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Green tour.ex.summary


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Green tour.ex.summary

  1. 1. FROM LOCAL TO GLOBALSOLUTIONSFOR A BETTERPLANETJune 2010 - The China Green TourBeijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Taiyuan, Hohhot40 experts and lectures on urban, social, business, technological,individual and collective solutions for a better planet.20 documentary films on environmental emergencies.A local and GLOBAL event FOR AWARENESS AND ACTION
  2. 2. 01The China Green TourThe China Green Tour is conceived as In June 2010, a month after the official opening of the Shanghai Expo, in eight universities all over China we will screen docu-participatory non-profit event to promote mentaries about the main eco-issues of our current environmen- tal crisis: water, waste, energy, climate change, urbanisation,environmental awareness in China by food, deforestation, desertification..., and present from all overspreading knowledge of both issues the world inspiring examples of pragmatic solutions.and solutions and to promote through Films and Lectures about Solutionsdialogue and inspiring examples indivi-dual, collective, non-profit and business Twenty major green documentaries will be screened to give the public an informative and emotionally engaging up-to-dategreener actions. understanding of green issues. The screenings will be immedi- ately followed by the lectures. Scientists, engineers, social workers, entrepreneurs, Nobel prize winners, architects, ingenious thinkers and personalities from the world of politics, sports and the arts will talk about their experi- ences in thinking and producing successful solutions. These 40 extraordinary speeches and examples of how to think and produce locally adapted solutions, will be filmed, edited, translated into English, Chinese and Spanish and made freely available on the world wide web through a dedicated website with information on the topics, partners, educational and online resources links. The wide range of topics and guest speakers will help us to pub- licized the China Green Tour not only in universities but deep inside civil society.
  3. 3. 02Where?A Green Tour in a country that will have China is the factory of the world but its terrritory reveals many local differences and issues. Cities on the Tour were chosen for1 billion consumers of goods, materials their roles and symbolic association in contemporary China.and energy in its urban cities in 15 years. The China Green Tour will be held in: Beijing - the Capital of ChinaA travelling event with a national, inter- Shanghai - China’s financial center national and local impact Guangzhou - the heart of China’s manufacturing industry and trade Chongqing (Sichuan) - the symbol of China’s recent urbanisa- tion Taiyuan (Shanxi) - the coal province capital Hohhot (Inner Mongolia) - the symbol of the local and inter- national consequences of green issues (desertification, sand storm, acid rain...) Program: Openings Nights, Films, Lectures, Media and Meetings Professionals from major TV, Radio and Internet Portals in China have already sent us their personal support to broadcast, anounce and relay widely the events, topics and lectures of the China Green Tour, (see NGOs and Media file). Meetings with Decisions Makers and Gala Openings An opening gala will launch the Tour in Beijing in the presence of officials, international guests, movie stars, entrepreneurs, scien- tists, NGOs and our business, media and private partners. In order to promote intellectual exchange and business opportu- nities, additional gala openings and private meetings are planned in every city between our guests, partners and Chinese local offi- cials, NGOs and decision makers.
  4. 4. 03Program: Nature knows no BordersWill China succeed in really going A travelling tour all over China, an opportunity of exchangesgreen or not, it will affect us all. The events of the China Green Tour, as well as the lectures and the website, will be promoted as One and largely relayed by our media partners and network in China. We will invite national and international blogs, press, universities and NGOs to relay and use the China Green Tour as an informa- tive and participatory tool for exchanges, knowledge and action. Five Elements - Five days of films, lectures and events The Green China Tour will be organised symbolically around the theme of the five traditionnal chinese elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The Day of Wood will be dedicated to issues of forests, plants, deforestation and soil erosion . The day of Fire will highlight energy and industrial transforma- tion process. The day of Earth will focus on food, agriculture, population and biodiversity. The day of Metal will shake out financial and development topics and see how development and economic concerns meet environmental issues. The day of Water will close the round with discussions about the ocean, geography and climate refugees ; perspectives and prospec- tives on water stress will be the key focus of the closing day.
  5. 5. 04Solutions and best practices40 worldwide examples of solutions, The lectures40 guests and lectures for hope and As the range of subjects is wide and our guest speakers have limited time, we will ask them to make only one speech duringsustainable development their stay in China. This will lead us to invite 40 guests to embrace a very large range of solutions. Among them: Succesful examples of reforestation in Korea and Kenya Sustainable urban management of water, energy, public transport and waste in developed and developing countries Inspirational story of the micro-credit in Bangladesh Effective examples of corporate social responsibility Cutting edge engineering, bionergy and recycling technology to produce energy from waste, light, wind, sea, algae... NGOs local actions for sustainable development and green protection in India, Africa, China and elsewhere Successful local examples of green regulations and development in Europe, China, North and South America. Eco-village in Europe which turned green twenty years ago and saved their local economy Revival of rural activity and forest in Rajasthan by the use of secular water recuperation methods and active non-profit commitment Advanced technology and traditional knowledge which avoids the use of pesticides and cleans water and soil The story of eco-friendly living quarters in urban capitals in Europe (Sweden, Germany, Denmark, England) Green entrepreneurs success stories from the US, China, India, Europe... Individual and collective solutions for saving energy Alternative thinking to consider our needs and their environmental impact New Urban and architectural ways to preserve and protect our planet...
  6. 6. 05CHINA: From Local to GlobalThe best policies will not be effective if Growing local actions and concern could also help greener poli- cies to be more widely accepted, strengthened or simply effective.people do not make it The point is not to cast any particular blame of responsibility. Ithappen locally. is too late for that. We prefer instead to show inspiring examples in the social, scientific and business field that already exist and convey the message that solutions lay in everyone’s hands and should be locally adapted. Globalization works not only for trade and information but also for consequences. CO2 affects everyone as climate change, deserti- fication, water and food stress will affect deeply the geography, the social demographic as well as the social stability of the world. What our neighbours do or not affect us all. With their still early stage of economic development, their ris- ing population, their high rate of urbanisation and the legitimate aspiration to better living standards, developing countries, and more specifically China by its geography, population and influ- ence, will be of major importance on the world green «balance». Therefore the aim of the China Green Tour, as a communication tool, is to act where people from the civil society, from manual workers to CEO’s, officials and consumers, have directly and undirectly the most important impact on our planet and yet have not a clear understanding of their environmental footprint or the solutions to change it.
  7. 7. 06Practical informationA professional team Who’s doing it?An International network of The China Green Tour is organised by a non-profit associationPrivate-Web and Media Supporters based in Paris called: «Solutions pour une Meilleure Planète».to spread the word. Its founders, Matthieu Wolmark, Liyan Du (Ignea Ltd, HK), Guan Yao (Autumn Time, Beijing) are professionals in the field of doc- umentary films, media industry and cultural event organisationOur professionals both in Europe and supporters work for: The China Green Tour is a non-profit event as we want to use ourTV network and skills to do something for our future. But the event isCCTV-4, CCTV-9, Phoenix TV, also meant, in order to get a real impact in the civil society, to beBeijing Satelitte Channel,China Education Television, Hebei TV, produced the same way in term of organisation,«marketing» andHunan TV, BTV-3, Dragon TV, CBN TV, communication as any professional one.SCTV, StarTV, Hunan TV... The structure of organisation is a participatory one. That is whyWeb we have brought together eight local chinese green student asso-Beijing Youth Network,,, cations to our project. You will find a brief description of it, ,Beijing Music Radio, the «NGOs and Media supports» file. As we are entering in,Net Media,, active preparation of the Tour (guests invitations, documentariesChina Interactive Corp... preselection, funding...) we are establishing a national and inter- national network of active supporters and assistants.RadioChina National Radio, Beijing Radio News, S Our Network of supporters is growing everyday. We already havehanghai East Radio, Shanxi People’s radio station, received personal supports of Chinese media professionals fromChina Radio International, Green lemon radio... TV, Press, Radio and Internet portals. Major video and news por- tals have also agreed on the principle of promoting with efficiencyPressEconomic Daily, China Youth Daily, the China Green Tour on their portals.Beijing Youth Daily,Morning Post (Beijing) Oriental Morning Post, You will find in the «NGOs and Media Support» file a selectionWenhui News, of emails, a description of the media involved and their coverage.The Bund, Xinmin Weekly, As we just have started the preparation of the Tour, we expect toSichuan Daily Chengdu Daily, expand exponentially the coverage of the China Green Tour byNanfang Daily... private, media and blog support.
  8. 8. 07Note from the founders The green emergency can also be a real opportunity to build a better world. Note from the founders The idea of China Green Tour was born from a growing concern of its founders about green issues. We are just normal people that had no knowledge about global warming or the environmental situ- ation just a few years ago. Through documentaries and personal experiences, we gradually realised that we had to do something for us and the others. So we decided to use our skills and professional network to build this non-profit event. The green issues, thanks to documentary filmakers, NGOs, media and corporate responsibility are by now an individual and a collective concern in the Western world. This sense of the emergency is not as widely shared in developing countries.CONTACT Increasing natural disasters, health problems, ecolo-nomical migrations and energy issues show us that we, as a species, are facing the most difficult challenge of all time.SolutionsPour une meilleure As strange as it may sound, the human brain and talent might be seen - by its extraordinary achieve-planète ments in science, knowledge, medicine and technology – as our most dangerous predators.Association loi 1901Non profit organization But if our incredible development is surely bringing us to a quite difficult time, it could also be the main tool to avoid a predictible catastrophe.T + 33 6 1173 88 We believe that people are the key and that global solutions will come also from the multiplication of many locally adapted actions. As Rajasthan is not California or France, it needs adapted solutions, but it also needs hope. We want to remind and be reminded that doing something for nature, for us as well as for others, is just a normal thing to do. That is why we will invite people from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, Russia, from all fields to show that we are all interconnected, that there is plenty of small and large adapted solutions and that everywhere on this planet people, NGOs, corporates, scientifics and even officials or movie stars do care about it in a way that they have imagined and produced solutions that work. That is also the reason why we invite you as a Guest, an NGO, a Corporate Company with a concern for social responsibility or simply just as a friendly Green Supporter to join the China Green Tour. Looking forward to hear from you soon, Matthieu Wolmark October 2009 President of Solutions pour une Meilleure Planète Co-founder of the China Green Tour