introduction

  1. 1. “Assisting people who are in trouble, providing help to those who are needy and feeding those who are hungry are acts of Worship.” Time = Money Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 1
  2. 2. Career Guidance Council (CGC) was formed by a group of young professionals working for different MNC’s in the year 2008. It is registered as non-profit organization/NGO and formed with an intension to serve the society by helping the needy students who are having greater career aspirations. Presently CGC existence has been in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. Its main assets are its volunteers who work hard to groom each student into a well equipped professional to face the industry challenges.About CGC CGC registration number is 800/2008 under registrar of societies, Govt of Andhra Pradesh. There are 150+ volunteers working for CGC and 13000+ subscribers who have been getting benefited from CGC. Motto: "Assisting people who are in trouble, providing help to people who are needy and feeding those people who are hungry are the acts of Worship".Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 2
  3. 3. The main objective of CGC is to reach out to Schools, Colleges at all levels to help students and professionals understand the importance of Education through proper guidance and planning. CGC cater to the needs of students and professionals in order to groom them so that they will be well equipped with professional expertise to face the industry challenges and overcome them successfully. Here the young professionals who represent themselves as CGC Objective volunteers share their experience, ideas and knowledge in a sustained manner for the benefit of students community in securing a bright future. As CGC is a non profit organization where it doesn’t charge anything from students and help them in improvement of their livelihood. CGC has dedicated set of volunteers who are intent towards ensuring a proper guidance of youth in their career as well as helping them realize their potential and dreams.Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 3
  4. 4. Target Group School Children, who are pursuing their Xth Standard. XIIth or Intermediate Students. Students who want to appear for competitive exams like Eamcet, AIEEE,IIT etc. BTech, BSc,Bcom and all other Bachelor degree students. Students who want to go for higher studies. Passout Freshers who are looking for jobs. Experienced candidates who are looking for change of job.Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 4
  5. 5. Graduates/Job Seekers/ProfessionalsWeekly Grooming Program:For nurturing bright future of students who are looking for jobs, there are severalprograms which are conducted on every week by young professionals working fordifferent MNC’s who represent themselves as CGC Volunteers. Some of theprograms are listed as below: Resume Writing. Counseling and understanding their field of interest and guide them accordingly. Mock Interviews. Mock Tests on Aptitude and Analytical Skills Time Management. Interpersonal Skills. How to Brand “U” Group Discussions. Basic Programming Skills for entry level positions. Communication SkillsSaturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 5
  6. 6. Graduates/Job Seekers/ProfessionalsThe core committee decides on topics and send the schedule details on CGCwebsite , through mails and facebook every week.Jobs And Opportunities EmailsCGC helps students in knowing opportunities across globe on different streams.CGC has a process of sending mails on the current opportunities for all 13000+registered candidates.These opportunities might not be present in any job portals like naukri/monster. Asthe CGC volunteer are from different companies, through internal referral/openreferral in their companies are the source of information.Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 6
  7. 7. For StudentsCGC also works on the development of students who are pursuing their studies indifferent streams of education. Also provides personal counselling on different topicsof education. Below are few topics where CGC concentrates on.Schools : Importance of 10th Class. Time Management and planning. How to face SSC examination. Preparing for Competitive Exams. What After 10th?Junior Colleges : Importance of 10 + 2 Class. Time Management and planning. Preparing for Competitive Exams like EAMCET, AIEEE and IIT. What After 10 + 2? Tips and Tricks of facing intermediate examinations. Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 7
  8. 8. For Students Graduate College : How to pursue effective Engineering/Graduation, Preparing for an Interview, How to get a Good Job. How to prepare for Competitive Examinations etc. Role of specialization in career development. Academic Projects: Most of the students gets confused on what to do with projects, which carries major weightage of marks in their final semester. CGC mentors them on different aspects of projects and helps them in solving those.Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 8
  9. 9. For Teachers and ParentsTeachers Training : EYES "Empower Yourself to Empower Students"A specific program have been designed to train the teachers of Schools. It is basedon the philosophy that You cant empower anybody unless you are empowered...This session is designed to Help teachers accept and love their profession Overcome anger and anxiety Build confidence in teachers Maintain Positive Discipline in the classroom (not by stick) Stay Motivated to motivate students.Parents Counselling:CGC found that parents are very important in making the bright future of theirchildren, hence CGC has initiated a program in counselling the parents. Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 9
  10. 10. Special Programs HR Day – DeloitteIt was a great milestone achieved by CGC where it has deprecated the gapbetween the corporates and job seekers. It took place on the 12th June 2011 at 3locations in Hyderabad. It was huge success with 1000+ candidates attended theHR Day.The main objective of the HR day was to knowledge the job seekers what thecorporate are looking in selecting a candidate into their organizations. Some of thesessions which were taken on the HR Day are Time Management Resume Writing Interpersonal Skills Brand “U” Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 10
  11. 11. Special ProgramsAptitude Test And Mock Interviews CGC has conducted Aptitude Test and Mock Interviews on continuous threeweeks as it was huge success and applauded by the job seekers, where they haverecommended to have such tests more frequent. CGC had decided to have suchprograms in most of our Sunday programs.Job FairIn collaboration with few MNC’s like Syntel and others, CGC has conducted a jobfair. There was a huge turnover of job seekers for this and it was great success forCGC.On-line Counseling through 4TVA greater milestone was achieved by CGC in collaboration with hyderabad 4 TVwhere few of our CGC volunteers give counseling on different aspects of career.The program name is “Career Apka” on 4TV .CGC Collaboration with other NGO’s : COVA, SWEEKAR, BYST, ETEMAAD.Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 11
  12. 12. EYES & Relationship BuildingEYES "Empower Yourself toEmpower Students"It is based on the philosophy that Relationship SeminarYou cant empower anybodyunless you are empowered... This seminar is designed to help the participantsThis session designed to To gain RelationshipHelp teachers accept and love Masterytheir profession To make the relations aOvercome anger and anxiety Strength and not a WeaknessBuild confidence in teachers Learn to overlook andMaintain Positive Discipline in Forgive to move aheadthe classroom (not by stick) Be Respectful towardsStay Motivated to motivate elders and Compassionatestudents towards youngersSaturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 12
  13. 13. Regular ActivitiesEvery Sunday: Schools : 1.5 Hr/session 10AM – 12PM Career Guidance Sessions on :Counseling Sessions by CGC Volunteers Importance of 10th Class What After 10th? 2PM – 3 PM Empower Yourself: Time ManagementTo prepare the candidates for Planning, Preparing for Competitive Examsacquiring or building Positive & Mental Attitude Job Seekers Schools Online Media Teachers Schools : 1 Hr/session Career Counseling through emails EYES "Empower Yourself to Empower Students“ and telephonic discussions. Daily Jobs/Opportunities it is based on the philosophy that emails to 4,000 group members You cant empower anybody unless you are empowered... Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 13
  14. 14. Achievements Programs conducted at more than 150 Schools & 30 Colleges (Engineering & Non Engineering) Counseled More than 12,000 Students (students and professionals) Conducted seminars/guest lectures on various topics. Trained more than 300 Teachers of Schools Conducted Programs in association with other NGO’s (Creative Education Society/COVA, Sweekar) Received tremendous amount of appreciation and participation from school administration on Train the Trainer program (EYES) Received appreciation from CGC group members about the online counseling provided. Delivered a one month program at MANUU University Consistently doing Job oriented programs at Urdughar and Neo Holy Fatima High School Our Job opportunity emails reaches out to more than 15000 peopleSaturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 14
  15. 15. Roles and Designations NGO co-ordinator : Munawar(GE) HR co-ordinator : Anand(Microsoft) and Arif(Deloitte) Teachers co-ordinator : Anand(Microsoft) Curriculum co-ordinator : Shoeb(Bank Of America) and Shahnoor(Deloitte) Operations co-ordinator : Arif(Deloitte) and Najeeb(Genpact) Logistics co-ordinator : Munawar (GE) Overall co-ordinator : Munawar(GE) and Arif(Deloitte) Website co-ordinator : Saif Accounts co-ordinator : Munawar(GE) and Mohtesham Volunteer co-ordinator : Azghar(IBM) Internet and Social Media : Afroz (Open text)Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 15
  16. 16. Saturday, September 03, 2011 Career Guidance Council 16
  17. 17. Be a Volunteer & Join CGC to serve the communityRd # 19-2-30/3/A/C, Model Town Colony, Hyderabad, AP-500053 CGC Website: On Facebook: Time = Money
  18. 18. Global Volunteers Day - GVD Topic: Empowering Youth This program is for the development of youth in our society who are in confusion and wrong path. We have targeted youth as they are future face of our nation. We have planned a full day program where we are going to discuss on different topics which help them in their development. 1. Time Management And Planning. 2. Resume Writing. 3. Interpersonal Skills. 4. How to Brand YourSelf. 5. Tips to face interview. 6. Group Discussions, JAMS ..many more… More than a class room training, we are going to show a practical approach.Saturday, September 03, Career Guidance Council 192011
  19. 19. Any Questions??? Thank youSaturday, September 03, Career Guidance Council 202011